The Future of the Chinese Economy- Professor Wang Depei
The Future of the Chinese Economy- Professor Wang Depei

The Future of the Chinese Economy- Professor Wang Depei

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Copland Theatre, The University of Melbourne

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Asialink, Asialink Business, Confucius Institute at the University of Melbourne and the Centre for Asian Business and Economics at the University of Melbourne are delighted to invite you to an Australia in the World Public Lecture "The Future of the Chinese Economy" with speakers Professor Wang Depei, Chief Economist, Forecast Thinktank and Professor Ross Garnaut AO, Professorial Research Fellow in Economics, University of Melbourne.

China has been Australia’s biggest trading partner since late 2007. The economy is experiencing a significant transformation with economic growth slowing down to a predicted 6.2% by 2017 from double digit levels. However, the urban middle class is expected to reach 1 billion, accounting for 70% of its population by 2030 driving massive consumer demand. As the Chinese economy becomes more innovation and consumption driven, what complementarities could Australia and China offer each other? What do these trends mean and what prospects are there for Australia?

At this public lecture, Professor Wang Depei, Chief Economist from Forecast Thinktank in Shanghai will walk you through the complexity of the Chinese economy and the significance for both Australia and China. Professor Ross Garnaut AO will provide an Australian perspective on the future of the Chinese economy and share his insights on how to capture the economic potential of this important relationship.

Professor Wang Depei

Professor Wang is the Vice President of the China Society of Economic Reform, Visiting Professor at Peking University, Zhejiang University, Fudan University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Tongji University. He is a Senior Consultant for over one thousand industry and government projects and his major works include: China Economy 2016, The Future of RMB, The 4th "Finance Big Bang , Rebalance - the Chinese Ascendancy and the American Power etc.He has published speeches about the Chinese macro-economic situation, national strategy, development strategy for local governments, and large enterprises.

Professor Ross Garnaut AO

Professor Ross Garnaut AO is Professorial Research Fellow in Economics at the University of Melbourne. His career has been built around the analysis of and practice of policy connected to development, economic policy and international relations in Australia, Asia and the Pacific. Professor Garnaut has held senior roles in universities, business, government and other Australian and international institutions. He was Australia’s Ambassador to China from 1985-88 and led the development of Australia and the Northeast Asian Ascendency report in 1989. He is a founding Director of both the Lowy Institute of International Policy and of Asialink. 




Ross Garnaut AO教授:墨尔本大学经济系教授、研究员



地点:Copland Theatre, Basement Level, 198 Berkeley Street, University of Melbourne


       本次公众讲座,王德培教授,著名经济学家,上海福卡智库首席研究员将带你走入复杂错综的中国经济体,探寻中国经济发展对中澳两国的重大意义。Ross Garnaut 教授将从澳大利亚的视角,讨论中国经济的发展未来,并分享他的观点,即如何发掘两国重要关系中的经济发展潜力。


       Ross Garnaut AO教授:墨尔本大学经济系资深研究员。他的职业生涯围绕着与发展相关的政策分析与实践,经济政策,澳大利亚、亚洲和太平洋地区的国际关系等。Garnaut教授在大学、商业、政府及澳大利亚和国际学术机构都担任高级职务。他1985年至1988年出任澳大利亚驻华大使,1989年领衔编著了《澳大利亚与东北亚的优势地位》的报告。他也是罗伊国际政策研究院和墨尔本大学亚洲链接的创始人之一。


如要了解更多信息,请与Maeve Wood联系,电子邮件地址,联系电话:+61 3 9035 8527

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Copland Theatre, The University of Melbourne

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