The Art of Breath Workshop by BREATHE PROJECT
$84.59 – $126.39
The Art of Breath Workshop by BREATHE PROJECT

The Art of Breath Workshop by BREATHE PROJECT

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Peregian Beach Community House

255 David Low Way

Peregian Beach, QLD 4573


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$95 EARLY BIRD (until 4th Nov) $120 REGULAR 
TICKETS ONLINE ONLY (click link above)

This is your opportunity to have the Breathe Experience your self!
A half day immersion for those wanting to take control of their monkey mind. Conquering stress, anxiety, insomnia, asthma and lostness. 

There's no time for your own wellbeing is there? Too much work, responsibility, pressure to even stop for a moment. As we watch statistics grow, stress and anxiety affects more people (including kids). Now we could blame it on anything modern, or anything outside ourselves.
But in this half day immersion, we want you to dive deep inside of who you are and to realise you have the power to respond to these external situations.

***Note: breathing is one of the most simple yet most effective ways of improving one’s overall health and wellbeing with the least amount of cost and time investment.


-Immediate relaxation - reducing stress & anxiety
-Enhanced state of mind - efficiency and clearer decision making
-Improved quality of sleep
-Optimised overall physical health
-Balanced hormones and emotions
-Responsive rather than reactive 
-Less overwhelm with choice and the demands of life


Kat Tucker & Bodhi Whitaker, lovers and young leaders, have presented within 70 schools across Australia, just this year alone. Having helped 19,000 individuals from all demographics, teachers describe them as "a breath of fresh air".
With five TV news stories and extensive media coverage since launching in Dec 2015, Breathe Project is self-acclaimed "the fastest growing wellbeing project in Australian schools".

More on Kat...
Co-creator and presenter at Breathe Project, holding a Bachelor of Science (Health Promotion) with a published mental health promotion resource.
As a struggling teenager with a craving for belonging and connection, Kat soon discovered the power of her own breath. She's since built her self upon a passport of world experiences and a dedicated partner acrobatics practice.
Kat is now sharing from a place of experience and passion to evolve how we approach mental health and wellbeing.

More on Bodhi…
Co-creator and presenter at Breathe Project. He has extensive experience as a Psychosomatic Therapist and yoga teacher, supporting youth and adults through awareness, education and action.
To get a glimpse of the real Bodhi he decided to share a poem (rap) he wrote.

I'm here to change the old school system
on a mission to help those who will listen
I don't want you to follow us
I want to hear your vision
see you glisten
follow your own nose
I call that intuition
focus on what makes you come ALIVE
not on how to survive
that's all fear doubt and lack
we want to see you conquer that, smash that
breathe deep, change lives
and be free to thrive this lifetime
but i will let you decide
my advice, let go, trust, fly.


• 3 breathing techniques
• Creating a 5-minute daily practice
• Body-mind relationship
• Emotional anatomy
• Science of breathing
• Breaking dysfunctional patterns
• Self care and discipline

COST (incl AOB workbook)

$95 early bird (until 5th November)
$120 regular
$80 teenagers


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Date and Time

Peregian Beach Community House

255 David Low Way

Peregian Beach, QLD 4573


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