The M Word Series - Periods, Flushes & Nerves

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Nearly all messages about menopause and midlife are negative and depressing. We aim to change the narrative to one that is empowering!

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Webinar #3 - Midlife, Menopause and Hormones

  • Have your periods become so heavy you're mopping up the bathroom?
  • Has the 3am wake up call entered your sleep pattern?
  • Are hot, then sweaty, then cold, then frustrated because it's so frustrating!?
  • What about joint pain, itchy skin or memory? Nothing good?

These could be early signs of the transition we call midlife and menopause where our hormonal changes are causing havoc with our body's chemistry causing all kinds of new symptoms that are massively disruptive to our lives.

And let's face it, NO-ONE likes their patterns interrupted!

Peri-menopause (the 2-10 years prior to menopause) can be quite a shock for many women as no-one seems to be talking about it. Typical symptoms are hot flushes, anxiety, sleeplessness, weight gain and many other depressing changes that make you wonder, "what the heck is going on with my body!!!"?

The thing is, we can't just keep doing the same thing. Menopause is a time of reckoning and what we've been doing to ourselves for a while, catches up with us.

Having said that, the withdrawal of our reproductive hormones heralds an exciting and empowering journey into the wild years of our 50s and 60s and the wise years of 70s and 80s. We just need to learn to navigate it.

In this 75-min webinar you will:

  • Gain an understanding of the biological changes of ageing occuring in our 40s and how to prepare for what comes next
  • Learn what's happening as the reproductive cycle ends, estrogen declines, and new hormones of insight and wisdom emerge
  • Discover how your brain's neurotransmitters change due to inflammation and poor lifestyle choices we've been making for a while, upsetting our hormones
  • Identify key triggers (liver health, stress levels, nutrient deficiencies and even dehydration) that cause our bodies to act out it's discontent.
  • Understand how poor blood sugar management and unexamined stress levels can lead to exhaustion, mood changes, weight gain, sleep disturbances and so many more uncomfortable symptoms
  • Discover how the world of natural medicine and personal development, when effectively applied, can offer comfort and relief, while still allowing your journey into your 50s and beyond to continue as it's meant to.

Brenda Rogers - Your Host

Brenda Rogers is a credentialed life coach and naturopath specialising in menopause and the founder of “Quintessence Health” established in 2018.

She’s in a loving relationship with Paul; a devoted step-mum of a teenage girl; a naturopath who loves science and the more mysterious arts; a nutrition educator specialising in real & traditional foods, a transformational coach, a public speaker, a wellness blogger, Art of Feminine Presence teacher, an aspiring author of a menopause book, and a lover of yoga and nature. She's on a serious mission to shift the current narrative around menopause, reignite the healing arts in every woman, bring nutrient-dense traditional wholefoods back into the kitchen, and to embolden women in their 50s to embrace who they are and make their mark on the world.

Brenda has been a champion for health and the holistic lifestyle in her various corporate training and development roles in several large health companies, including Blackmores, over the span of her career.

Brenda is a passionate spokesperson and advocate for several topics including menopause as a rite of passage, empowering the woman as the healer in the home and women reclaiming their bodies. She uses food as medicine, nutritional & herbal remedies, and skilled life coaching conversations to inspire others to live their lives with grace, calm and purpose.

In her public talks, nutrition events, workshops and health coaching sessions, Brenda raises conscious awareness of how our lifestyle choices directly impact our health and wellbeing which also impacts those around us. In her thorough yet gentle approach, she provides deep emotional support as well as practical solutions on how to create our best lives through our 5 key lifestyle choices (nutrition and hydration, movement, rest and relaxation, purpose and connection, and a positive mindset). Our health is our guide for reaching our true potential.

It was her first-hand experience with an eating disorder as a disempowered teen that was the catalyst to seek an alternative approach to heal herself and the world!

She can be contacted on:






Phone: 0409 774 790

Your host, Brenda Rogers, of Quintessence Health

		The M Word Series - Periods, Flushes & Nerves image

		The M Word Series - Periods, Flushes & Nerves image

		The M Word Series - Periods, Flushes & Nerves image
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