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141 Brebner Dr

141 Brebner Drive

West Lakes, SA 5021


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"Feeling like you don't fit anywhere in life"

"Does everyday feel like groundhog day...

You wake up, have a shower, put on your work cloths, brush your teeth, commute to work.....

Only to feel that you could be doing something more with your life, that you were born for some bigger purpose, mission and adventure..."

Who am I? What am I here to do? What is my purpose?


These three questions are some of the most asked questions in this world based around one of the largest topics (Purpose). So many people are just not sure what to do or they know exactly what to do but don’t know how to get there. They tend to procrastinate and become frustrated by the situations they have ended up in, whether this would be career, relationships, finances etc.

Can I make MONEY doing what I LOVE❓
The answer is YES! And this event will show you just how to do that...

If this resonates with you then this invitation is for you, if you are sick of living the same life on repeat and do not want to look back another 1 or 2 or 5 years and see yourself in the same situation, Then this event is for you.

The most precious thing you have in this world is time and so many people take it for granted like it is just another day or just another year.

There have been countless studies conducted in this area, with stats showing that over 90% of people that have left this world with major regret. Below are just a few of these regrets that stood out from the many:

⛔ Not worrying about what other people think

⛔ To have been happier more, not taken life so seriously

⛔ Working so much at the expense of family and friendships

⛔ Not having enough confidence within myself

⛔ Not taking the risk and going for that job or starting that business

⛔ Not forgiving and resolving the events of the past

⛔ Not taking a chance on their dreams

We are becoming a society of restrictions as opposed to positive predictions. Our cultural outlook on life has changed. We as individuals have allowed this happen and for change to happen it will only begin with us; one at a time.

Many people are unhappy in their relationships, unhappy in their career/jobs and in some way have just accepted this being a part of life. In this event I am here to show you that this is not true, in fact it is far from the truth.

This workshop is there to assist you in answering these questions above…

What you will get in this workshop:

✅ In this one-day workshop you get clarity and get clear on what you were put on this earth to do

✅ You will learn different avenues of earning an income from doing what you love.

✅ You are going learn powerful techniques that will have you energised and focused within seconds

✅ You are going to discover what is holding you back from achieving your purpose

✅ You will learn how to stop procrastinating about getting the life you want and how to naturalise any emotion

✅ You will experience a new and greater level of gratitude with one of our development processes

✅ You will be provided with our formula alongside a set of questions to assist you getting clear on your mission in life

✅ You will leave with some strategies and processes valued over $2000 that will be life changing if you implement them into your life

✅ You will leave feeling energised and inspired to take on the year


Who is this workshop for?

If you have grown an awareness to see that your life is not where you want it to be, you have had enough and feel you could be doing more in this world…

More in life and getting more than what your job is getting you.

If you seem to end up in the same place each year and don’t know why this keeps happening….

If you ask yourself that magical question what am I here to do and haven’t had that answered….

Michael Sorgiovanni is a specialised in human development and performance and has over 10 years of experience in the self-development industry. Michael will be your lead coach and trainer through the event.

Our gift to you, is your own booklet containing all the game-changing information we go through in the event, plus loads more included for your own continued learning. This will be your all answers guide to taking the next steps in your life and will propel you on your journey forward!

Here are all the details you need to secure your spot..

This one day, high performance learning and growth workshop is normally valued at $188.00...

But as our early bird gift to you, we are offering a limited number of tickets for an investment of $47.00!

This is an opportunity of a lifetime and you can get it for only $47, but make sure you get in quick or you will miss out, as early bird tickets are limited...



WHEN: Saturday March 17th 2018

TIME: 9am to 5pm. Registration is at 8:40am

WHERE: The Lakes Resort Hotel - Lake View Room

141 Brebner Drive West Lakes SA 5021

Love and Live,


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Date and Time


141 Brebner Dr

141 Brebner Drive

West Lakes, SA 5021


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