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The 30 Days to a Life You Love Challenge

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The 30 Days to a Life You Love Challenge

A 30 Day program proven to help you re-tap your inner wellspring of passion, re-enliven your senses and get the most juice out of life in 2017.

What does it really take to be fully able to live a life you totally love, right here, right now?

The Challenge contains 30 daily and weekly tasks designed specifically to help you:

  • more deeply connect with what you love about your work and what drives you every day

  • feel more empowered to ask for and go after what you want and say no to what you dont

  • make the time to love and take care of you

  • love the skin you're in and unapolegtically express and enjoy your sensual nature

  • feel more connected to those you love than ever before

  • love life and find the gifts even in life's challenging and stressful moments

So that you have your best, most abundant year yet in 2017.

Why do this program?

Here's the thing. Despite how busy, challenging or stressful life might become sometimes, it's not like we truly forget or dont know anymore what we love, or how to live a life you love, or even how to be of service to the world in ways that you love. It's just that we temporarily become distracted by other things, more stressful things that more immediately demand our attention as we go about every day life

So what is needed is making the time to reconnect. Making a committment to acknowledging and acting upon that inner knowing, making time to make sure we DO more of the things we love and BE a living embodiment of love every single day. Deciding to DO the things that enliven and awaken your senses and get you fully in and connected to your body and your heart every single day.

Part of realising just what a beautiful, bright shiny, incredible being you really are exactly as you are, part of realsing just how much you have to offer the world through your services and truly blowing the socks off your amazing clients with how much perfect awesomness you provide, part of creating a life you genuinely love, part of creating a business you truly love that fits around your lifestyle and a relationship full of passion, adventure and desire and as well deep connection, starts with the little things you do and tell yourself every single day.

Wouldn't it be great to have someone to just give you 30 easy, ridiculously easy, fun and non expensive tasks to help you reconnect and re-commit to the live you love, every week and every day, for the next 30 days and beyond?

The 30 Days to a Life you Love Challenge gives you exactly that.

About the Creator of this Challenge and What She Knows About Living a Life You Love.

Hi, my name is Nat Ferrier and am the Creator of this Challenge and the She Lives a Life She Loves program. As an ICF ACC Wellness Leadership Coach, Biological Science graduate, Counsellor and Energetic Health Practitioner, I have proximately 13 years training and experience i've turned to helping several hundred predominantly female Wellness Business Owners and Social Entrepreneurs realise their innate potential, build confidence and resilience, so that they can make a difference in the world and lead businesses and lives they truly love. Not to mention 35 years lived experience and a deep committment made to living life to the fullest through and beyond the challenges i have faced in life, which is exactly what inspired me to create the She Lives a Life She Loves program.

They say it takes 21 days to create a permanent change. 30 days of committing to doing more of what you love with who you love every single day then then will have you off to a flying start.

Who is this for?

Busy professionals who may be dreaming of leaving the stress and sadness of their existing jobs this year and immersing themselves into socially conscious start up wellness businesses, creative businesses and philanthropic or social enterprise endeavours that allow them to make a bigger positive impact in the world.

OR Established Wellness and Service Based Business Owners and Leaders, Counsellors, Coaches, who've been in service based businesses for a while, who would like to take it to the next level with living a passionate live you love in 2017.

Single people, married people and people in relationships. Sign your partner up too and create a life you love even more together.

People who are ready to seize life by the horns and lovingly squeeze the most juice out of it they can, starting right here, right now.

People who want to smash their "lack" mentality and embrace a more prosperous mindset and abundance in all the forms live can deliver it

Who is it NOT for?

People who aren't ready to take full responsibility for their health and wellbeing or creating the quality of life and business they truly deserve.

People who aren't ready or willing to invest financially in their wellbeing, personal and professional development.

What do you get when you sign up tp the Challenge?

30 daily tasks proven to help you tap your inner wellspring of passion, reenliven your senses, love you, love others and love life more so that you can get the most juice out of life in 2017 and beyond. All for less than the gap you'd pay after Medicare when you see your GP. But minus the pharmeceuticals.100% all natural highs on life guaranteed, if you do the tasks as prescribed.

x4 weekly instructional videos and emails

Giving you your weekly intention and focus for creating more love, inside and out in your work and life

The Challenge Facebook Group: Plus you wont be going it alone. You'll have your challenge buddies in our facebook group to share your adventures with.

You'll also get free access to the She Lives a Life She Loves Mailing List, with weekly insights on how to lead a life you love, plus successfully create your first 25K in your start up business and beyond

Plus Upgrade for Bonus Private Session Support

Plus x4 private sessions with me to help you through any bumps that come up along the way to embracing self love, more love and a successful business and life you love.


x1 discovery session to help you get laser clear about how to create the business, life and kind of relationships you really want in 2017.

x1 energy clearing and alignment session to help you align with what you do love and clear the remnants and ties to what you dont

x2 positive mindset sessions to help you re-write your mental blocks to love and abundance

Not to mention my perfectionist determination to lovingly be there for you in your tender moments of transformation and do my best to help you succeed in creating a successful business and life you really love in 2017.

For She Lives a Life She Loves Success Stories visit:

For more information Contact Nat on


M 61 427 449 005

I super look forward to you joining me on the challenge and our unfolding journey of creating lives and businesses we love, together.

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