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Hall & Wilcox

525 Collins Street

Melbourne, VIC 3000


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An intensive and practical overview of the entire property development lifecycle.

Ever wanted to better understand the property development process but don’t know where to start? Well, you’re not alone.

From project conception to final completion, this half-day workshop will provide a practical learning experience by taking attendees through the comprehensive life cycle of property development.

Attendees can expect to walk away with a holistic understanding of the property development process, along with a deeper knowledge of the key milestones, major project risks and opportunities, roles and responsibilities and project performance benchmarks.

Course Outline:

Part One - The Fundamentals of Property

  • What are the primary drivers of residential property?

  • What are the different types of property development?

  • What is the objective of developing real estate?

  • Where do you start your market research and what is important?

Part Two - Getting Started in Property Development

  • The development lifecycle: What are the major phases?

  • Time, cost and quality: How do you find the balance?

  • Risk versus return: What is the balance between upside and downside?

  • The feasibility: What is a feasibility and how does it work?

  • The development program: What is a program and why is it important?

  • Due diligence: What are the key legal, design and planning considerations?

  • The art of the deal: How do you buy a site and what are the different acquisition strategies?

  • LIVE FEASIBILITY: Step inside a real project and understand how the feasibility works.

  • CASE STUDIES: Step inside the acquisition strategies of two separate developments.

Part Three - Creating the Vision

  • What is a project team? Who, what, when and how much?

  • Inside the design process - why the approach is critical.

  • What makes good design? Inside the fundamentals.

  • Consultant budgets: How to estimate consultant budgets.

  • The approval process: Inside the tricky art of planning permits.

  • Tips and tricks: Things to look for and things to avoid along the way.

Part Four - Selling the Vision

  • Project positioning: Who is your buyer and how is your project positioned?

  • How to develop a project identity?

  • Project branding: How to create a brand that evokes?

  • What is a marketing plan and marketing budget?

  • What sort of legal documentation do you need to pre-sell a project?

  • How to work closely with real estate and marketing agents?

Part Five - Building the Vision

  • Before you start digging: How do you estimate your construction cost?

  • What are the different ways to engage a builder and why?

  • How do you run a construction tender?

  • What are the key construction risks and how do you mitigate them?

Part Six - Funding the Vision

    • How is a project funded? Debt, equity and everything in between.

    • How does a bank assess the financial viability of the project?

    • What are the fees and charges associated with funding the project?

    • Conditions precedent: What are they and why do they matter?

    • The legal essentials: What are the main risks when borrowing?

            Part Seven - When the Vision Becomes Reality

            • An overview of the property settlement process

            This workshop is suitable for:

              • Aspiring property developers
              • Consultants to the industry looking for deeper knowledge

              • Investors looking to take the next step

              • Real estate agents looking to better understand the deal

              • Adjacent sectors looking to better understand their clients

              • Government and planning officials

              • Banking and finance professionals

              • Business service providers

              • Contractors and subcontractors

              • Anyone else interested in property development

              About the Moderator

              The workshop will be moderated and led by Adam Di Marco, founder and publisher of The Urban Developer.

              With over a decade of professional experience in property development, Adam created The Urban Developer in response to a need for greater engagement, information and transparency in the property sector.

              Adam remains active within the property industry as Managing Director of Brisbane-based Di Marco Group, a boutique property development firm focused on creating and delivering thoughtful, modern and healthy communities.


              "As a consultant, it was very interesting to get a more holistic perspective - which already has allowed me to make more sense of certain requests from developers, particularly regarding billing points."

              "Very well thought out & presented and extremely informative. Learnt so much in such a short period of time."

              "Adam made it very easy to understand and follow, and imparted little gems of wisdom that will no doubt help everyone who attended at some point."

              "Was a very practical, relatable, informative and engaging workshop overall. I liked the various "nuggets of wisdom" and "rule of thumb" facts and figures which you often won't get without speaking to someone with experience. Also appreciate being sent the slides/resources afterwards."

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              Date and Time


              Hall & Wilcox

              525 Collins Street

              Melbourne, VIC 3000


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