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St George Hospital Peritonectomy Unit Conference

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St George Hospital Research and Education Centre

4 South Street

Kogarah, NSW 2217


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Registrations are closed
Thankyou for your registration. Full program will be emailed out once available.
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The St George Hospital Peritonectomy Unit conference will provide attendees with clinical and scientific information on peritoneal surface malignancies and create awareness regarding innovative treatments that will improve the quality of life for patients. The target audience of this conference includes healthcare practitioners in the field of Surgical Oncology, Medical Oncology, Gastroenterology, Gynaecology, Radiology, Allied Health and Nursing.

We have four excellent, internationally renowned speakers that have all contributed to major advances in our knowledge of cytoreductive surgery and hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy.

Professor Olivier Glehen MD. PhD. will present data taken from the French National Peritonectomy database including their experience of developing a National French Service. His team has one of the largest experiences of gastric cancer and were the first to describe the outstanding results of Peritonectomy for platinum resistant ovarian cancer. They have been centrally involved in the prophylactic treatment of patients at high risk of peritoneal recurrence from colorectal cancer.

Dr Ignace de Hingh MD. PhD, from the Netherlands, has been central in the treatment of colorectal and ovarian cancer with Peritonectomy.The first randomised controlled trial on Peritonectomy (for colorectal cancer) was done in Amsterdam and he has recently completed a randomised control trial in ovarian cancer. The Dutch population studies on appendiceal adenocarcinoma and colorectal cancer are unequalled.

Dr Brendan Moran MCh, FRCS, FRCSI from Basingstoke, which was the first NHS Peritonectomy Unit, has experience of over 1000 patients with Pseudomyxoma Peritoniei (PMP). Brendan has been involved in the establishment of the Royal Prince Alfred Peritonectomy Unit.

Dr Rea Lo Dico, MD. PhD. from the unit of Pocard in Paris, she has the largest experience in the world of combined liver resection and Peritonectomy HIPEC.

Our Peritonectomy Unit was the first in the Southern Hemisphere, we have performed 1250 Peritonectomy procedures to date and are recognised as an international leader. Our clinical and basic science research programs have been responsible for over 300 publications and we have an active drug development project on cancer, particularly treatment of mucinous peritoneal malignancy.

We will be hosting a dinner in Sydney CBD on Saturday the 24 February 2018 7pm. Please RSVP and make payment by the 2nd January 2018. Payment details provided on registration. Location TBA.


Day 1 24 February 2018

0730-0830 Welcome reception/breakfast and registrations

0830-0840 Welcoming Address (Prof Tony Eyers)

0840-0900 Peritonectomy in Australia (Prof David Morris)

0900-0910 St George Hospital Peritonectomy Unit (Vanessa Saunders Peritonectomy CNC)

0910-0930 Peritoneal Metastases of Colorectal Origin (Dr Ignace de Hingh)

0930-0950 Second Look and Prophylactic HIPEC for CRC (Prof Olivier Glehen)

0950-1010 Role of Systemic Chemotherapy in HIPEC Patients (Dr Ignace de Hingh)

1010-1030 Synchronous Liver Resection and CCRS (Dr Rea Lo Dico)

1030-1050 Questions/Discussion (Morris, de Hingh, Glehen, Lo Dico and Saunders. Chair Eyers)

1050-1115 Morning tea

1115-1130 Percutaneous Ablation Liver and Lung (Dr Derek Glenn)

1130-1145 Role of Laparoscopic HIPEC (A/Prof Winston Liauw)

1145-1200 Role of PIPAC (A. Prof Craig Lynch)

1200-1220 Preventative and Curative Treatment of Peritoneal Metastasis from Gastric

Origin (Prof Olivier Glehen)

1220-1240 Gastric Cancer The Beijing Experience (Prof Yan Li)

1240-1255 Questions/Discussion (Glenn, Liauw, Lynch, Li and Glehan. Chair Morris)

1255-1305 Abstract Presentation: The impact of intraoperative blood transfusions and gastrectomies in patients undergoing CCRS/HIPEC (Dr Oliver Fisher)

