The Trainers Tribe: TeamFit Weekend (Level 1, Boxing and Stand Out Workshops) (Melbourne)
$102.47 – $389.47
The Trainers Tribe: TeamFit Weekend (Level 1, Boxing and Stand Out Workshops) (Melbourne)

The Trainers Tribe: TeamFit Weekend (Level 1, Boxing and Stand Out Workshop...

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445 Heidelberg Rd

Fairfield, VIC 3078


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What if you could run awesome sessions, build a great community around your business and get more clients without doing any more work?

We love that feeling you get when you pull off a session perfectly. You know, when clients walk away in that perfect balance of worn out and feeling accomplished.

We also know it’s not easy to do every time. There are a lot of variables in a workout like the fitness levels of your clients, what equipment is needed and how much space you have.

Between us (Kyle Wood and Dale Sidebottom), we’ve worked out how to get that effect pretty much every workout no matter the fitness levels, equipment or location. That’s why we’re putting on live, face to face workshops in which we’ll show you how you can do it too.

You’ll learn how to plan your own awesome sessions using the TeamFit method, you’ll get a bunch of example ideas (we’ll have you try each drill) and you’ll get to meet some pretty amazing trainers.

teamfit logoWhat is TeamFit?

In a world were we are more connected then ever, why are we feeling disconnected and depressed? How could we use our group fitness sessions to help people feel part of something while getting them fit, healthy and working hard?

Our population is craving community and connection. Facebook and other social media just doesn’t compare to the feeling of interacting with others face to face and feeling like you belong to a tribe.

So what is TeamFit?

TeamFit is fitness bootcamp training with a strong community focus.

We’ve designed interactive drills and workouts that will get your clients connecting while working hard. We all know the benefits of fitness, but science also tells us that play is equally important for our mental wellbeing.

Plus as business owners, running our sessions using TeamFit not only gives our clients amazing workouts, but a thriving business that generates buzz and attracts new clients.


Why do one of our workshops?

There are some great courses out there however, the big difference with our course is the type of trainer we attract. We (Dale and Kyle) try to present our real, authentic selves online, we’re passionate about improving the fitness industry and we try to mix what we love with our business.

From this place we seem to attract really amazing trainers. Trainers who want to create something a little different with their bootcamp. Trainers who know their clients and what their clients want intimately. Trainers who have found great success doing what they love.

Other courses are for everyone. We want to create courses for those trainers that want to stand out from the pack and make a difference.

Here's a video of what to expect.


Book in for one workshop or the whole weekend.

TeamFit Level 1 Workshop Outline

Saturday 8:30am til 3pm.

This is a very hands on course. To get the most out of it you will want to be willing and able to participate in a group fitness setting.

Included in this one day training you’ll get:

  • How to plan great sessions using the TeamFit method
  • Learn the core drills that Dale and Kyle recommend
  • How to structure the three different types of TeamFit workouts: TeamFit Strong, TeamFit Challenge and TeamFit Classic
  • Get live feedback on your planning
  • Healthy, tasty lunch provided care of a local cafe
  • Take home workbook of all the drills shown on the day
  • TeamFit Level 1 Coach certificate
  • FITREC LEVEL B – adds 30 points to your FITREC rating


TeamFit Boxing Workshop Outline

Sunday 8:30am to 11:30am.

In this course, learn how to incorporate the TeamFit philosophy into your fitness boxing sessions.

  • Most boxing courses teach us technique but not how to run a group session
  • Learn how to use games and engaging drills in your boxing sessions
  • Get set up with several classes worth of sessions to get you started
  • TeamFit Boxing certificate

This is a boxing for fitness course designed to help you use good boxing technique in a group setting.. You should have a good grasp of boxing techniques before doing boxing with your clients. We recommend PunchFit’s Level 1 course.


Lunch included on Sunday for those doing both days.

Stand Out Workshop Outline

How To Create a Thriving, Community Driven Business

Sunday 12:30pm to 3:00pm.

Whether you want to do TeamFit classes or just want some structure for a successful bootcamp, this business focused workshop is the one for you.

Over 2.5 hours we’ll go through the 9 guideposts that you’ll need for creating your own thriving, communtiy driven business.

This is not just a lecture, it’s a practical workshop that you’ll leave with some concrete action steps for working on your business.

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See Change PT

445 Heidelberg Rd

Fairfield, VIC 3078


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