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"The Inspired Life" 12 Week Program-

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Inspired Life

Mastering a Life of Inspiration:

The word Inspire, implies a feeling and thought, it comes from inside.
I love the feeling, spontaneous, invigorating, building, and ready to get things done and live. As it comes from inside, the mastery is not first focused outside of us, we must learn to get to know ourselves, look in the mirror, smile at the things we don’t like, spend time with them and get to know how they work and how they came to be. Mastery is not a perfect all the time thing; it is a level to be attained, a consistent focus and growth, through practice and commitment. 

You do not have to learn to master anything completely alone, those who have reached mastery before you, can guide and support you on your journey. If you think about it most of you can say you are a “Master of Walking”, could you not? You watched those around you do it from a little child and practised with passion, not caring if you fell down, you got back up again until it was mastered after many attempts. All things in life in which we commit to and allow consistent practice and support, we will master. I know you can “Master Inspired Living”, do you?

Our 12 week Program offers:
Massive “Life Shifts” through:
Weekly activities, guidance and useful tools to create a more inspired, fulfilling, motivated and abundant life. You will receive bonus ebooks as well as video tips, audio interviews from others who have mastered “Inspired Living”. At the end of the 12 weeks you will have mastered Inspiration and clarity in as few as 4 areas of your life with the “12 Pillars of Inspiration” for your Spirit, Body and Mind, as well as making some new friends to support your ongoing growth and inspiration, within our online community, Facebook group “Life Shift Masters”, to continue enjoying the magic of “Inspired Living”.
We share inspiring quotes, offer support through your shifts, give love and our own personal tips in being inspired and share our wins and greatest successes, which we celebrate together. When a group of people get together and focus their attention and energy on a positive outcome, it creates a massive shift in the surrounding environment. How awesome is that? You will also have access to discounts on future programs, live workshops and a 1 on 1 session. There is a competition running for the duration of the 12 weeks and a first, second and third prize winner at the end of the program.

12 Pillars of “The Inspired Life”
12 Week overview
Pillar 1: Inspired to Inspire
Pillar 2: The Inner Inspirer
Pillar 3: Inspired Gratitude
Pillar 4: Inspired Structure
Pillar 5: Core Inspiration and Relationships
Pillar 6: Inspired Strengths
Pillar 7: Inspired Business and Projects
Pillar 8: Inspired Soul
Pillar 9: Inspired Health
Pillar 10: Inspired Action
Pillar 11: Inspired Adventure
Pillar 12: “The Inspired Life” (Mastery)

Weekly interviews with 11 poeple, who have experience Mastery in Inspired Living from different perspectives in life. With Life Coaches, Healers, Traveller, Writers, Entreprenuers and people living their dreams.

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