Tantric Up-skilling for the Men Folk

Tantric Up-skilling for the Men Folk

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Aldinga Beach


Aldinga Beach, SA 5173


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An empowering day of up- skilling within an area of life that we all want to be masterful in.

About this event

Nowhere else in life do we all want to be more masterful than in the area of sexuality....and nowhere else do we have such little and poorly informed education....Coupled with the erroneous cultural expectation that we should somehow just know how to be fully competent...and while thus expectation is true for both men and women, the pressure is much more loaded for men. All of this with the education that is received being, for the most part, banal high school education that focuses on STI's and pregnancy and leaving out ( 99% of the reason people have sex) pleasure....A popular culture and pornography that creates wild expectations and pressures around performance and perpetuating outdated perceptions about men and women's arousal.

I WANT YOU TO GET THE EDUCTION THAT YOU SHOULD HAVE RECEIVED.....So that you can be the masterful lover you would like to be....to enhance your own pleasure and that of the partners you enjoy.

The first part of the day will involve discussion and a few self exploration exercises....Yes, clothes on.....The later part of the day will be spent in the company of women....You can invite a partner...or I will be inviting some women who I have been training to accompany your learning....Yes, still clothes on.


How are you left feeling following the workshop?

More comfortable in my own skin and more connected to all of my body

What did you get out of it?

I got introduced to tantra, which for me is the first step in a new journey. I also enjoyed being able to open up about things that normally stay hidden due to the way society has conditioned certain aspects of communication. I felt really safe to open up and explore things i had never tried before and felt like I opened up new avenues within myself for further exploration.

What would you have liked more information or discussion about?

I think the information for me was perfect, being a beginner and not knowing anything this was a very good introduction on tantra.

Brad 28

After the workshop I felt connected to self, inspired and motivated. During workshop I had felt supported in a way I had not felt in too long - being around people with loving hearts in a supportive atmosphere felt unfamiliar to me as I have been living in relative hermitage of late. To be around people who had time and interest in what I had to say was refreshing and a reminder of the genuine human connection that exists when I take a step outside of myself. I am aspiring to find more places where I can feel like this.

The course content was rich and wonderful, Waratah did so much with the limited time we had at hand - you did an amazing job of encompassing the basic fundamentals of tantric lore in a short timespan, and the exercises we engaged in were concise and effective. However I think that a longer workshop would be incredible, more time to spend across the board would not go astray. Maybe it's just me as I deeply enjoyed the experience and wanted more :)

True and deep thanks for facilitating this event, it was very beneficial for me!

Henry 34

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