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323 Parramatta Rd


323 Parramatta Rd

Auburn, NSW 2144


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Program Purpose :

The purpose of ERICO’s Telecommunications Grounding & Protection Certification Training is the theoretical understanding of telecommunications grounding and bonding. Grounding, bonding and lightning protection is a critical element in the design of a telecommunications facility.

Course Content :

This 2-day seminar provides theoretical understanding of telecommunication grounding and bonding. Practicals will include demonstrating the use of test equipment for soil resistivity and ground resistance testing, installation theft deterrent grounding system, CADWELD exothermic welding & ERICO Mechanical connections demonstrations.

The training will cover AC, DC and Telecommunication surge protection, copper theft earthing systems and exposure to standards relevant to telecommunication earthing including AS3015 and ITU K series standards

Who Should Attend:

Telecommunications technicians, engineers and electricians who are involved in the design, installation and maintenance of grounding systems lightning protection and surge protection equipment.


Introduction and 6-Point Plan for Protection of Telecommunications Facilities

Holistic methods of looking at the protection plan at a site to protect the site from lightning strikes and noise effects.

Indoor Grounding Arrangement,

Single Point and Mesh Bonding Networks, Indoor Bonding Arrangements. The most critical part of the protection scheme at a facility, is an effectively designed bonding system which ensures the majority of lightning and surge effects are taken care of with a good indoor bonding system.

Outdoor Grounding Arrangement

This part of the protection system dissipates the lightning energy to the ground in a quick and efficient manner. Discussion of general layout of grounding system for large sites, outside plant including, cell sites, street cabinets and pole mounted telecommunication equipment. Soil Resistivity and earth resistance testing . Grounding system design, grounding components.cSoil Resistivity Testing

PRACTICAL: This testing will be carried out in the ground outside the training venue. The participant will learn in groups how to test and record soil resistivity data

Earth Resistance Testing

Participants will drive single and multiple ground and measure its resistance. They will verify if actual results compare with values predicted by them from calculations

AC Surge Protection for Incoming Powerlines and DC Surge Protection for Remote Radio Heads

Modern cell sites use remote radio heads extensively, which need a DC power feed from the equipment room. This has opened up the new risk of lightning coupling down the DC feeds into the equipment room. This module looks at effective methods of protection against lightning on AC & DC Power

Standards Applicable to Telecommunication Earthing

The application of the following standards will be discussed:

  • ¨ AS3015 – Electrical Installations – Extra low voltage d.c. power supplies and service earthing within public telecommunications network
  • ¨ ITU GUIDE K27- Bonding Configurations &Earthing of Telecommunications Installations Inside a Subscriber’s Building
  • ¨ ITU Guide K56 Protection of Radio Base Stations Against Lightning Discharge.

CADWELD Training

Step by step training on how to select, & prepare for CADWELD and carry out CADWELD, job safety analysis, post connection inspection. This session will involve hands on CADWELDING and each participant will be provided the opportunity to carry out CADWELD connections


Demonstration oF Mechanical Connectors Suitable for Radio Site earthing Telecommunications Line & Coaxial Surge Protection Telecommunications Surge Protector Topologies Physical and Descriptive Comparison Performance Comparison


Demonstration of ERICO Copper Bonded Steel Conductor System for use in telecommunication radio sites. This system is cost effective and theft deterrent.

Isolated ISODC Down-Conductor

Lightning Protection Systems for Protection of Electronics Mounted in Elevated and Exposed Locations.

Modern telecommunication networks will start seeing much electronics mounted on tall objects like street poles as opposed to well protected macro cell sites. Discussion of an effective method of protecting these electronics in exposed geographies.

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Date and Time


323 Parramatta Rd


323 Parramatta Rd

Auburn, NSW 2144


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