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The Art of Mindful Living and True Wellness

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Northern NSW, NSW


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The Art of Mindful Living and True Wellness with Josie Thomson & Tim Jack Adams

Is it time to recharge, restore and actively create the life you really want?

Come join us to create a calmer, more meaningful and connected life. Immerse yourself deeply into the art of mindfulness and learn how it’s used to deal with every day stress. This intimate retreat is full of practical and sustainable tools for your everyday wellness.

In this powerful and life changing retreat you will discover mindfulness within you and a more connected and conscious version of you. The intention of this program is that you leave confidently equipped to make your life calmer, more present, more purposeful and more connected – to yourself, others and nature.

If you have certain habits or situations that cause on-going stress, concern and grief you will gain new perspectives and ways of dealing with them.

In this retreat you will dis-connect from the ‘external world’ and re-connect INto your deepest truths and values. You will learn powerful skills and perspectives that will last a lifetime.

As part of this program you will receive a mindfulness e-book, practical worksheets, mindfulness audio downloads, GreenX7 Play For Your Life cards, and BONUS guided meditation CD, and subscription to GreenX7 online portal.

This retreat is for you if you:

  • Would like to be more present in your life and relationships
  • Want to feel more valued and connected to those around you (including yourself)
  • Would like to feel more grateful, kinder and healthier
  • Would like to experience more clarity of mind and direction in life

And if you:

  • At times feel that life is just one big rush, you feel overwhelmed, like you never get it all done, you feel short with those you love or your colleagues and maybe you also find it hard to get a good nights sleep
  • You would like to experience less overwhelm, frustration and worry, and have more joy and play in life
  • Maybe you’ve heard and read a bit about mindfulness and would like to experience it in a deeper way and get the practical ‘tools’ to integrate it into your daily life

Key outcomes:

  • Learn how to thrive and be sustainably more present in your life
  • Feel more valued and connected to those around you, including yourself
  • Add greater purpose and meaning to your life
  • Feel more grateful, kinder and healthier
  • Experience more clarity of mind, focus and self mastery
  • Develop skills to engage and use the breath to relax and come into calm, de-stress and reduce feelings of overwhelm and anxiety
  • Increased awareness and ability to manage your thoughts and feelings effectively
  • Improve your sense of self confidence and enJOYment of life
  • Walk away with the tools to create balance and improve your mental, emotional and physical health
  • Have fun!

Meet Your Facilitators:

Josie Thomson, MCC
Josie is one of the most experienced and multi-award winning neuroscience and mindfulness coaches in Australia. She is an international speaker, business owner, author and two time cancer survivor. Josie is living proof that winning and succeeding in life is a mindset. Having completed masters studies in neuroscience, she has trained and studied with some of the best in the world both in terms of the neuroscience behind mindfulness and also traditional Buddhist and Hindu teachers. Josie commits herself to transforming and improving the lives of others. Her trainings are empirically researched and proven to achieve clear, strong, positive and sustainable results.

Josie’s Topics

• Neuroscience 1.01 for self mastery

• Getting into the driver’s seat of your life – empowered decision making and tuning INto YOU

• Freedom technique - releasing the past and self limiting beliefs

• Mindfulness and resilience

• New paradigm thinking to create your future your way

• Tools and practices for sustainable happiness, calm and inner peace

Tim Jack Adams

Apart from his infectious smile and laugh which can melt away all your troubles, Tim is an international speaker and consultant specializing in a true holistic approach to wellness. His company GreenX7 works within many industries including health, corporate, education, tourism and defence and has found success in creating simple tools for everyday wellness and helping others pay it forward. His work is based on nurturing individuals, teams and cultures to create value, meaning and belonging through authentic connections to foster self-worth.

Tim’s Topics

• The foundation of True Wellness

• The ability to 'disconnect to reconnect' and find value, meaning and belonging in our lives and how to pay it forward

• Creating a life rhythm to be the best version of you everyday

• Taking fun seriously

• The tools to create a life rhythm help maintain a balance

Testimonials from previous workshops:

Life changing program. An opportunity to focus totally on me and make positive changes in my life. – Cass

Meeting Josie has been inspirational and has helped me understand myself and life better. - Michael

Thank you so much. This will change my life – it already has! – Lisa

I would recommend this to anyone wanting to stop the stress and take charge of their life once and for all. – Aaron

Today you changed my life. Thank you! That's from the heart. I booked our family holiday, told my wife I value her, text a mate and organised a catchup and took 5 minutes to chat to a stranger and have a laugh. I can't thank you enough. Mark

Retreat Details:

When: 19th - 22nd October, 2018

Where: Northern NSW - Venue TBC

Presenters: Josie Thomson - Self mastery, resilience and mindfulness expert & Tim Jack Adams – Wellness Guru

Investment: $1,495 (2 nights, all inclusive) or $1,795 (3 nights, all inclusive, including 1-1consults with Josie and Tim – first in basis)

Other Notes: Make your own way there and then be treated to two full days of life transformation from the inside out. Bring an open mind, an open heart and a willingness to learn live more mindfully and well-fully!

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Date and Time


Northern NSW, NSW


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