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The Courageous AF 2-Day Exclusive Immersion with Tessa Alexa Stanford

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Fortitude Valley

11 Wandoo Street

Fortitude Valley, QLD 4006


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Refund Policy

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YOU are not your fears.

YOU are not your limitations.

YOU are not even all the stories you keep telling yourself.

So... who are you?

Who are you underneath the layers of conditioned fear, self-doubt and “I’m not good enough’s”?

And more importantly, who will you become?

Adventure with me for 2-DAYS to awaken the hero within.

Immerse yourself in my revolutionary Emotion-Mindset teachings,

where you will transform into the most WILDLY-Authentic Version Of You,

so you can courageously bring your legacy to life,

and finally become the true Hero you are.

It is time to truly farewell your fear, dissolve your shame

+ transcend your self-doubt...


It is time to make Courageous AF your DEFAULT.

Join me, Courageous Warriors xx


  • Intimate + DIRECT ACCESS TO ME In A Small Group Setting So I Can Assist You In Deeply Applying My Revolutionary Emotion-Mindset Philosophy + Teachings To YOUR Unique Circumstances So You Can Get RESULTS ASAP! This is an opportunity for you to work with me DIRECTLY to get the results you need NOW at a fraction of my coaching prices (currently $500.00USD/Hour) and a fraction of my 2017 Bali Retreat investment ($5000.00USD).
  • High-level VULNERABILITY-BUSTING Strategies: Learn how to dissolve and transcend your intense fear of judgement from others, shame and ANY painful or uncomfortable emotions… AND how to use these strategies anywhere, anytime in your Relationships and Business (seriously life-changing tools!)
  • Transformational Teachings To Finally Transform Your Relationship With The Voice In Your Head (FOREVER): Understand why that voice hold you back EVEN when you have done so much “work” … and exactly what to do about it on such a profound level that you’ll never have to worry about SELF-DOUBT or Fear of REJECTION, FAILURE + UNCERTAINTY holding you back again!
  • Profound Understanding Of The Deep, Underlying Patterns STOPPING YOU From Fully Stepping Into ALL OF YOU (+ How To Shift These Easily + Quickly!) You will leave knowing things about yourself you had no idea you could learn which puts the power to change directly in your hands… (My superpower is identifying patterns in your psyche and making the unconscious, conscious… You will leave with such profound understanding of yourself and your vision for the future.) You will leave feeling Powerful + Aligned AF… Get ready for it!
  • Access To My SECRETS Of Using COURAGE + Radical Self-Belief To Manifest.. ANYTHING! Clear deep blocks from your attachment history in this life PLUS past-life karmic ties which are preventing you from manifesting what you truly desire. Become aligned with universal law and learn how to leverage your Courage, baby!
  • Profound Clarity On Your Soul-Purpose (+ How To Truly Bring This To Life!): Discover your intrinsic blueprint for WILD-Authenticity; Awaken to who you truly are and why you’re truly here at the deepest level.
  • Connection With Fellow Courageous AF Warriors! Learn from the wisdom of other change-making adventurous individuals, and make new connections to carry with you on the next part of your grand heroes journey!
  • A Soul-Aligned, INSPIRED-ACTION PLAN plus Your Own Transformational Therapeutic Journalling Exercises to TAKE HOME WITH YOU! For effortless integration and implementation!
  • A Fully-Catered, Not-To-Be-Missed COURAGEOUS AF Immersion Experience that will change your life.


>>> YOU SIMPLY KNOW YOU ARE HERE FOR ‘MORE’ but you don’t feel like you’re truly living it yet… (which is frustrating as hell and driving you crazy!)

>>> You know you’re powerful deep down but you feel TRAPPED by self-doubt!

>>> You are ready to finally be at peace and harmony with the voice in your head so you can fully UNLEASH on this world!

>>> You know that vulnerability is powerful and will increase your PERSONAL AND BUSINESS SUCCESS but you haven’t yet quite mastered the art of actually embodying vulnerability (without the extreme terror) yet!

>>> YOU ARE BEYOND READY for revolutionary teachings which merge spirit and science to truly transform your relationship with your Self… so that you can finally be unapologetically you and SHOW UP in the world the way you deeply yearn to!

>>> You deeply value personal development, getting to the core of things and learning about yourself so that you can be the most AUTHENTIC, HAPPIEST + POWERFUL version of You.

[PS. This event will suit males and females, parents and non-parents, and the teachings can be applied to any career or professional background you’re in!]


"What drew me to Tessa was her combination of science snd spirituality. I knew she was different and not anything I had heard before. Tessa is now my soul sister and someone who will be in my life forever. She has created a change and shift in me that no-one has ever done. Tessa's love and commitment to people is beyond words - she is unconditional love!! If you are lucky enough to experience Tessa, your life will never be the same. The steps that Tessa puts in place to make deep changes were easy to understand, implement and create change in my life very quickly.

(Working with Tessa has given me these) emotional-mindset shifts - self worth, self-awareness, emotional-awareness, authenticity, understanding fear, belief and trust in myself, seeing deeper patterns of myself, understanding and bringing to life my true purpose and potential.

Her work has been completely life changing for me, thus creating a more living, peaceful and calming family life."

