The Age of Big Data: Making Sense of the Information Overload

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Academy Xi Sydney

48 Druitt Street

Sydney, NSW 2000


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As statistician William Edwards Deming once said:“Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion.”

When it comes to making decisions within large corporations and even small-scale startups, these decisions must rely on data. Informed decisions can’t possibly rely on an opinion alone.

This is where the use of big data becomes important and relevant to all styles and sizes of businesses.

But what is big data and how to organisations capture and use it?

Big data comes in the form of large sets of information that can be used to identify specific trends and events regarding a multitude of topics, including human behaviour. The rich and on-demand nature of big data allows businesses to make strategic decisions, particularly around product design. Understanding this data helps a business to improve how it relates and solves problems for its customers, thus enhancing the customer’s overall experience.

Here’s just one example of how big data is enabling companies to use large sets of information.

The University of Tasmania employs a Learning and Management System (LMS) that tracks the information of its 26,000 students. The LMS captures information such as student demographics, aspirations, and time spent on the platform. By capturing this data, The University is able to strategise and implement improvements to its curriculum, course content, and student engagement.

At our panel, The Age of Big Data: Making Sense of the Information Overload, explore how big data can be used in large corporations and small-scale startups.. Hear from Advanced Analytics Consultant, Felipe Rego, who has years of experience in the industry. Felipe will be exploring various applications of big data and will discuss future opportunities for anyone interested in the collection and utilisation of information.


Felipe Rego

Felipe Rego, Data Science & Analytics Partner @

Felipe is a leading advanced analytics and data science partner, working with teams in a range of different organisations and helping them build, manage and enhance their data science and analytics capabilities. Strategically aligned, commercially oriented and above all, customer centred, Felipe’s unique methodology helps organisations stay competitive and creates a solid pathway for their future growth.

Felipe is also an analytics instructor with experience disseminating practical, actionable analytics and data visualisation techniques in both classrooms and online settings. The organisations he works with find that partnering with Felipe results in a more engaged and prepared analytics workforce. It’s not just the organisation as a whole that benefits – individuals feel more prepared to step up to their next challenge and confidently make use of data and analytics in their day to day work.

Alongside all this, Felipe is also a blogger, writing regularly on a wide range of topics including predictive analytics, statistical learning and data visualisation. Recognised internationally for his thought leadership, Felipe received over 62,000 visitors to his blog from over 180 countries last year and some of his articles have been ranked #1 in Google search. Felipe is widely referenced by many sources and leading educational institutions including StackOverflow, Udacity, Western Michigan University, UC Santa Barbara and Edinburgh Napier University among others.

For more, visit:

Byron Allen

Big Data and Advanced Analytics consultant at Servian.

Byron is a big data and advanced analytics consultant at Servian. Data discovery is important but incomplete without the architecture to support it, which is why Byron has a keen interest in big data infrastructure. He has skills building and utilising the Hadoop eco-system, as well as helping to deploy, manage and utilise clusters for analytics.

He’s driven by the tangible benefits that data modelling and machine learning can deliver, and how data-driven decision-making can help shape a better future.

Byron is passionate about image recognition, remote sensing, and environmental topics. He spoke at PyConAU 2017 about using the modern Python GIS stack, machine learning techniques, and satellite data to track changes in agriculture and land conversion. See the talk here:

Sachin Kanbargimath

Senior Manager Data Governance - PwC Australia

Sachin is an accomplished professional with a proven track record in all aspects of information and data management. Experience of leading cross-functional teams involved in information management and business intelligence projects through data governance, data integration, single customer view, data segmentation as well as data quality enhancement. Architected and implemented solutions across business and consumer data. Sachin is passionate about data management and data driven business insights and enjoy the process of educating, challenging and partnering diverse business functions as well as vendors / partners to deliver the right outcomes.

Leisha Morrison

Data Analytics and Data Science Recruitment Specialist

Leisha is Data Analytics and Data Science Recruitment Specialist with over 7 years in the Not For Profit sector before becoming a recruiter in 2014. She quickly found a passion for Data Analytics and a connection with the personalities that it attracts, which lead to her discovering a natural aptitude for matching the right people up with the right opportunity.

Leisha’s reputation is one that is recognised by those in the community and the reason her candidates and clients come back to her multiple times. Her knowledge of the data analytics market in Australia is built upon the vast knowledge of her network that she is capable of tapping into at any given time.

In 2016 Leisha founded Women in Data. Women in Data is a free networking group that offers people in data the opportunity to discuss the challenges they face amongst themselves whilst also educating and discussing how we as a community can combat discrimination. More importantly, it aims to encourage more women into this fascinating area both by inviting inspiring speakers and also by educating companies on how they can make themselves more gender diverse.

Kate Phair

Associate Director of Data Analytics at KPMG Australia

Kate is a long time data advocate, having worked for over 10 years across industries to understand the benefits of data. Kate’s career began supporting clients to grasp the market and customer behaviour across multiple data channels, and furthered her experience by being at the forefront of the growth of big data and data-driven solutions movement.

She leveraged her expertise in this sector to help businesses realise the importance of creating growth and efficiency in order to survive and the vital role that data plays in ensuring that businesses don’t remain complacent. In the dynamic and ever-changing world of data, Kate is passionate about driving outcomes, developing culture and creating change. This is evident by her continuous involvement in initiatives such as Women in Data and support of programs promoting inclusion.

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Date and Time


Academy Xi Sydney

48 Druitt Street

Sydney, NSW 2000


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