The Fearless Sistas - Sunshine Coast This workshop has been cancelled

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Are you fearful of being invisible? Have you lost direction in your life? Are you guilty of neglecting yourself?

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We’re a community of women passionate about empowering others to be visible, by fearlessly discovering your passion and reinventing yourself. Join us as a Fearless Sista and celebrate your uniqueness. We will be walking you through 3 essential elements:

Finding your sweet spot!

Do you feel like you don't have a purpose in life? Want to follow your passion and feeling overwhelmed about your future journey?Tracy can guide you to change up your thinking and get inspired to press the REFRESH Button on your life and career. She will help you to Find Your Sweet Spot in life!

Realign & Magnify your Essence “Jing”

Are you ready to thrive? Would you like to wake up each day full of energy, with purpose and self-acceptance? Jemma will introduce you to an overview of the core tools required to discover your true essence to live a healthy, happy and fulfilled life. These tools will include your understanding that we each have an innate nature unique to each one of us known as “doshas” body/mind type.

Learn how the importance of daily rituals, meditation, essential oils and movement are to help heal and balance your mind-body connection. Experience a centering meditation to help align you with your inner “Jing” Essence.

Relaunch your New Look

Does your style make you feel confident and let people see the authentic you? Do you feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start when it comes to creating a look that tells the world who you are? Kat will help guide you and show you how simple it can be to look and feel the best version of you! Get ready to relaunch yourself!

The 3 extraordinary ladies facilitating the workshop are:

Tracy Tully - a fearless change maker. An entrepreneur, coach, public speaker and author in mastering motivation, resilience and confidence. She is a disruptor and firmly believes that the only competition you have is yourself. Her style is unique - it’s witty and blunt, and she makes no apologies for it. She is a fierce critical dialogue disruptor with 40 years experience in some tough and volatile environments.

Tracy is the founder of

Jemma Rivera - wellness consultant, teacher and mentor, has spent over two decades in healing arts specialising in holistic lifestyle practices and ancient teachings. Jemma also facilitates annual global yoga & ayurveda retreats at exclusive award winning spa and resorts across the Globe plus is a consultant for many more. In addition her published articles are found in Good Health, Body & Soul, Amazon books “Absolutely on Purpose” by Stephanie Holland and Omstars online publications.

Jemma is the founder of

Katrina Dunn - passionate stylist, listens to her client’s stories, past and where they are heading in life to help find individualised looks that they feel empowered and comfortable wearing everyday whilst challenging them and encouraging to let their personalities shine through. Educating her clients, Katrina teaches new looks and how to help define adapt and achieve new looks and style to bring out the feminine within. Katrina will give you the courage and confidence to allow you to be open with your look moving forward into the new you.

Katrina is the founder of @byronbayhaircollective

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