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Story-Powered® Data - Asia Pacific and Europe

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Learn how to use data storytelling techniques to inspire action. Facilitated by Shawn Callahan, this program will commence in October.

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NOTE: There are TWO two-hour online workshops in this course—each at 7:00pm Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT)—as well as individual coaching and micro-learning tasks. (Keep reading to find out more!)

Workshop 1: Wednesday 12th October, 7:00pm - 9:00pm Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne (AEDT)

Workshop 2: Wednesday 19th `October, 7:00pm - 9:00pm Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne (AEDT)

How do you bring your data to life so that it interests and even inspires your audience?

How do you help your audience understand the meaning of the data you are sharing?

This program helps you apply story techniques to ensure your data has the impact you need. Your data should inspire action.

It is not a Hollywood razzmatazz version of storytelling. We don’t get in the way of your data. Rather we show you simple story techniques that are mostly invisible to your audience yet helps them feel what you are saying and truly understand what you mean. And as we have learned, we remember what we feel.

It’s also not a tutorial on crafting better charts. While we do show you some terrific ways to storify your charts, most of what you will learn builds on your ability to create an effective chart.

Data storytelling works in many business contexts. Here are some examples of how we helped others.

Data storytelling helped a general manager in New Zealand receive his requested funds from his board only to be asked how much more he needed to do the job faster.

Data storytelling helped a data analyst in China to introduce a revolutionary way to manage battery health in their fleet of electronic vehicles.

Data storytelling helped a global not for profit illustrate the true impact of their work on indigenous people who were working to rehabilitate land and build a sustainable living.

Data storytelling helped a data analyst manager move up the value chain from directing a team who merely created reports to one that delivered insights that influenced decision makers.

Below are some complaints we hear from leaders of technically-minded folk, such as data analysts, engineers, consultants, economists, technologists, technical sales and scientists:

  • Our tech-folk have trouble communicating their insights in a way that makes sense for our decision-makers or customers.
  • They bury the lead or just share too much, making it hard to work out what’s important and what’s really going on.
  • We spend too much time describing the functionality and features of our offering instead of what it can do for our customers.
  • Decision-makers ask for the data, and when we give them the facts, they argue with it or just ignore us.

Imagine your tech-folk presenting their latest insights and putting them into context so they make perfect sense. Imagine the audience asking insightful questions helping everyone get to a deeper understanding. And imagine a collective agreement to take action and knowing the decision-makers are on the same page.

Effective data storytelling helps every data-driven person in your business.

Who is Anecdote International?

From the moment Anecdote started life in 2004, our purpose was to help restore humanity to the workplace.

Today Anecdote delivers story programs in 22 countries and 11 languages for companies like Accenture, Bayer, Coca-Cola, SAP, Microsoft, Uber, Shell, BHP, Allianz and KPMG.

Our founder, Shawn Callahan, has a technical background having worked for Oracle, Sybase and IBM and has a deep interest in the work of tech-folk in companies. In 2016 he wrote his first article on data storytelling after realising most providers skipped the story part of data storytelling.

Since then Anecdote has been running Story-Powered Data programs for companies who want their data-savvy people to have a real impact on decision-makers.

"Data analysis is a major capability at Macquarie University. We use it to run our business and to conduct research. But to be truly effective, leaders and analysts must communicate their results with impact. Anecdote's data storytelling training was ideal. It was practical, insightful and fun to learn. It sparked many new conversations with the data community, and they immediately put their new story skills into practice."

—Sean Preusse, Macquarie University

The Story-Powered Data program

Story-Powered Data is a learning program consisting of two x 2-hour online workshops, individual coaching between the two workshops, and followed by 8 weeks of deliberate practice—weekly emails to encourage practice. A group coaching session is scheduled for week 4.

Learning objectives

By the end of this course, the participants will be able to:

  • Move from merely describing their results to sharing explanations (stories) supported by the data.
  • Understand what a story is and why a story is vital to explain data-backed insights.
  • Share a data story that is best suited to the type of results you are explaining.
  • Better connect with decision-makers so they’re more likely to hear and take notice of your findings and recommendations.
  • Learn how to find the stories that are guiding the decision-makers current thinking.
  • Respond productively to criticism of the explanation and to pre-empt and deal with likely criticisms before they happen.
  • Confidently stand by the explanation because you have tested it with competing stories.
  • Creatively conjure possible explanations that are supported by the data and that can be tested.

High-level agenda

Session 1:

  • What's data storytelling and what it is not?
  • The power of stories to explain and communicate insight
  • Finding insights
  • How to spot a story and know when it’s not a story
  • How to influence and inspire decision-makers
  • Crafting a Timeline Story

Between sessions is a bridging activity to craft and tell your Timeline Story. Each participant will obtain individual coaching.

Session 2:

  • Explain what happen that created the data—Dataset Story
  • Share an instance to illustrate the data—Data Moment
  • Share a Story Analogy to help explain the insight
  • How the insight was discovered—Discovery Story
  • A mini roadmap for self-improvement
  • Self-reflection and next steps

About your facilitator

Shawn Callahan

Shawn is a multi-award-winning author (Putting Stories to Work) and widely regarded as a world expert in business storytelling.

To connect with Shawn on LinkedIn, click here.

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