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SUPPORT YOUR WHOLE BEING - 6 week Mentoring & Support Space

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6-week Mentoring & Support Space

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“Support Your Whole Being & Feel Your Way Through with Calm and Ease”

Just to say hello and introduce ourselves first - we are Steph & Katie - you may have met us by now if you’ve come along to our support sessions we’ve been holding this week. If you haven’t come along to these, you may know of us already over the years, or if not, it’s great to meet you!

As a natural flow-on from these sessions we’ve been holding, we are combining our expertise and passion for mental health and emotional wellbeing, and have created a nurturing and nourishing 6 week mentoring and support space.

This offering is something we feel called to offer and know it will truly benefit you, especially through these challenging COVID-19 times, right now.

Our 6 week Mentoring & Support Space will be full of guidance, encouragement, support, connection and community – a safe and trusted space for all the emotions we are feeling our way through, day to day, week by week, through these challenging times.

We are both deeply passionate about supporting you in a compassionate way, where you will feel heard, acknowledged, nurtured, understood, inspired, and empowered.

This 6 week Mentoring & Support Space is for you if:

  • You have recognised you need or want more support than you have right now, to manage and cope with the emotional and mental impact from the stress and change that has arisen from the current COVID-19 situation.
  • You want genuine, authentic connection with like-minded people in an honest and safe sharing space, to feel the power of community and not feel alone. 
  • You value your health and wellbeing, your happiness and peace of mind, and want to shine a light on all aspects of your being in a holistic, heart-centred, compassionate way.
  • You have the desire to elevate and improve your wellness to expand into a stronger, happier, calmer, more resilient version of yourself. 
  • You have (or want to find) the courage to bravely reflect on how you can better handle and manage your emotional and mental wellbeing, and you are willing to try new methods and build new skills not just for immediate relief but long-term health. 

We know you’ve been feeling a range of emotions and feelings, around fear, uncertainty, change, grief and loss, as well as worrying thoughts, stress or heightened anxiety some days too.

We’ve been listening, acknowledging and hearing you. We have also been feeling many of these ourselves.

We know that whilst you may have ways you know within yourself to navigate these times, you’re also seeking encouragement and support in some practical ways to help support yourself even more.

We have the expertise and experience through our combined skills and years working not only with mental health and emotional wellbeing, but in the wellness space with our collective modalities – to share many practical and supportive ways with you, to know that you can truly support yourself.

We are also deeply grateful that we know ways to support ourselves and have these resources to draw on, within, and we are passionate about supporting you to have these inner resources for calm and ease, through these changing and difficult times, too.

We will share a wide range of holistic tools and practical methods you can use to better manage and support your mental and emotional wellbeing. For example, we will share techniques for stress-reduction, emotional regulation and processing, managing worrying or fearful thoughts, anxiety & tension relief, as well as mindfulness and meditation exercises; to name a few. Tools you can learn and apply to support your whole being, to feel calmer, healthier, and more balanced. Methods and resources you can keep and use for your overall long-term wellness.

We know you’re seeking a safe and trusted support space to share and connect with others, and to feel a sense of community.

We know you’d love to connect with others, to not feel alone, and to just share experiences and day to day life and feelings in a really honest and open way, to express how you feel, and to know you will feel understood and encouraged to just speak your truth as it is with no judgement, just compassion and understanding of how things are for you.

Honestly, we can’t think of a better time than right now, to be creating and offering this 6 week Mentoring & Supportive Space.

Now is an opportunity to care for your wellbeing and to truly put your mental health and emotional wellbeing first as a priority.

When we support ourselves and fill our own cups, then have much more to give and ways to support others too. Everyone benefits.

What’s included?

  • 6 x weekly 90 minute group calls via Zoom – a combination of mentoring and support from us both, plus any questions you have, and we will be encouraging sharing and interaction always, to support and connect with each other, to create and cultivate a really beautiful community together.(Valued at over $3000, and you have us both together for this quality support)
  • Private Facebook group for daily support, connection and community with each other. We will be present in this group each day, contributing and supporting, as well as encouraging you to share anything and everything in a truly trusted and supportive space.(Value? Priceless!) 
  • We will also be doing regular Facebook lives to speak to various themes and topics. We will have Q&A sessions each week. We will also be sharing masterclasses on different topics to support mental health and emotional wellbeing, as well as our whole wellbeing in a holistic way. (Valued at over $3000)
  • You will have our full presence, sharing alongside you, as well as mentoring and coaching support, for the whole 6 weeks and we will be giving all of our energy to you, in this space, in all the ways you need.
  • An intimate, safe and trusted community of supportive women to nurture each other. For this to be an enriching and heart opening experience for us all to get to know each other, we will be welcoming just 15 women to join us.
  • All up for 6 weeks of mentoring, coaching, support, knowledge, & skill development this offering is valued at over $5000 when normally offered one on one. However due to the financial challenges many are facing during this COVID-19 time we are offering all of this for only $365 per person or $350 if you choose direct bank transfer!

*We officially commence this nurturing and uplifting support space early June 2020.

Click the red button 'Select A Time' to join this 6-week Mentoring & Support Space.

We welcome you to share all your feelings and emotions and experiences with us, as part of this mentoring and support space. We truly believe and feel deeply about acknowledging the truth of all our experiences and supporting you with compassion and with all the resources you need and have within yourself.

