Sydney Indie Film Festival - Mixed Shorts + Q&A with Filmmakers!

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Sydney, NSW 2000


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Sydney Indie Film Festival - Short Films "A Little Memory" "A Universal Love Story" "Call Me Mrs Chan" "Cosplay: Behind The Mask" "Dear Kate" "Masterpiece" "Olfactory" "Think Fast" "UnTitled" + Q&A with Filmmakers!

Epic Shorts - Mixed Bag!

Monday, 25th of September 2017
Time: 5:30PM

For the Red Carpet Meetings & Greetings Shananigans :)

Short Films:

A Little Memory (USA)

Director: Nancy Wennan Zhang
Synopsis: In a story about finding oneself, this four-minute erasure animation takes us through a young woman’s life who in the beginning is facing depression, but then upon returning to her childhood home and is uplifted by the memories of her grandmother. This independent animation is inspired by remembering loved lost ones. This is an animation which freezes time to capture the most fond moments of the young girl.
Trailer: https://vimeo.com/205005932

A Universal Love Story (GERMANY)

Director: Natalie MacMahon
Cast: Francisco Montero, Tomoko Inoue, Alastair Graham, Annegret Steioff, Christina Siemoneit, Orazio Manzella, Brett Ortgiesen, Asel Lobanchenko, Christoph Fortman, Natalie MacMahon
Synopsis: “A Universal Love Story” is a short Sci-fi drama about the possibility of finding love in an impersonal world in the distant future, where everyone is so focused on himself, that it seems almost impossible to connect to another person.
All that’s left is the memory of love and the hope to experience it one more time. It seems that sometimes it takes a miracle from a different universe to start a revolution.
As the title suggests, it is a universal story about characters with different backgrounds in an undefined time and space. It is a very visual and symbolic film that can be watched several times and each time, one can find a different meaning.
“A Universal Love Story” is one of the few films with Esperanto elements.
Trailer: https://vimeo.com/192899040

Call Me Mrs Chan (HONG KONG)

Director: Chan Hau Chun, Chui Chi Yin
Synopsis: No one knows the slope of a refuse chute, the angle a worker bends to pick up a garbage bag. No one heard the noise from the refuse room, is it the glass broken or the worker fallen? 10 years of collecting the waste, being disrespected, having a sore waist and an aching back. It is a degrading job, but I will still go on.

Cosplay: Behind The Mask (USA)

Director: Hendricksen Armand
Cast: Ashley Morisette, Ciara Rodriguez, Taylor Nelms, Dan Siebert, Shane Morris
Synopsis: A look into the life of cosplayers who try to shatter the boundaries of reality by transforming themselves into characters from comic books, TV shows, and movies.
Trailer: https://vimeo.com/215589982

Dear Kate (CANADA)

Director: Ilona Elizabeth McCrea
Cast: Elizabeth Shepherd, Julian Black Antelope, Ilona Elizabeth McCrea, Barb Mitchell
Synopsis: Lorna's attempt to reach out to her estranged daughter reveals some stark truths, in this drama about a retired vocalist who finds comfort and companionship through memories.

Masterpiece (AUSTRALIA)

Director: William Hadinata
Cast: Rita Kara, Adam Boys, Oliver Patry
Synopsis: After a stinging reminder of the passions she's lost over the years, an adrift ex-painter looks within herself to try and paint again.

Olfactory (USA)

Director: Christopher Piazza
Cast: Kieran Mulcare, Alison Barton, Molly Camp
Synopsis: Olfactory is a system that allows users to re-experience memories. Brian, an app programmer, hacks the system so he can alter his memories, but in doing so, he loses his grip on his current reality.
Trailer: https://vimeo.com/182619972

Think Fast (USA)

Director: Jan D Stanton
Cast: Molly Stanton, T.J. Power, Jaz Sinclair
Synopsis: "What happens when everything you've worked for all year is suddenly ripped apart by a ringing phone? In SARA WAGNER's case, all hell breaks loose. The type-A agent, a rising-star at The Kane Agency, is rushing out to sign newbie singer JAYME MAC when ROBERT KANE calls. Her assistant DAN relays the boss's message: he's changed the deal but Sara is to sign the girl and say nothing. Protective and pissed, Sara makes a snap decision: get Jayme – backstage at a showcase – on FaceTime. Now! Sara's got to warn her before Kane arrives there with the papers. Face-to-screen-face, Sara has Jayme's trust and makes a bold move. But FaceTime freezes just before Jayme agrees to Sara's big idea! Then RING! Sara answers, but it's not Jayme. It's a desperate Wrong Number Caller who misdialed a suicide hotline! Dan gets Jayme back on screen and both witness Sara juggle life lines and phone lines. A ready-to-jump teen on speaker, a Crisis Counselor via earbud, and a ticking clock as Jayme is paged to the stage. Now or never, if Sara must save a life to save her career, she's got to THINK FAST!"

Trailer: https://vimeo.com/225765651


Director: Ben Bauchet
Cast: Ben Bauchet
Synopsis: After a breakup, a young wannabe comedian retreats into his shell in a search for perspective.
Trailer: https://youtu.be/Mvecml9SX2Y

Films introduced by Filmmakers followed by Q&A after screenings.

Massive Prize Packs for Film Fans!

Just purchase tickets to any two separate Sydney Indie Film Festival sessions at Event Cinemas George St Inaugural Festival Space and hand your tickets over to be in the draw to win one of 5 amazing Prize Packs from extraordinary local businesses!

3 x "I LOVE INDIE FILM" prize packs valued at $300:

Double Movie Pass for Event Cinemas George Street
Breakfast for 2 by Dachshund Coffee Hunters Hill
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Microdermabrasion Treatment by Pure Rose Bay (Valued $150)

2 x "GET ME INTO INDIE FILM" prize packs valued at over $1000:

10 Week Term of Part Time Advanced Level Acting Class from Screen Actors Workshop, $525 value
Personal photo shoot and 3 Professional Retouched Head Shots from Action Creative, $500 value

Just book your tickets at:

Entries will run through 18th-28th September for everybody who purchase tickets to at least 2 sessions for the Sydney Indie Film Festival Screening Events at Event Cinemas George St Inaugural Festival Space.
All prizes will be drawn on the Awards night held on the 28th of September at Event Cinemas George Street.
Any winners not present on the night will be notified by email.
Just purchase your Tickets at http://sydneyindiefilmfestival.eventbrite.com
and when you handle your tickets at the events you get your name in the draw to win!
Prizes are not redeemable for cash.

Program subject to change without notice.

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Event Cinemas

525 George Street


Sydney, NSW 2000


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