The Beautiful State - 2 Day Program

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Adelaide Theosophical Society

310 South Terrace

Adelaide, SA 5000


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This 2-day O&O Academy course is a compelling inward journey that is full of transformation, powerful meditations, insights and growth. It is intentionally designed to help participants dissolve suffering/stressful states and live life from beautiful states of harmony, serenity, joy and love. All ages from 16 and up are welcome.

Why The Beautiful State?

The biggest addiction we have is not to drugs or alcohol. It is to the inner turmoil that we all think is normal. We believe it's created by what's out there - the spouse, girl or boyfriend, the boss, the job, what life is throwing at us. We make decisions we know will cause chaos, anxiety and stress. And yet we keep making the same choices over and over again. The end result is a loss of energy and lack of connection to our life and those in it.

But what if it's in here? Inside? It is only from a beautiful inner state that we can live life vibrantly, more fully and with choices that are good for us and good for others.

So, how can we be in a beautiful state and what is The Beautiful State Course?

The Beautiful State Course is designed by O&O Academy and led by One Consciousness Transformers to help dissolve the destructive patterns and forces of the unconscious and awaken you to the power of Higher Consciousness.

It is a very practical course that covers -

  • Harmony With Oneself

  • Harmony In Relationships

  • Harmony At Work

Benefits Of The Beautiful State Course

  • An authentic shift in your consciousness occurs.

  • You will experience peace within yourself and harmony with others.

  • You will gain more clarity and a greater zest in your life whereby you can make better decisions.

  • Life will flow more easily

  • In other words, you will learn how to nurture a beautiful state.

  • There will be a take-home meditation practice that will bring you into a state of calm, manifest heartfelt intentions, and create unimagined results.

At the end of the program, you have the option to become a Oneness Blessing Giver.

From Participants Of The Beautiful State Course, Held In Adelaide Nov '18

A great couple of days, very insightful. Learnt a lot about steering away from negative thoughts/feelings/people.There is a lot here I will take into my personal and business life.

Peter O’Leary

I arrived at The Beautiful State workshop in turmoil, lost and feeling confused about the events I had experienced this year so far. During the workshop I had some powerful experiences that assisted me to heal. After the workshop I had more of a sense of direction, clarity and healing in real practical ways.

Evelina Rios

After feeling deprogrammed and lighter after the first day and after a very long and relaxing sleep, as I prepared for the next day i felt really beautiful in what I’d chosen to wear! Then I realised I’d feel great in anything I wore because I was feeling so beautiful and “in love” with who I am, and accepting who I am and all I’ve done, all I’ve said or not said. Thank you so much, “I Feel Beautiful” and I love the dancing the best!!!

Vicky Green

Thank you for sharing The Beautiful State teachings and your own insights so clearly and openly. The space you chose and the attention to detail was greatly appreciated.The choices we make in all aspects of our lives impact us on all levels of health as well as affecting those around us. This is a practise I will continue to share as well as implementing as often as possible in my own life.

Carol K

The Beautiful State workshop is so important for everyone to attend so that we can know that we have a choice of 2 states of being - and to make that choice! AWESOME - thank you Jane and OOA.

Lexia C

The Beautiful State gave me a different perspective about worry. I know that worrying about my family does me and them harm by the negative energy I put out. The stories embedded in the workshop were worthwhile and made the point.

Dianne B

Such a “Beautiful” workshop, so many insights and revelations and felt so good. Thank you Jane, your calming, non judgmental presence is what made it work for me.

Peta P

Course Hours: Sat. Feb 23, 9 am - 5 pm: Sun Feb 24, 9am - 5 pm (til 6 if you would like to be initiated as a Oneness Blessing Giver).
What To Wear: Loose-fitting, casual. comfortable, layered clothing

Please Bring:

  • Notebook and pen

  • Water bottle

  • Cushions for your chair optional

  • Scarf or blanket if you are sensitive to A/C

  • Lunch and snacks

What you can expect from this course

  • You will learn to calm certain tendencies that create disharmony, stress, anxiety and fear.

  • Greater harmony within, richer connections and more peace with others, and a greater passion at work or in your daily activity.

  • Connect to an expanded consciousness, resulting in more synchronicities in your life, better decisions, and impacting the people around you most beautifully.

  • A powerful meditation practice that will move you into a state of calm, manifest heartfelt intentions, and create unimagined results.

  • You have the option at the end of the course to become a Oneness Blessing Giver. if you desire.

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Date and Time


Adelaide Theosophical Society

310 South Terrace

Adelaide, SA 5000


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