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The Road To a New You With Natali Brown - Auckland

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Rydges Auckland

59 Federal Street

Auckland, AKL 1010

New Zealand

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Learn how to master your emotions, rewire your limiting beliefs, embrace Your Amazingness and say YES! to a better life

About this Event


Learn how to reduce overwhelm by mastering your emotions, rewire your limiting beliefs, boost your confidence and your energy, embrace your amazingness and say YES! to a better life!


  • Learn how to master your emotions
  • Shed old programs, patterns and beliefs and stagnant energy which stop you from moving forward in life
  • Change your behaviours
  • Learn techniques and experiences designed to have you releasing old energies and programs that no longer serve you
  • Unlock and activate higher vibrational energy which has been lying dormant in your body using healing techniques
  • Rewire your limiting beliefs
  • Deepen your connection with your heart and open communication between you and your higher self through meditation practices
  • Find out how to align yourself with your Soul purpose
  • Have fun in a supportive space where you can dream without limits and create a future which excites you
  • Embrace Your Amazingness and say YES! to a better life

Have you ever thought…

“When was the last time I was really happy?”

“Why am I not feeling fulfilled at work or at home?”

“Why do I feel like whatever I do, I get it wrong or am not good enough?”

“Why do I feel as if I just can’t move forward in life?”

“I never have enough ….. time, love, money, energy”

In all these instances you give away your energy and inner power …are you ready to claim it back?

  • Do you allow low self esteem and hopelessness to consume you?
  • Do you sometimes feel anxious, overwhelmed and continue to say yes when you actually mean no?
  • Are you allowing your fear of failure to control how you show up at work and at home and from finding peace, joy and success in your life?
  • Have you stopped loving yourself because you hold onto blame, guilt and resentment from the past?


  • You know you want to do life differently and need to heal past hurts but you don’t know where to start.
  • You do the same thing over and over again but don’t seem to get anywhere – let me show you how to release patterns which are no longer good for you.
  • You’re inside your head too much, listening to the inner critic instead of listening to your intuition and following your heart.
  • You’ve looked to people and situations outside of you for answers for so long that you forgot you have everything you need and all the answers inside you.
  • You’re stuck in victim mode blaming everyone for having another “bad” day.
  • You don’t go after what you want in life and don’t get what you want in life because fear of failure and what people might say is holding you back from living your best life.
  • You feel bored at work, in your relationship or simply with life itself but you’re scared that when you let go, you’ll let go of your safety net and that you might lose yourself.


Isn’t it time you got out of your own way, let go of control, past hurts, negative self talk and procrastination and finally embrace all of your amazingness?

Isn’t it time you stepped out of fear into joy and heal and let go of the past?


THE ROAD TO A NEW YOU is a step onto a new path of discovery, letting go and freeing yourself from old beliefs and patterns so you can finally be who you were born to be.

THE ROAD TO A NEW YOU is the direction and game changer for your life so you can finally discover and know yourself.

THE ROAD TO A NEW YOU is here to help you crack open to your fullest potential whilst giving you the tools to realise your dreams.

THE ROAD TO A NEW YOU is a reminder that your inner voice is stronger than the voice of fear.

THE ROAD TO A NEW YOU is here to help you rewrite your future and to help you realise your vision and to take bold aligned action right NOW!

I know you’ve been craving more in life…

More self-confidence, more time, more success, more love, more energy, more freedom, more peace, more wealth?

Are you ready to break old habits?Then this training workshop is an absolute must-attend.

You deserve to live the life you were meant to live. One filled with purpose, happiness and fulfilment.


  • Walk away feeling energetically uplifted and have more clarity around what comes next in your life.
  • Let go of negative thoughts and let me show you how to rewire your beliefs and thought system with more positive statements.
  • Stop beating yourself up and let me help you change your perception of who you are – let me help you access that deeper wisdom and magic within you.
  • Stop blocking your abundance and sabotaging yourself and let me show you how you can experience abundance in time, energy, health, wealth, success and love.
  • You create all your experiences – so attend this workshop and start creating a life you love.
  • Are you willing and ready to face your fears – people who work with me are ready for change and to embrace the positive impact it will have on every aspect of their physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.
  • I’ll be here for you every step of the way and together we will help you discover the best parts of you, so you find the confidence to heal and let go of those parts of you which are no longer good for you.
  • No one is the same, you are totally unique, your story is unique so that’s why I work with you on finding what’s best for you and what works for you.
  • Are you ready to say Yes! to a joyful, happy, successful and balanced life?

Over the past 3 years I’ve been helping others into a space of self-mastery, to shift negative self talk, to re-balance their mind, body and spirit and to find fulfillment in their lives. During this workshop I will be giving you my quick and easy solutions to move forward with confidence so you can live a life you absolutely love.

When you embrace the shadow side and see your experiences as stepping stones to access a more loving, more joyful, abundant part of you, you can move into acceptance of who you really are at the core of your being.

During this 4 hour workshop I want to show you how you can instruct and reprogram your mind to create a more positive belief system and start telling it exactly what you want. We also look at how your thoughts and words affect you on an energetic level.


Each experience I’ve been through only helped me to become a stronger woman. In February 2016 my whole life changed when the bus I was on in Melbourne whilst attending a conference hit a low lying bridge and peeled the top off the bus like a sardine can.

The physical, mental and spiritual healing which came from this, empowered me to discover my truth. After much searching and stubbornness I finally listened to the call from my soul, stepped onto my spiritual path of healing, mentoring and guiding and now live a happy, inspired and successful life teaching people how to do the same.

Before stepping into my passion of coaching and healing, I worked in the corporate world for over 20 years, was the founder of a photography business in the UK, and founded an events management company in New Zealand prior to working as a Marketing & Projects Manager for a successful online marketing and business strategy company.

I’m a mother of two gorgeous boys who challenge me and teach me – believe me, life is never boring in our house! And I have a wonderful loving and supportive husband who puts up with my passion for life.

Using a hands-on approach, my own experiences and personal mastery, I work with you intuitively and in a holistic way combining unique energy healing and life coaching techniques to guide you to a space of confidence.

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Date and Time


Rydges Auckland

59 Federal Street

Auckland, AKL 1010

New Zealand

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