Tantric Intimacy for Couples ~ Melbourne

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Vines and Branches

27 Bond Road

Lower Plenty, Victoria 3093


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Explore, awaken and intensify the sacred union of intimacy that leaves you and your partner feeling your inner soul connection.

Build on the tantric teachings, and engage to learning and expressing higher, refined states of intimacy and union

This one day offering is about creating a space to explore yourself as a tantric lover. Say yes to explore sacred rituals and practices that awaken your magnetic presence as individuals, as oneness. Say yes to embody each other beyond the titles, the roles, the patterns of your everyday life.

If you have been seeking a space to express higher and refined states of intimacy and union, then this offering has been created with you in mind.

Have you wondered what makes your relationship dynamic so unique, challenging, exhilarating or downright the hardest teacher of your growth? Discover your relationship soul purpose as Jack, (an astrologer, a tantric embodied man, and my partner) offers you an astrology wheel for you to experience your relationship dynamic.

** we will need your birthdate, time of birth (if known) and location sent to us on registration - this will tell us where your relationship house is located. You will work with this aspect in the astrology wheel practice.

Explore the extraordinary with your partner and recognise how your relationship is an avenue to unlock, unfold and blossom. Move beyond what you have been doing routinely.

A conscious relationship is a journey, not a destination. We are men. We are women. Opening up to your natural state of being, and being witnessed, felt, touched in our fullest magnificence is one step. Bringing this together in a sacred union can be electrifying.

It's what we are wired to be.

The day is run by myself and my partner Jack, where we will share with you and guide you through the practices.

All that we ask that you come with open hearts, respect and reverence for yourselves, each other and the teachings.

This event is limited to ensure depth, attention and containment of the teachings. If you miss out, please email me at hugwitheart@gmail.com and ask for your name to go on the waiting list.


  • Sacred art intimacy teachings and practices to embody
  • Experiential practices including loving touch and massage
  • An Experiential Astrology Wheel for you to explore your relationship dynamic and unlock key elements
  • Tantric practices you can integrate at home
  • Lingham and Yoni Massage teachings for sexual healing
  • Sacred Union Breath
  • Release limitations on your sexual expression
  • Nourishing organic vegetarian lunch, afternoon tea, supper and refreshments

THIS EVENT IS CALLING YOU: if you are looking for a space to release the masks, feel your humanness, your partners humaneness at the level of authentic, deep trusting relating. To learn the sacred arts of intimacy and sexual healing. To feel alive, whole and honour intimacy as the gift that it is - a bridge for transcendence into your higher states of being. And most importantly, to ground the practises in your daily lives.


"Your first gift is creating a safe space of trust to allow our humanness to be expressed. You offered a night where everyone was taken care of, able to delve deep in the practices to explore what was there. Simply beautiful" Jude, Melbourne

"Your grace, intelligence and application to the work is brilliant!" Mark 44, Cairns

" Experiencing the astrology wheel is powerful. Beyond my mind of what I thought I knew, I could feel the power that exists in me. My existence in this world grounded and amplified" Helen 44, Melbourne

"In all my years of group spaces, workshops and tantra events this by far tops it! The deepening in the practices taking me and my partner on a journey of the senses and our sensuality is a treasured gift" Mario and Rosa, Melbourne


I came into this world seeking to understand and expereince the language of love in relating. There have been challenges, there have been blissful awakenings. My thirst, my curiosity has led me to the eternal river of life force. It has lead me to the teachings of the sacred arts. It is here that I drink, it is here that I show others to their own flow, it is here that we can all relish in the natural internal life force that evolves our oneness.

I am fortunate enough to be journeying with my partner Jack who bought his own practices and teachings to our relationship. It is from this space we'd like to share with you ~ Helen Zee


My curiosity of sexuality and a deeper intimacy began early. I became aware in my adolescence of the powerful energy that was generated during the uniting of two souls. This lead me to explore a range of ancient knowledge and teachings that gave me a greater understanding of how to work more with this energy force, for personal benefits and a deeper intimacy with another. It allowed me to discover and harness my rich fullness that I could bring into a relationship.

My personal studies included: Taoism, Tantra, Karma Sutra, Qi Gong, Indigenous practices, and ancient archetypal references through astrology.

Experiential Astrology and what it entails:

Using astrology’s symbolism as a diagnostic tool, I use your natal chart plus what the astrological forecast is at the time to help guide your healing and reconnection to yourself.

With the astrology symbols set up as a medicine wheel, you enter the wheel, which is a sacred space, and connect with signs and planets that are most relevant to you in that moment.

While embracing an ability to trust the natural healing energies of the unconscious, you will be able to open to healing experiences through various parts of self.

You do not need any astrological knowledge to benefit from this process.

Through this simple process, you will be able to feel the different archetypes, both masculine and feminine, and become familiar with their personalities and how this shows up in your life.

A partnership can also be explored using a synastry chart or a combined relationship chart.

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Date and Time


Vines and Branches

27 Bond Road

Lower Plenty, Victoria 3093


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