The Confidence Secret!!!

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The Mill Hotel

239 Wickham Terrace

Spring Hill

Brisbane, QLD 4000


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It feels like Summer is already here! So how are you going to discover the solution to SHYNESS and unleash that INNER CONFIDENCE in time for your summertime socials and time in the sun with friends, family and even strangers!

• Do you find yourself missing out on opportunities in your social life because you’re scared of being noticed or of showing the real you?

• Have you had enough of being single and sick of your long term relationship with your Netflix account?

• Do you hold yourself back from getting active and exploring the world in fear of what people will think?

If this sounds like you then keep reading…

Have you ever wondered why is it that some people seem to be born with that inner confidence and others tend struggle through social situations and life feeling less than great, feeling like there is something missing, hiding in the corner or putting on that invisibility cloak at parties…

When you think about it now, how many times has a lack of confidence or a fear of what could go right held you back in getting the relationship you desire, stopped you from going up to that guy or girl and simply saying ‘hello’, stopped you from pursuing a career goal, from progressing to another job, prevented you from going to the gym or pursuing health goals….

The first step to having confidence is doing something about it!

So come and join us in this fun and informative meetup. Discover the keys to unlocking your confidence!


So if this sounds a little too familiar, then join us as we introduce you to someone who isn't just an expert on overcoming a lack of confidence and low self esteem, but has coached countless individuals to find their true potential in all areas of life.

So what is the confidence gap? (or chasm!)…

Why is it that sometimes we have confidence and sometimes we don’t or perhaps the question is why is it that some people appear to go through life with ease and confidence in any situation and others are constantly nervous and self aware…

How many times have you said to yourself ‘Be Confident’ or repeated again and again 'I’m Confident’ ‘I’m Confident’ ‘I’m Confident’'?

It’s one thing to say your going to change and another to actually do it…. It’s not about finding a short term fix, we want to help you understand why exactly you feel a lack of confidence and give you the skills and tools to manage it in the long term!

Life has a way of throwing us challenges outside our safety zone. Taking an incremental approach to expanding our skill set is a great way to keep growing... It's uncomfortable though...

The question is how to quiet that inner mind talk and embrace the confident you?

Join us... Learn the skills to being more CONFIDENT in EVERY situation and keeping it that way!!

Learn the most valuable tools and learnings that move you from un-confidence or shyness to living to your full potential!

“Confidence is contagious, So is lack of confidence” - Vincent Lombardi

Put the date in your diary.... do whatever it takes to be there... and if you know someone that could benefit from joining... bring them along... Let's make this the biggest meetup yet!!!

Get Moving & RSVP 'YES' Now!!

See you there!


Meetup Format

Each meetup will be split into two parts. There will be an hour talk, followed by coffee and socialising afterwards. So the schedule will be as follows:

6:45pm to 7:45pm - 1 Hour Talk

7:45pm to 9:00pm - Socialising for Coffee and Drinks Outside


How much does it cost?

This meetup is free so long as you have fun and learn as much as you can!

What time does it start?

We’ll be starting the meetup at 6:45pm. So make sure you arrive around 6:30pm so you can get a seat.

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Date and Time


The Mill Hotel

239 Wickham Terrace

Spring Hill

Brisbane, QLD 4000


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