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Tech Basics for Start-Up Business WORKSHOP 2 - LEARN the HOW in our Techie...

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Orana Neighbourhood House

62 Coleman Road

Wantirna South, VIC 3152


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      • Are you feeling overwhelmed with all the technology it seems you need to know to function as a business these days?
      • Do you feel frustrated; like you are getting left behind and you just... don't... get it?
      • Do you just want to do what you love?

      There seems like SO MUCH to learn when you start a new business or decide to say YES to you, and if you are one of the many, many people out there that are Techie Toddlers, it's like you have entered a whole new Universe. What's worse, not only do you need to learn the language, but you need to learn it yesterday!

      Everyone else seems to get it. Everyone else has a great Facebook page and is posting those wonderful quotes, and they just seem to know how to do it all. "Why can't I get it?" you ask yourself. Then, you beat yourself up for not knowing what you don't know. And then what happens? Well, it’s likely… you don’t do any of it.

      Well, it's time to stop pulling your hair out and giving in to overwhelm! It's time to forget about trying to know EVERYTHING and focus on a few key areas to boost your business, right now.

      Do you want to know the SECRET?

      Lean in….

      You DON'T NEED TO DO IT ALL!!!

      See, here's the thing... it's not that you "can't", it's just that you don't know what you need to know, yet. How can you possibly find the information you need and the steps you should take if you don't know what to search for? And it feels like so much "work", doesn't it?

      Einstein said that the definition of insanity was doing the same thing and expecting a different result, so, I invite you to DO something different.

      Instead of "working" and "working it out" and "working through it" only to discover you don't even know WHY you were working in the first place (because not ALL technology is useful for YOU right now), I invite you to PLAY! I invite you to join a group of entrepreneurs and business owners in the SAME situation as you and I invite you all to PLAY in our Techie Playground! The Techie Playground is not about right or wrong. It's not about perfection and polish. It's not even about BEING READY. Techie Playground is about DOING and TRYING with SUPPORT.
      Together, in this very safe and supported environment, I will take you through, step-by-step, several essential applications and processes to give you a solid online business presence. You will PLAY and have fun and the best part is, at the end of our three hours together, you will have processes in place, DONE, locked and loaded, to run your business.

      How would you like THIS to be a model where YOU are growing your business?

      1. You give value
      2. You give MORE value and invite people to contact you
      3. Leads come to you
      4. You have a conversation and give MORE value
      5. You invite prospects to work with you
      6. You make a sale / sign a new client

      How cool is that?

      So, grab your ticket before we sell out! This is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.


      Are the two workshops the same?

      No. We are running TWO workshops. Workshop ONE (1) is for those that would like to focus on FACEBOOK in their process and Workshop TWO (2) is for those that would like to build an automation process. Come to BOTH (both)!

      What do I need to already know?

      This is a basic introduction to technology for running your business and assumes you have the basic ability to do a simple Google search and to send and receive emails.

      What will I need to bring?

      • Your laptop or tablet. ** A tablet can be provided; however, as a business owner, it is highly recommended you bring your own
      • Your Gmail login details ** If you do not have a Gmail account, we highly recommend you create one for integration of other services. – we can assist with creation.
      • Your physical diary or calendar if you have one (1)
      • Login details for any of the following services you currently use (IF you have them):
        - Canva (1)
        - Facebook (1)
        - PayPal (both)
        - Calendly (1)
        - MailChimp (2)
        - EventBrite (2)
        - Unbounce (2)

      Wait, do I need all of those BEFORE I come?

      No! Together, we shall create these accounts you do not have SO DON'T FREAK OUT! If you just thought, "What are those?" and started worrying about THAT, you are choosing to do overwhelm. STOP IT! :D You don't need to know, yet.

      What will i.am Academy provide?

      • Workbook with login tracker for your new logins
      • A nurturing environment where you can PLAY in our Techie Playground
      • Step by step instructions delivered with patience and SUPPORT
      • Snacks, tea, and coffee
      • Link to our Techie Playground Facebook community
      • The opportunity for ongoing support and training (strictly limited spaces)
      • An awesome session with loads and stacks of value
      • The clarity and certainty to easily overcome some of those hurdles that you’ve been pushing at for months, or even years!


      1. Refunds unavailable within 7 days prior to the event
      2. Minimum and maximum headcount apply.
      3. The organiser reserves the right to cancel this event providing at least 48 hours notice. In the event of cancellation, all tickets shall be refunded.
      4. i.am Academy cannot guarantee results from implementation as we cannot predict your level of engagement, commitment, or resilience.
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      Date and Time


      Orana Neighbourhood House

      62 Coleman Road

      Wantirna South, VIC 3152


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