- Talei O'Keeffe, PT, Emotion-Mindset Coach in training - Fitn Fab Mamas

"I am able to express my full sell, communicate with others, form deeper connections, people relate to me and feel safe sharing their stuff with me... I'm far more present and happy with myself. I'm way more vulnerable and open and really understand my full potential. Everything.. I've let go of all things that no longer serve me, I work less and earn more, have more trust. Do it. Invest in yourself to allow Tessa to facilitate growth for yourself."

- Kristie Ord, Business Coach. Visionary

"All I know is that people are CRAVING realness, vulnerability and connection with people and businesses. Tessa will empower you to go deep and bring people along with you. Youll get results that you didnt think were possible - not from strong suiting or faking til you make it’… but from being real and creating from your heart. 10/10."

- Rory Bland, Entrepreneur

Are YOU ready to finally say NO to crippling self-doubt and say YES to RADICAL SELF-BELIEF?

Are YOU ready to join other Courageous Game-Changers

in stepping into their most authentic, happiest

+ POWERFUL versions of themselves?

Are YOU ready to take Courageous AF ACTION

to secure YOUR Exclusive Spot?!!!


Well… it is YOU I wish to adventure with!

Let's change the world together xx


[Inc. 16Hrs of Direct Access To Tessa, Life-Changing Teachings, 2 Days Full Catering PLUS Courageous AF Workbooks, Journal AND Lifetime Vulnerability Resources = $1999.00USD+]

Your investment:

Earlybird: $997.00AUD

Regular: $1197.00AUD

PAYMENT OPTIONS: Please note, payment plans are available. Please contact Tessa directly on love@tessaalexastanford.com to discuss your situation if you KNOW you have to be there!

This is a 2-Day Event: Saturday 8am-4pm + Sunday 8am-4pm.

Includes full catering, and attendance is required in full at both days for best results.

You will receive a confirmation email before the event with extra details, goodies and requests for any dietary requirements! Any other questions, please email love@tessaalexastanford.com


EMOTION-MINDSET is the name of the over-arching framework Tessa Alexa Stanford created as an integration between brain-based, Mindset driven personal development methods and the crucial (yet overlooked and undervalued) elements of Emotion and Heart-Intelligence. Emotion-Mindset merges psychology with philosophy, and science with spirit, in order to bridge the physical and metaphysical worlds of our existence.

The Emotion-Mindset Philosophy + Transformational Framework has been uniquely designed by Tessa Alexa Stanford by integrating evidence-based psychological frameworks with various key principals from energetic psychology, sociology, nutritional medicine, brain development, complex trauma, and holistic well-being, as well as encompassing metaphysical philosophies. It unites the sacred art of Vulnerability with the complex science of Emotion to create a revolutionary model of “Wild Authenticity”.

Wild Authenticity is a way-of-being in which one displays raw, untamed courage in embracing and expressing their truest self, heart's desires and intuitive calling for aliveness.

Emotion-Mindset Coaching is a profound process of integrating your whole-self [Physical-Emotional-Mental-Spiritual-Energetic] through understanding the deeper patterns of the embodied story of your life. By creating powerful counter-narratives to your core beliefs and perceptions, Emotion-Mindset Coaching transforms True-Self Suppression into True-Self Expression. This occurs through the process of retraining your core belief activation system, deep within central nervous system, to raise your Self-Worth Vibration and allow you to self-generate Unconditional Love.


To transform True-Self-Suppression into True-Self-Expression to enable you to-

1) Express your true feelings, desires and potential at any given time, for increased feelings of happiness, inner-peace and freedom

2) Create the change you wish to create in the world, to allow you to experience deep fulfilment and life-satisfaction from profoundly impacting the world and living the life of your dreams.


- Transform Self-Doubt into Self-Belief

- Increased Trust (in self, others and the world)

- Ability to understand and cope with fear of uncertainty, failure or judgement/rejection/ridicule from others

- Decreased self-judgement, self-hatred and shame

- Increased Self-Worth Vibration (and knowledge + skills on how to continue to raise S.W.V)

- Self-acceptance, emotional-resilience and energetic/spiritual connection to Self

- Integration of head and heart, and ability to make courageous decisions aligned with your core truth, deepest values and highest potential.

- Profound forgiveness and acceptance of past

- Knowledge and skills to Self-Generate Unconditional Love


- Understanding and capacity of how to leverage vulnerability to serve more people, increase buyer behaviour and increase referral behaviour

- Application of emotional-regulation skills to connect deeper with audience to create resonance and meaningful, authentic relationships with customers and potential customers

- Understanding of how to be vulnerable and put yourself 'out there' to be seen and have your message heard, so you can reach a larger audience, share your message, and serve others with your unique skills

- Feel armed with a toolkit of strategies to utilise when confronting new obstacles, challenges or fears during business growth to ensure you do not fall into self-sabotaging patterns and are able to be the leader you truly desire to be

- Increased ability to conceptualise your life's events into your WHY, and teach your unique stories, skills and passion to others to inspire/empower/impact them

- Focussed morning rituals, journalling strategies, meditation routine to ensure you are prioritising yourself and being the best, most authentic version of yourself to serve others and the world in your business

- Transformed money-mindset with the ability to create sustained abundance, transition completely out of scarcity (if applicable to you), and get paid what you are actually worth (ie. create a business to be paid to be You!)

Illuminate your truth to illuminate the world.

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Date and Time


Fortitude Valley

11 Wandoo Street

Fortitude Valley, QLD 4006


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Refunds up to 30 days before event

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