The Aware You Two-Day Workshop - Sunshine Coast

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Sunshine Coast, QLD


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"My experience of this workshop was enlightening and uplifting. I now have a better understanding of what has been driving me to show show up the way that I do." Luke A


Your personal philosophy is the keel that stabilises your approach to life. During the workshop you will explore your values and how they serve as your rudder. You will also identify what we refer to as 'your story', which creates a set of behaviours, attitudes and beliefs that you hold onto about yourself. Ultimately your story imprisons you in a state of consciousness that typically results in burnout, fatigue, depression and financial stress (just to name a few). You will become familiar with the symptoms of your own story as it is expressed physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. In this exercise you will also be exploring how your current state of awareness impacts on your personal development, self nurturance, personal wellbeing, accountability and social integration.


This is an opportunity for you to find freedom from your exhaustion or other forms of suffering. Alternatively, you may be committed to personal, professional or spiritual development.

Whether you are suffering, at a crossroad or just looking for deeper meaning, this workshop is a revolutionary approach to change as well as a profoundly simple approach to growth and living a more fulfilled life.


Past attendees have reported the following benefits from participating in the two-days:

  • More consistent state of happiness

  • Feeling more engaged and fulfilled in life

  • More freedom to express their authentic self

  • Improved health and increased abundance

  • Less exhausted allowing them to be focused and productive

  • More clarity of purpose and how to express it in their life

"The content and delivery of this workshop was precisely what I required as I had been navigating a total change of everything that was familiar in my life and in my career. The instructor's gentle guidance through each step of the program really resonated with me. I look forward to integrating what I now know and realise, and what I am equipped to create." Sally G - Lifestyle Design


  • Understand the difference between awareness and mindfulness and how the two together create new realities. Discover the underpinning philosophy of mindfulness and it's capacity to create sustainable change through developing new neural pathways.

  • Gain an objective appreciation of the strengths and challenges yo were born with, an insight into your core desires, clues to understanding your purpose for being here, and the nature of the character you've chosen, through which you will acheive it all.

  • Complete the Personal Awareness Profiling, score and interpret results.

  • Identify a core fear that is responsible for personal stressor trends and strategies you have created for avoiding the reality of that fear.


  • Identify one sentence (your story) that best summarises those strategies and, identify the source of your beliefs, behaviours, expectations and fears, and how they emerge from your story.

  • Identify the way your story has impacted on you mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually and how you might experience those elements if you were free of the limiting nature of your story.

  • Identify the gifts and abilities that emerged from your story and the way in which they have supported you throughout your life. Explore how this gift is a key tool in fulfilling your 'purpose'.

  • Discover how to be sustainably engaged in a purposeful and fulfilling life and create a tool that will act as a daily reminder for practicing awareness.


  • To assist with maintaining awareness, each participant receives an awareness journal, complete with 56 days of reflection activities.

Please note the workshops are limited to 8 participants but need a minimum of 4 to proceed. In the case of a cancelled event, you will be contacted and all money will be refunded. If no venue location is confirmed at the time of registration, you will be notified of the details 1 - 2 weeks before the event. If you are not satisfied with your investment at the conclusion of the second day, we are happy to offer your money back.

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Date and Time


Sunshine Coast, QLD


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