The Planets, their movement and YOU

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The Yoga Centre Adelaide

51 Gilbert Street

Adelaide, SA 5000


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Are you a reader of horoscopes in the newspaper, magazines ANYWHERE you see it…? Well, this course will give you a deeper and more accurate picture of how the planets are affecting you - personally. This course is basically showing you HOW to read your own horoscope whenever you want.

Knowing how the moving sky is affecting my natal chart has allowed me to make the most out of times of freedom, slowing down, speeding up, developing strong roots etc… without this knowledge it is so much easier to push against ourselves, and waste a stack of energy! But sometimes what we absolutely need to be doing it putting all of our energy on…. Exactly! On what? Knowing how to focus your energy and time, will mean knowing when to chill, and when to push.

Personally, I am not really into sun sign horoscopes, there is so much going on in a birth chart, to then go reduce it all to just your sun, when something much more important could be hitting your moon, or mars!

In this workshop you will learn how to:

- See how the planets are affecting your chart

- How to look up how the planets are moving and place them on your birth chart (or that of other people’s)

You will get:

- Three hours of learning about the movement of planets in the sky

- A copy of your individual time map (for one year), showing you how the planets are affecting your chart, how long it will last and when the madness will start and finish

- A copy or your chart and where the outer planets are (I include only these are they are the slower moving planets, and the ones that hold the main structure in your chart)

- Cake


- $55

- 3 hours

I have found that the best way to learn is to make it all about the participants… so we will go through our own charts to interpret how the planets are moving AND how it’s feeling.

This course does have a pre-requisite – you need to have done part one, OR need to have basic astrology knowledge (houses, signs, planets), as we will get straight into it. If you want to come, but haven’t done part 1, you may book a catch up session with me, if there are a few people interested in doing part one, I will make a time to do it before this one.

Have a question?

Send me a message on here, or feel free to email at: astropamela@gmail.com

Otherwise, book your ticket on this link or use paypal, with the same address as above.

Once you book in, let me know, by sending me your birth time, date and place to the above email address.

Who you'll be learning with:

I, Pamela, have been interested in astrology since I was 11 years old (potentially before that but these are the friend’s whose signs I remember from back then!) I started my journey by simply looking at the sun sign and horoscopes, only to years later realise there is SO MUCH more to this craft.

I started formally studying it 6 years ago, taking courses, workshops, one on one mentoring and tutoring here and abroad, and completing some accredited online courses. My growing personal library keeps me busy and constantly learning. I manage my own online blog and astrology business and have written pieces exhibited here and overseas.

I also have:

- Cert IV in Training and Assessment

- Grad dip in Journalism

- Bachelor of Communications

I have experience in different areas and I guess my Gemini MC illustrates that?? Come and get qualified to make true statements like these!

If you’re into astrology in any way, dipping your toe in the water will surely entice you to dive in to the wealth of personal knowledge you can gain from your own chart AND in how the moving sky affects you!

Astro Pamela xo

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Date and Time


The Yoga Centre Adelaide

51 Gilbert Street

Adelaide, SA 5000


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