1305-1315 Abstract Presentation: Accounting for volume in patients with colorectal cancer and peritoneal metastases: the CEA/PCI ratio and volume time index. (Dr Matt Kozman)

1315-1325 Patient Perspective (KJ)

1325-1430 Lunch

1430- 1445 Neoadjuvant Chemo vs upfront surgery for Ovarian Cancer (Prof Neville Hacker)

1445-1500 Peritonectomy and HIPEC for ovarian cancer: An Australian perspective (Dr Rhonda Farrell)

1500-1515 Dutch RCT for Ovarian Cancer (Dr Ignace de Hingh)

1515-1530 RENAPE Results for HIPEC in Ovarian Carcinomatosis (Prof Olivier Glehen)

1520-1535 Questions/Discussion (Glehen, de Hingh ,Hacker, and Farrell Chair Liauw)

1535-1600 Afternoon tea

1600-1615 Peritoneal Mesothelioma (Dr Nayef Alzahrani)

1615-1630 Quality of life Studies Patients and Carers (Helen Kennedy Peritonectomy CNC + Bianka Eifler Social worker)

1630-1640 Questions/Discussion (Moran, Reece, Page, Kennedy, Eifler Chair Liauw)

1640-1650 Patient Perspective (AB)

1650-1700 Close (A. Prof Winston Liauw)

Day 2 February 2018

0800-0830 Breakfast

0830-0840 Opening Comments (Dr Nayef Alzahrani)

0840-0855 The Role and Results of The Dutch Nationwide Cancer Registry (Dr Ignace de Hingh)

0855-0910 Pseudomyxoma Peritonei (Dr Brendan Moran)

0910-0920 Case Study (Helen Kennedy Peritonectomy CNC)

0920-0935 Appendix Adenocarinomas (Nayef Alzahrani)

0935-0950 Debate: EPIC vs no EPIC in PMP (Prof David Morris and Dr Brendan Moran)

0950-1000 Drug Related Complication of Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy (Winston Liauw)

1000-1015 Case Study (Jen McAfee Peritonectomy CNC)

1015-1025 Questions/Discussion (Moran, Alzahrani, Liauw, de Hingh, McAfee and Kennedy. Chair Eyers)

1025-1035 Patient Perspective (SD)

1035-1055 Morning tea

1055-1110 Anaesthetic Management and Challenges CCRS (Dr Laurence Boss)

1110-1125 ICU Management and Challenges CCRS (Dr Doris Lam)

1125-1140 Nutritional Considerations in CCRS (Lauren Reece and Naomi Page Dietician)

1140-1150 Questions/Discussion (Boss, Lam, Reece and Page. Chair Alzahrani)

1150-1210 Blood Product Management (Dr Swapnil Pawar)

1210-1225 Prothrombinex Trial (Dr Shir-jing Ho)

1225-1245 Drug Development Program and trial (Prof Morris, Ms Sarah Valle and Irene Lin)

1245-1300 The Significance of Intraperitoneal Free Cancer Cells Following CRS/IPC (Prof Yan Li)

1300-1310 Histological Response after Preoperative Systemic Chemotherapy by 5FU and Oxali in Patients with Colorectal Carcinomatosis Treated by HIPEC (Dr Rea Lo Dico)

1310-1320 Questions/Discussion (Pawar, Ho, Morris, Valle, Lin and Li. Chair Eyers)

1320-1400 Lunch

1400-1415 Safety of CCRS/HIPEC (Learning Curve) Dr Abdulaziz Alzahrani

1415-1430 French Nationwide Cancer registry (Prof Olivier Glehen)

1430-1445 Selecting The Right Patients for CCRS + HIPEC (Dr Brendan Moran)

1445-1500 Palliative Care and Peritonectomy (Linda Magann Palliative Care CNC)

1500-1510 Questions/Discussion (de Hingh, Glehen, Moran, Magann Chair Alzahrani)

1510-1525 Discussion – what can we do as an ANZ team to make it better for our patients? (Chair Tony Eyers)

1525-1530 Close (Prof David Morris)

Date and Time


St George Hospital Research and Education Centre

4 South Street

Kogarah, NSW 2217


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