The Sovereign Space Immersion

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Karma Collab Hub

47 Lemana Lane

Miami, QLD 4220


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This workshop will restore your sense of self-connection and purpose. We will guide you to upgrade your energy and clear blocks and let go.

About this Event

A one day workshop with Amber Hawken and guest meditation teacher and musician, Kurt Iwanina.

"She opened my eyes to many layers of myself that I didn’t even know existed, she helped me sift through the debris, to make sense of the madness and clean up my emotional fog. I have power over myself in ways I didn’t even dream possible. Make the investment - this will literally change the remaining course of your life." Natasha Salvadori

It’s about coming back down to earth and connecting in with the deepest part of yourself.

This is an immersion - not a workshop.

We are immersing and diving deep together. Think: vortex of deep self-connection, purpose, passion, heart, cellular shifts, mental and emotional supercharged upgrades and inspiration.

Plus: healing, expression, expansion and integration. COME. It's super intimate. My clients are actually legends. I'll tell you why. I don't play small and tend to do four-day intensives and three month programs (minimum) or nothing at all. They lovingly nagged me for a "top-up" day.

I said I didn't have the energy to organise it. So they gathered the crew and came back to me with a plan. And, now it's a one-day immersion.

Only a few spots are open to the public. We are like family, and if all of this vibes with you, you will vibe with us.

Treat your soul.

Through a wholesome immersion, we will focus on re-training and clearing your energetic, mental and emotional normals and grounding the calm of your mind, clarity and openness of your heart and connectedness to your higher purpose and intuition to close the year in integrity and power.

"Exhilaration.. strength .. and release . .. Nothing will ever be the same after you experience this level of personal strength .. join those who have been before you.. trust the journey!"

Jocelyn Spicer

With a intimate group of vibrant beings, we're going to unpack seven fundamental areas of self and life and explore what a sovereign and fulfilling life looks and feels like.

1. Coming Home To Yourself

A ceremony of hape (also known as rape) to ground in-together and begin the day.

2. Intuitive Truth (workshopping cultivating intuition in real time)

3. Cycles and Growth

This is where we will get ourselves a little taste of release. A session of breathing and sound to purge, release, dissolve, let go, re-frame, decide differently, transcend and then accelerate.

"Amber is one of the most powerful coaches and facilitators I've ever come across. The way she holds space for both your pain and your potential is second to none, and I trust her endlessly."

Tara Caetano

4. Integrity

Exploring: Where am I? How have I been showing up? What conditions am I living under? Where do I want to be? How do I want to show up?

5. The Power of Responsibility

Your tools and assets available to you to yield the power of choice

"Before working with Amber, I knew I needed to attend to myself - I was feeling lost although I knew what I wanted, I didn’t know how to get there. Working with Amber really made me face myself in ways I couldn’t have done alone - she supported and guided me home many times. Having worked with her has brought so much abundance to my life because I have taken full sovereignty over myself, my power is mine and I know how to tap into that source and stay connected in the darkest hour." Tash S

6. Compassion and Surrender.....explored as a group including shadow aspects of self

7. Doing The Work (KEY practical tools to implement into everyday life).

Your new standard of reality will be one of positive certainty: especially when the chips are down - you’ll know how to master turning your internal and external circumstance around.

"Working with Amber this year has been fundamentally life changing. I don't make that statement lightly. It's the biggest and best investment I have made in myself to date" - Rebecca Riley

BONUS: secure your ticket before Dec 2nd and receive:

1 x Group coaching call ($440 value)

5 x Guided meditations (for love, abundance, release, unwire, trust, surrender and love) ($77 value)

1 x Signed copy of my book, The Unfu*kwithable Life ($29.95 value)

Lifetime access to the online training Calm Mind Program for Everyday People ($144 value)

Get $700 extra value if you secure your ticket before December 2nd

This workshop will guide you:

From scarcity to creativity.

From lost to aligned.

From exhausted to aliveness.

From procrastination to action.

From disconnected to connected.

From drained to driven.

From stuck to expansion.

From sabotage to personal power.

From control to surrender.

From fear to love.

From chaos to calm.

From force to flow.

From a negative spiral to self reclamation.

From smallness to self realised.

Yep, it's simple and it's deep.

"Working with Amber was the best decision of my life"

- Belinda Pasfield

You will certainly leave with a series of practices for integrating living from the energy of the life you wish to expand into. Plus the power of connection with the people present. All human beings welcome.

"My life has been filled with calmness, peace & freedom. It will change your life for the better. It’s a worthwhile investment for your whole life experience." - Sophie Janda

Please bring plant based whole food and plenty of water to get you through five hours. Think light and nutritious.

Enjoy this little snippet from Leadership Through Being workshop on integrity, the power of your mind, mindfulness, and owning your shadows. We will touch on all of this in The Sovereign Space Immersion, and so much more.

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Date and Time


Karma Collab Hub

47 Lemana Lane

Miami, QLD 4220


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