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The Aware Health Professional - Albury

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If ticket sales have ended and you are interested in attending this event, please contact to see if there are any seats available.

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Elm Falls

572 Whinray Crescent

Albury, NSW 2640


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Sales Have Ended

Registrations are closed
If ticket sales have ended and you are interested in attending this event, please contact to see if there are any seats available.
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"Every serious health professional should consider this work so you can not only 'walk your talk' but also enhance and enrich yourself as a person. I would attend this course again in a heartbeat." Lynn.W - Christchurch NZ



Your personal healing philosophy is the keel that stabilises your approach as a health professional. During this workshop you will explore your core values and wants, and how they serve as your rudder, giving direction to your work as a health professional. Fundamental to those values and wants are what we refer to as 'your story'. This is a personal narrative that emerged in your formative years, and which you still hold onto. Your story moulds your state of consciousness and if left unchecked can result in burnout, compassion fatigue, depression and financial stress (just to name a few).

You will become familiar with the symptoms of your story as it manifests through your four states of consciousness (mental, physical, emotional and spiritual). Through the course of the workshop you will see how it's possible that your story is handicapping your work as a health professional. You will be given the tools that, through raising your awareness, will make it easier for you to be more mindful in your work each day. It's through being mindful that you develop better work/life balance, more self-love, and become a more authentic listener, which results in a clear understanding of purpose, fulfillment and reward.


This is an opportunity for you to find freedom from your exhaustion or other forms of suffering. Alternatively, you may be committed to personal, professional or spiritual development.

Whether you are suffering, at a crossroad or just looking for deeper meaning, this workshop is a revolutionary approach to change as well as a profoundly simple approach to growth and living a more fulfilled life.

"I would say this is the best workshop I have done to date. It will help me in my work as a health professional to be more aware, still and effective in the work with my clients." -Leo.H - Auckland NZ


At EAPMentor we understand the main cause of the exhaustion and suffering we endure in life to be a result of two things:

1. You are living life aligned with unsustainable values (values are our judgement of what we believe to be the most important things in life).

2. You are living life unaware (you mostly or completely think, act and feel on 'auto pilot' and in ways that are supportive of your unsustainable values).

Inversely this would mean that stillness is achieved through becoming more aware of your values and more conscious in how you think, act and feel. Helping you to become more aware is what this workshop is all about.

Past attendees have reported the following benefits from participating in the two-days:

  • More consistent state of happiness

  • Feeling more engaged and fulfilled in life

  • More freedom to express their authentic self

  • Improved health and increased abundance

  • Less exhausted allowing them to be focused and productive

  • More clarity of purpose and how to express it in their life

"We learnt things about ourselves that have been hidden all our lives. It has given us tools to become better and happier practitioners, who can better relate to our clients and therefore are able to give better service." Adriana.B - Perth WA


  • Understand the difference between awareness and mindfulness

  • Explore why awareness is so necessary

  • Review the etymology of the words health and disease

  • Consider the spiritual perspective of the words health and disease

  • Explore the impact today's approach to healing is having on the economy

  • Complete your professional and personal awareness profiling, score and interpret results

  • Compare your professional and personal results

  • Identify a core fear that is responsible for peronsal stressor trends

  • Identify strategies you have created for avoiding the reality of that fear

  • Develop one sentence (your story) that best summarises those strategies

  • Identify the source of your beliefs, behaviours, expectations and fears, and where your story comes from


  • Explore the symptoms of your story

  • Consider the impact your story has had on you personally and professionally

  • Gain clarity of the role that awareness and mindfulness play in helping you to be free from your story

  • Identify the gifts and abilities that emerged from your story

  • Forgive your story through gratitude

  • Discover how to be sustainably engaged in a purposeful and fulfilling career

  • Create a tool that will act as a daily reminder to practice being mindful


  • Each participant receives an awareness journal, complete with 56 days of reflection activities

Please note the workshops are limited to 8 participants but need a minimum of 6 to proceed. In the case of a cancelled event, you will be contacted and all money will be refunded. The venue location will be confirmed 1 - 2 weeks before the event. If you are not satisfied with your investment at the conclusion of the second day, we are happy to offer your money back.

Date and Time


Elm Falls

572 Whinray Crescent

Albury, NSW 2640


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