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STORYTELLING for Business (8-week Masterclass)

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7 / 120 Spencer Street

Melbourne, VIC 3004


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Refund Policy

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Space is limited, please book early! **

(8-week course outline below.)
or click here for our 4-week intensive.


Take your business communication and leadership skills to a whole new level. Learn how to use the power of storytelling in a business context -- to pursuade clients, customers and colleagues.

Increasingly, communication skills are sorely lacking in our digital-driven world, and those who master them open up new avenues of opportunity and take the lead.

Over 8 powerful weeks, you'll learn, develop, and implement practical, real-world skills that can be applied to any professional environment.

  • Crystallize and communicate your ideas
  • Persuade employers, employees, colleagues, and clients
  • Capture attention, and become an engaging presence
  • Communicate your needs, achievements and points
  • Bring people together to a common understanding

This masterclass includes a dynamic, comprehensive blend of theory, education, and training PLUS weekly practice and targeted assistance. Class size are limited to 20 participants to ensure you get time to exercise your new skills.


When we first began designing our STORYTELLING for BUSINESS workshop, our target was a one-day workshop. But we would only be able to briefly touch upon the topics, so we considered expanding it into a two-day workshop.

But our goal is not simply to share theory and concepts -- we offer practical, real-world tools and skills participants can actually use. In order to actually develop persuasive storytelling skills, you need more than details and abstraction -- you need hands-on practice and implementation.

Here's a brief outline of what's in store:

  • WEEK 1 -- The WHY and the HOW
    Introduction to storytelling
    Introduction to storytelling for business
    How to use storytelling as a tool
    The power of story and its role in communication
    Quick Start: The elements of a great story
    The science of how our brains work
    FIRST STORIES: Practice and implementation

  • WEEK 2 -- The Mechanics of Story
    Starting with the point and purpose of your story
    Applying Setup and Payoff
    The 3 pillars of every story
    Where to find great stories
    How to build backwards
    BUILDING STORIES: Practice and implementation

  • WEEK 3 -- Collecting & Creating Great Stories
    How to see powerful stories everywhere
    Collecting stories, anecdotes, examples, and metaphors
    Noticing the unexpected: How to see what others don't
    Emotional resonance and the element of truth
    How to design a story specific to your needs
    REFINING STORIES: Practice and implementation

  • WEEK 4 -- Connecting with Your Audience
    How to use story to create change within an audience
    The real secret to effective storytelling
    Using the heirarchy of human needs
    The storyteller/audience bond, and why it's universal
    How to shape your story to a specific audience
    ENGAGING STORIES: Practice and implementation

  • WEEK 5 -- Inhabiting Your Story
    Techniques and tricks to bring your story to life
    How to be entertaining and how it improves your story
    Read your audience to know how far to go
    Simple acting techniques that transform your impact
    Incorporating the senses
    DYNAMIC STORIES: Practice and implementation

  • WEEK 6 -- Real Stories vs Fiction in Business
    When to use true stories and when to invent
    Exaggeration, hyperbole and entertainment
    The power of the metaphor
    Stretching details to inspire action
    How to target stories to specific business needs
    DELIBERATE STORIES: Practice and implementation

  • WEEK 7 -- Delivering with True Impact
    Priming the audience
    What natural storytellers do that others don't
    The power of the reveal
    Designing the "wow" moment
    Learning to read (and adapt to) your audience's reaction
    POWERFUL STORIES: Practice and implementation

  • WEEK 8 -- How to Become a Master Influencer
    The many business applications of your new skill set
    How storytelling inspires confidence, and vice versa
    Testing your stories and a plan for continued improvement
    Mistakes and roadblocks, and how to get around them
    The road to influence
    FINAL STORIES: Practice and implementation

Above is a very brief glimpse into what you'll learn. Each session covers a wide range of theory, knowledge, skills, insights, and practical tools and techniques -- reinforced and expanded upon each week to ensure results. You'll discover how to find, develop, and craft simple stories, and how to deliver them with confidence and impact. This masterclass will improve your communication skills, and give you clear strategies for ongoing improvement.


The SuccessStory™ STORYTELLING for BUSINESS Masterclass is ideal for anyone who wants to exercise and master the art of storytelling -- and learn how to use story strategically in their business or organisation, to get better results, build more effectual business relationships, and share ideas that gain wider acceptance.

It is ideal for:

  • Business owners
  • Team leaders
  • Researchers
  • Product managers
  • Marketers
  • Startup entrepreneurs
  • Consultants
  • Engineers
  • Anyone who has difficulty shaping, selling, or conveying their ideas
  • Or any anyone that wants to have a more dynamic impact in their work environment

Story can be used in any sector, including:

  • Business
  • Startups
  • Non-profits
  • Chartiies
  • Government Departments
  • Academia
  • Or any sector that works with and communicates to other human beings

As a secondary benefit, our masterclass offers a great opportunity to build and expand your network.

PLEASE NOTE: We can also arrange private one-on-one coaching for students who wish to apply the skills to specific business situations, or who wish to work directly with the instructor to further implement the skills learned during or after the masterclass. Please contact us for more information.


This masterclass workshop is the result of the blending of two worlds: The creative world & the business world. For over 20 years, SuccessStory™ co-founder Jeff Bollow has taught tens of thousands of writers globally the art and craft of creative storytelling. For equally as long, Greig Ritchie has taught business leaders and employees how to maximize results using the most innovative business tools.

Together, they have created the SuccessStory™ STORYTELLING for BUSINESS 4-week Intensive & 8-week Masterclass, which bring the power of storytelling (which invokes multiple regions of the human mind) to the business world. By using story design as a strategic business tool, this masterclass helps you communicate more effectively — for personal and professional results — and get more out of the resources that currently lie dormant in your team.

The masterclass workshop is an active, engaging, interactive hands-on event that covers detailed story design tools, techniques and methods, and applies them to the business world. You'll create your own stories, assist in the stories of other participants, and learn how to adapt our methods and techniques to any business situation. Plus, all participants leave with tools to use back at the office.


Workshops are confirmed and finalised when we reach the minimum number of participants (8) for a masterclass. Registrants will be notified by email when a workshop is confirmed. Once a workshop is confirm, there are no refunds. However, we can arrange a transfer to another date if necessary, or you may send another participant in your place if you cannot attend.

We reserve the right to cancel public workshops up to seventy-two (72) hours prior to the first class of an event. If a masterclass is canceled, you will be notified immediately and will receive a full refund. You may opt to apply your enrolment fee to a future workshop if you prefer, but we shall not be responsible for travel or corollary expenses that may be incurred as a result of a workshop cancellation.

Please note that all SuccessStory™ Workshops contain proprietary material that is copyrighted and trademarked by Success Story Dynamics. Workshop participants do not acquire ownership rigths to any materials and are not permitted to publicly share, distribute, modify or reproduce any SuccessStory™ content. Material that may be publicly shared will be expressly identified.


Groups are kept small to ensure personal attention and interation, and to sure that your results are infinitely adaptable to a wide variety of situations. Workshops will have a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 25 participants.

If you have any special needs or requirements, please let us know after you have registered. We aim to deliver a truly dynamic, extraordinary experience for all participants, and we are happy to help.

Please note that space is extremely limited. Book today to avoid disappointment.

And let's turn you into a master communicator.

SuccessStory™ Dynamics is on the web at

Questions? Call us in Australia on:
1800 317 014

or from overseas on:
+61 3 9010 5065

All bookings must be done through this Eventbrite page. This masterclass is limited to 20 participants. Please book early!

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Date and Time



7 / 120 Spencer Street

Melbourne, VIC 3004


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Refunds up to 7 days before event

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