The Brand in You- Personal Branding for Women

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An online experience designed to help women discover their personal brand and put themselves out there!

About this Event

The greatest point of difference you have in life and business is YOU.

Whether you work for yourself or someone else, your personal brand is a valuable asset you take with you wherever you go.

In this powerful, interactive and intimate online workshop delivered over the course of two days and limited to 15 participants, you will be offered the opportunity to articulate your personal brand, become intentional about how you want to show up in life and find the confidence to start putting yourself out there more effectively.

As part of your admission, you will receive a physical workbook in the mail (Australia & New Zealand only) and have access to a live recording of the event for as long as you need it!

You will also be offered access to a private facebook group, an online LinkedIn Masterclass and insightful expert interviews with the likes of a personal branding photographer, a digital media expert, a stylist, a publicist and many others, all designed to support you on your personal branding journey.

Here is a snapshot of what will be covered each day-

Day 1- 9.30am- 12.00pm (AEST)

The YOU Factor-

Here we will explore all the special ingredients that go into making you YOU. You will gain a clear insight into who you think you are, who you want to be and how you want to be seen by those that matter.

The X Factor-

The focus here will be understanding what the world needs and why you are the only one who can provide a solution in your own special way. You will have the opportunity to really get to the heart of what your personal brand stands for.

The Brand Factor-

Taking everything from the above sessions, here you will have the opportunity to understand how to bring it all together to create the brand in YOU.

Day 2- 9.30am- 12.00pm (AEST)

The Influence Factor-

A personal brand with influence has power and here you will learn practical tips and strategies to build influence using tools such as social media, traditional media and brand partnerships.

The Confidence Factor-

Personal branding is not a short term activity, it is a long term mindset. It requires you to consistently show up and put yourself out there. What often holds us back from doing that is confidence. Here you will learn techniques you can apply anytime from some of the world’s leading pioneers in this field.

What you can expect to walk away with?

Clarity around what you want your personal brand to represent

Confidence to show up because you are no longer confused about 'how to'

Tools to manage imposter syndrome (it never goes away)

Direction on how to show up on social media without having to sell yourself

An elevator pitch that really speaks to who you are

Strategies on how to create a powerful bio and harness the flow of influence

Tips on creating the perfect profile shot and how to make your style part of your brand

A brand identity guide to help keep you on track, on purpose and at all times on brand

Proven techniques to nurture relationships, expand your network and create powerful collaborations

A new tribe of women who have your back and want to see you out there and succeeding!

Who is the presenter?

Carlii Lyon is one of Australia’s leading experts on the topic of personal branding and refers to herself as an introverted personal branding coach for women. For the past 15 years, Carlii has been shaping the personal brands of remarkable individuals from across the globe. Her past clients include a world-leading supermodel (Miranda Kerr), New York Times bestselling authors, inventors, musicians, and even a British celebrity foot reader! Today Carlii speaks about personal branding to the teams of iconic brands internationally and is helping everyday individuals master the art of putting themselves out there.

Who is the workshop designed for?

Executives looking to make their mark in their industry

Entrepreneurs wanting to be visible to prospective clients and partners

Thought leaders and idea makers wanting to expand their reach and monetize their expertise

Aspiring influencers hoping to create a full-time career with a remarkably honest personal brand

Authors and soon to be Authors seeking an audience

Individuals looking to reinvent themselves and do something new!

What other people are saying about The Brand in You-

Carlii's workshop was a game-changer for me - through her expertly designed content and no BS, beautiful delivery, it crystallized some amazing learnings which will change the way I think, feel and behave.

Alexandra Tempany

An incredible insight into personal branding. Carlii personally attends to each individual in the workshop. I found it very intimate and informative with a room full of empowering women who empower each other. Love and highly recommended.

Yvette Elias Salloum

A truly defining and life-changing experience. Carlii was able to get us to dig deep within ourselves to find our inner voice and realise our purpose. Thank you for putting yourself out there.

Julie Steignac

Carli is so down to earth and relatable .. she keeps it real..

Great workshop - helped me a lot with mindset and moving forward in my business ..

Kerri Harvey

Carlii's workshop is great for everyone - no matter how much you do or don't know about branding. It challenges you to really think through key elements of how to get started, roadblocks and all. I really enjoyed it and learn a lot. Recommend it highly.

Cathryn Van Der Walt

Carlii was a wonderful facilitator and an inspiring and down-to-earth speaker. Gaining insights into her experience leading personal branding strategies of some of Australia's most high profile business and public figures was fascinating, but the value also came from her personal transformation and experience helping emerging entrepreneurs, business women, and successful business leaders through their own transformations. The beauty of her workshops is also the atmosphere and intention of those attending, which makes for a wonderfully encouraging, supportive and transformational workshop, no matter what stage of your own career or life transition you may be in. Highly recommended.

Carys Elliott

Carlii was professional, well-prepared and inspirational - but also warm, approachable and real. I think sometimes these courses can be overwhelming with an 'expert' claiming to have all the answers, but that's not the case here. Carlii shares her own stories and struggles with us, but importantly, the strategies she has personally learned and helped her numerous clients learn to overcome their fears, follow their dreams and to learn how to get comfortable with the discomfort that comes with putting yourself out there. I loved the connection of Carlii with everyone in the room which put us all at ease and created a safe space for sharing and supporting one another. Since discovering Carlii on social media, I've been reading the books she recommends, I love her daily dose of inspiration and I've already implemented significant changes to my own personal situation that have put me on a course of being more true to myself and more in control of my own life, career and destiny. I attended with a good friend and I know she too has been making changes based on key learnings from Carlii's course. If you want to get clear about who you are and what you have to offer the world (because we ALL have something) then I can highly recommend attending The Brand in You Course.

Katrina Holden

Highly recommend! The reality is that each of us have a personal brand whether we take control of that or not. Carlii, takes you on a journey to help you unravel what that means to you and what you stand for.

She shares her personal journey and delivers it in an authentic way to give you practical knowledge that you can immediately apply. No doubt you will walk away inspired. Thank you and keep Inspiring!

Claudia Crosby

Highly recommend. Not only was the workshop super super helpful in crystallising all my competing thoughts about who and what I am doing - the network of people I met at the course (and still keep in touch with) was also super helpful. Carli has a really warm and engaging style about her and I am so glad she is now one of my advisors.

Lorena Amadio

It was fascinating learning about how this workshop in fact came to fruition – yes Carlii like us ‘normal’ people faced the same demons we do when presenting our work to the world. For someone who has worked with many famous names, Carlii is not unlike ‘the girl next door’ – very approachable, friendly and caring about you. During the workshop which I attended in November 2019 in Sydney, in addition to Carlii’s contribution and the benefit of being with a diverse range of delightful participants, each with their own unique story, the content causes you to pause and reflect. It gives you space to reconsider how even you see yourself and it carves the passageway to create and innovate conversations about yourself you otherwise might never have contemplated. The material you take away with you is there to reflect on any time you need to remind yourself about the innate “Brand In You”. Well worth investing in yourself, so the rest of the world knows how fabulous you in fact are.

Bridgit English

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