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Brisbane Powerhouse

119 Lamington Street

New Farm, QLD 4005


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Who are we…

One of our clients explained it best, “ NXT LVL filled and made clear the ‘gap’ between where I was, to where I am today

Others have shared…

"Highly recommended for anyone who wants more out of life. For me personally, NTX LVL has improved my income by double, improved my outlook on life, expanded my circle of influence and my network is now full of achievers and people who lift others up rather than the alternative. The crew are all quality people with the best intentions for all their clients and are dedicated to serving their community. Zero attitude, while maintaining an abundance of assistance when needed, friendship and accountability to hold you to your highest self so you can reach every next level of your life." - Luke Swanson (Fighting & Elite Performance Coach)

"The community created within the NXT LVL rooms is unparalleled. They allow you to be vulnerable yet in a very safe space. NXT LVL are masters at unlocking and teaching us about taking action. (Literally get on with it)
One of my biggest triumphs was becoming aware of my mindset and how to use it to get the results I desire.
Thank you for what you do." - Daniel Karanges (Founder of DK Stainless)

"Genuine love and support for your client. And a big one I believe is accessibility to you guys, you are the ones who run these amazing courses and we get to talk to you in real life on the reg! You’re not just up on stage and inaccessible. Best decision I’ve made!" - Zoe Branch (Pilot & Business Owner)

"Results driven, client focused & multifaceted approach to personal, professional & business development. There is no other model quite like this. NXT LVL have absolute commitment to the outcomes of their clients, they lead through example and have produced a framework which fostered significant mindset & performance shifts both professionallt & personally. 100% recommend." - Melissa Krueger (Business Owner & Mum)

"You guys see what we can't just yet. You know the untapped potential and you give us time and a good push - eager for us to be better but letting us get there without feeling pressured. I know that every time I listen to you guys speak I am going to walk away with something to implement straight away and something that will be like a lightbulb later on. A delayed bomb of life. I'm still having realisations now about LVL 1!! The journey is endless and exciting with a good team supporting you." Jiville Latu (ICU Nurse & Leader)

What’s next...

What’s the one thing that impacts the quality of life above all else..

It’s your 1%

If you're not where you want to be.. It’s not your fault - after 4 years, ten’s of thousands of people and businesses, NXT LVL has been able to secure, and make clear the future for so many regardless of industry, skill, background or age..

We believe everyone has that 1% - you just weren’t shown how. You DO NOT need to change, it comes down to recognising you’ve got a bigger game already, that exists.. and its waiting for you to step into it.

Because those who win, those out there doing it, living life to its fullest, all share 2 common traits...

Trait No.1 - they’re open. - that’s it. You don’t do that, you’re only going in one direction.. Picture a brick in water…

And yet so many people are where they need to be - missing out on experiencing who they could really be… what they could be building, achieving and impacting personally and professionally. Living out lives of quiet desperation. Or worse, thinking.. “Is this it?”

Because of one sad statistical truth.. :-(

Less than 1 in 1000 people have been ‘shown how’ to achieve Trait No. 2

How to find your 1%, and go all in (No.2)

As NXT LVL grows and expands so does our SUMMIT series. In this 4 hour event we want to share with you our latest findings from……..

  • Why do people play safe but expect the maximum in return
  • Doing it alone but complaining about it?
  • Why people are the future …..not just technology.
  • What we now know about our own human nature and how to leverage
  • Care about personal progression and achievement living but don’t want to get caught in self help hypochondria?
  • Care about impact and difference making but want actual results not just books and learning.
  • Care about Leadership and influence but don’t want to send the wrong message.

With real world results, industry leading learning models and thriving community.

Who could you become if you played your biggest game?


What are my parking options for getting to and from the event?

Brisbane Powerhouse holds it's own parking facilities. Please arrive prior to ensure you reserve a place.

How can I contact the organiser with any questions?

Please email if you have any further questions surrounding the event.

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

You do not need to print your Eventbrite ticket, however please bring your digital Eventbrite ticket + NXT LVL Invitation to gain access on the day.

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Date and Time


Brisbane Powerhouse

119 Lamington Street

New Farm, QLD 4005


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