Stonnington Liquor Accord Conflict Resolution Training

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Malvern Town Hall

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Manage conflict through negotiation (Basic) – Unit 1.

This is basic conflict resolution course suitable for all general staff through to Managers and assistant managers. Our Basic course is far more advanced than normal run of the mill conflict resolution courses.

The Primary Objective is to improve confidence and technique in preventing and deescalating conflict situations; Improving customer service when dealing with difficult customers.

Elements of Competency

1. Detect early warning signs. Helps in making better decisions on where to conduct the meeting or when and where to sit.

2. Don’t create or escalate the conflict. Sometime innocent mistakes can be made by staff that can increase the complainant’s anger. We identify these escalators and incorporate a simple strategy to avoid them.

3. Understanding Human Behaviour of angry people. Again innocent mistakes can be made in attempts to de-escalate. Understanding what is predictable with angry people helps make better decisions on when and how to de-escalate.

4. Curbing inappropriate behaviour. At times the venting of angry customers can become loud and swearing can creep in. This behaviour can have a vicarious trauma affect on other staff and customers. This technique incorporates Human Behaviour principles in stopping the escalation giving the Staff member a better opportunity in controlling the venting.

5. De-Escalating techniques & Creating Empathy. Timing and technique are important in maximising the de-escalation effect. Good de-escalation techniques decrease the amount of time needed in a difficult interview and will also minimise the amount of anger displayed.

6. Taking ownership and Problem solving. Negative buck passing can innocently be committed by staff – Unfortunately, I’m only a receptionist, all I can do is.... Positive ownership does not have anything to do with decision making or technical knowledge. Better techniques are examined.

7. Tolerance levels and when to disengage or seek assistance. All staff have varying tolerance levels and our own tolerance levels can alter from day to day. We examine how and when a staff member should consider disengaging and if availability exists; seek assistance.


  • Must be a member of the Stonnington Liquor Accord

  • One attendee per venue

Council reserves the right to cancel bookings where it is determined eligibility is not met.

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Date and Time


Malvern Town Hall

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