This is what you will gain from this space: 

  • You will feel stronger & more confident handling uncertainty & change
  • You will know exactly how to centre & ground yourself in moments of stress & overwhelm
  • You will know how to press pause on anxiety & calm yourself down easily 
  • You’ll know how to handle worries, negative, & fearful thoughts so you feel happier & more peaceful
  • You will feel balanced & secure when unpleasant emotions arise & know how to process them in healthier ways
  • You will understand what wellness means for you, and have your unique self-care strategies set up
  • You will know exactly how to relax, unwind, & release tension from your body
  • You will have the courage to set compassionate boundaries with others
  • You will have a clear understanding of how to nourish your whole being for long-term health & vitality

Your investment:

We are keeping this accessible and affordable for all during these times. Your investment is only $365 for this truly nourishing 6 week mentoring & support space.

You will have both of our complete presence, support and energy in this space. This comes to just $60 a week.

**Payment plans are available for those who are experiencing financial hardship, please contact us to find out more. We do also have a bank transfer option at a reduced rate please email us for more information.

Join us by clicking the red button above, 'Select A Time'.

What makes this Mentoring & Support Space unique is that you will have access to both of us together, our FULL support, totally UNLIMITED for 6 weeks. This is rare. To work with us individually for one support session can be valued at the cost of this mentoring space alone.  However, in this space we will be available EVERY DAY in the Facebook group for you and can offer assistance at the times you need it the most. You can reach out to us in the moment that you need the support the most, when you feel challenged in your day and we will be able to support you in the moment. 

Secondly, what makes this offering different to other courses or programs is that it is PRACTICAL and we will be trying out everything we discuss and learn together in the MOMENT. We won’t teach you a technique and expect you to do it alone. There will be the opportunity to apply and implement all the skills & tools we cover during the 6 weeks, not after! How often have you been to a workshop or course and learnt new helpful methods but then been expected to try them out or implement them alone after its over with no support? This will not happen in this course. We truly believe in being with you, alongside, with our compassionate support.  If you want to get better at setting boundaries for yourself, we will practice what you might say together so you feel ready the next time the need for you to set a boundary in your life arises. You'll feel held and confident as you are able to practice this in your relationships and your life.  Or perhaps you struggle with high anxiety, we will practice relaxation & anxiety management techniques together in the group during the 6 weeks, even in the moment when you are feeling anxiety and test them out straight away with our support.  We will be with you, alongside you, with our whole presence, every step of the way.  It will be a beautiful and nurturing support journey we will all take together.  

About us:

Stephanie Beauverd is a certified Mindfulness Meditation and Yoga Teacher as well as a qualified Counsellor (BSocSi(Psych) GradDipCouns) with over 8 years experience working in the mental health/human services sector. She is passionate about helping others improve their mental and emotional wellbeing, so they can move through life feeling happier and healthier. Steph loves teaching others how to use mindfulness and yoga to overcome stress, anxiety, and worry, and find true peace within, the same way she has done in her own life. Stephanie naturally feels deep compassion and care for other people, in particular those feeling alone or in pain. Living with greater ease, freedom, strength, peace of mind, and vitality is possible for everyone in Steph’s eyes. You can read more about Steph here -

Katie Jane offers holistic wellbeing and coaching support through challenges, changes, and transitions. She is a Life Coach, Health Coach, Counsellor, Nutritionist, Naturopath, Holistic Psychologist, Mentor, Writer, Meditation teacher. She has been working in the wellness industry for over 15 years and brings all of these qualifications and skills, along with her own lived experiences through challenging times of uncertainty and change. Katie works with clients in private practice in Melbourne, as well as online and over Skype to other parts of the globe. Her approach to life and wellbeing is truly holistic and unique for each individual. She supports clients to make powerful changes in their hearts and in their lives. Alongside this work, Katie is passionate about working in mental health, and has worked as a crisis counsellor for many years, supporting people in our community through all walks of life and adversity. She believes deeply in acknowledgement and compassion as a pathway to healing. You can read more about Katie here -

We commence early June 2020.

If you have any questions about this 6-week support space please email us. We are here to answer any questions you have and will open and honest in helping you decide if this support space is what you need.

We are so looking forward to having you join us and to supporting you.

With gratitude, Katie and Steph.


Online event

Refund policy

No Refunds

Organiser Stephanie Beauverd

Organiser of SUPPORT YOUR WHOLE BEING - 6 week Mentoring & Support Space

Hi I’m Steph! I help modern, heart-centred women live life with greater ease and flow. I support them to honour their wellbeing and manage their thoughts and emotions better so they can move through life feeling happier and healthier. I love teaching others how to use mindfulness and yoga to overcome stress, anxiety, and worry, and find true peace within. 




Stephanie Beauverd is a certified Mindfulness Meditation and Yoga Teacher as well as a qualified Counsellor (BSocSi(Psych) GradDipCouns) with over 10 years experience working in the mental health/human services sector. She is passionate about helping others improve their wellness, and in particular their mental and emotional wellbeing. Stephanie is a dedicated mindfulness and yoga practitioner, who has been teaching mindfulness and yoga to individuals and groups for a number of years. Find out more

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