Tequila & Mezcal Festival 2022

Tequila & Mezcal Festival 2022

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1 Newman Street

Preston, VIC 3072


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Enjoy a tasting from the best tequilas and mezcales while having mariachi serenata right in your table, amazing tacos and a Fiesta!

About this event

Tequila & Mezcal Festival 2022

Celebrating Mexican Traditions

This summer, we celebrate the noble spirits that are Tequila & Mezcal, by seeking out the finest tequila and mezcal brands, for your taste buds to enjoy. Be prepared to be dazzled by some of Australia’s rare finds from notable distilleries who favor sustainable processes and care about the history of the spirits that they produce.

Put the salt and lime away, there’s no room for them at The Tequila & Mezcal Festival.

We will have an ample supply of spirits (except for the rare small batches) that speak for themselves, a truly diverse and exciting range of homegrown agave-based finds for you to sip on during the evening’s festivities.

We learned from our first event last year and to provide a better experience and to ensure you leave fulfilled and educated, presentation will happen to a small number of people in 4 different sessions with one hour in between each session to get each presentations ready. Our presenter will give a presentation about tequila, mezcal and agave destillates and then will be roaming the room to answer your questions, chat , and suggest the perfect cocktail for you to try.

The presentation (tasting) will happen at a 1950's tram transfomed into a Mexican Cantina! -The Tequila Tram-

This tasting includes a very special selection of 4 tequilas to sample.

Sometimes people ask us: “What is the best tequila?”

The answer will always be the same; the best tequila is the one that you share with your friends!

We will also have a separate seating area where you can enjoy a tasting from the best tequilas and mezcales while having mariachi serenata right in your table! And with a group of Mezcaliers (Mezcaliers are people who have knowledge in Tequila, Mezcal and agaves and are there to share the knowledge with you!)

Born in Tijuana, Mexico, Alejandro is a talented musician, singer, composer and teacher, this red tie legend with a guitar to match, will be guiding your ears to the blissful sounds of Mexico’s finest ballads. The Lone Mariachi will join us this evening to serenade you and your companions right in your table, to experience Mexico’s national music and the symbol of it's soul in many ways.

And of course! We will have a big Fiesta!

This is why we have extended our evening with a stellar line-up including The Tarantinos (live music), Ferri Maya (burlesque display) & The Supervixens (Go Go dancers)

We are also following the strictest protocols of cleaning and dancing to ensure we are a covid 19 safe environment.

WHERE: Studio 1 (Retropolis, 1 Newman St. Preston)

What is included?

We have 2 types types of tickets:



4 Tequilas (1/2 oz shot each)

2 Tacos (we have vegetarian and meat options)

Serenata with live Mariachi

Fiesta with The Tarantinos, Ferri Maya, The Vixens and Mexican entertainment


Serenata with live Mariachi

Fiesta with The Tarantinos, Ferri Maya, The Vixens and Mexican entertainment

What tequilas, mezcales and other agave destillates we will have?

We decided to have a small but very special selection of boutique tequilas, mezcales and other agave destillates like sotol and raicilla.

This destillates come from very small batches from different region in Mexico and you may not be able to find them anywhere else any more, we are very happy we were able to find this ones in Australia and we were able to bring some from Mexico! We even have one agave destillate with rattle snake venom!!! YES, real venom but do not worry... all this agave destillates won't give you a hangover as they are really the finest drinks.

Please be aware that we are expecting this event to be sold out so tell your friends to buy their tickets in advance!

Doors open: 5:30pm (first Tequila Tram Experience starts at 6pm)


Salud amigos!


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