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The Female Factor - Prosper in Life & Business - Online

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It's official....we are going online. :-) You can attend, no matter where you may live.
Lucky you!!! You can stay at home , in your Jammies, with a coco and you get a recording of the whole event to look back on.
I will also be sending you files of the significant points for your future use.
On purchase of your ticket you will receive the easy links to follow to use Zoom, and to go to the meeting.
If you have never used Zoom before, don't worry it is as simple as clicking on the link in the email and you will be in my virtual office.
Contact me if you have any questions and I will help you out.


Be the productive vibrant women without the stress and worry that leads to burn out!

For so long we, as women, have tried to be successful, run a busy life and take care of the family through actions based on a male 'plan'. The result....BURNOUT, on many levels.

At last I have found a solution.....a modality designed through psychology, chemical, emotional and mental science. And it works easily!!

As women we have 23% more neural connectivity (the white matter that transfers communication signals) connecting our right and left brain hemisphere. What does this mean when it comes to our ability to find joy and appreciation in life and our emotional resilience? Well our hormonally cyclic body hates to work at anything consistenctly and logically (this is the male brain way) and so we harm our bodies, brains and minds by going against our ‘grain’ when striving to achieve in these masculine ways. We CAN achieve the same things as men, it’s how we go about it that is not the same.

If you understood how your GENDER mind and body syncronise you’d be blown away with a whole new level of hope for women. Heck they say gender is the 1% difference only, but it actually affects 100% of your 50-100 trillion cells which are each coded gender and if we are using male processes, that stress affects all 11 of the bodily systems that run you. We’ve too long now underestimated the power of our amazing gender.

We’ve taken the time to design female software for our unique hardware so we can no longer crash and burn, but instead we can finally be understood and run as we’re designed to.

This Program offers my clients the tools and practices to gain the knowledge of their unique female system so you can still achieve, while not going against your innate female factor intelligence.

This workshop will give you:

* The tools to know when to take productive action easily
actions take to keep on track
* The ability to work with your Famale System, not against it to get great results in life & business
* The ability to hear your intuitive nature that instinctively wants you to be at peace
* The opportunity to get an easy, fast, long term Breakthrough Emotionally & Mentally.

All of these benefits lead to:

A more Happy, Joyful Life
Personal Empowerment,
Energetic Intelligence,
Clarity of Choices,
Purposeful Actions.

Sign up for clarity now.

What to bring: Notebook & pen, and an open heart. :-)

Checkout more information and video's on my website.
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