Spanish A1.2 Small Group Classes

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Lennox Head, NSW 2478


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Hola chicos y chicas :)

Spanish classes in Byron and Lennox Head. 10-week course for $379

The level is 2.A1: NOT Complete Beginner. It means that you already know the basics: greetings, family, numbers, articles, verbs, etc.

Secure your spot: ¡Hasta pronto!


This is the second part of Spanish A1. This course has a strong focus on practical communication. You will have the chance to learn to speak Spanish in a relaxed and fun atmosphere, within a small group where your learning is our main focus.

Course Outline

  • Greetings and introducing yourself. A review of the key linguistic structures learnt previously.
  • Talking about daily routines and telling the time.
  • Review of the present tense and the reflexive verbs.
  • Talking about what you do and ordering breakfast.
  • Introduction to irregular verbs like Empezar, Volver, Ir and Salir.
  • Talking about where you live and describing your house. Review of the verb To Have (Tener). Adjectives.
  • Making a booking at a hotel and traveling through Spain. Different ways of saying There is.
  • Ordering a meal in a restaurant and discovering some of the typical food of Spain and Latin America.
  • Introduction to the regular imperative. Expressing likes and dislikes. Leisure activities. The verb To Like (Gustar)
  • Asking for information. Giving instructions. Asking favours.
  • The present tense vs the imperative. The irregular imperative.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course, you should:

* have acquired basic communication skills and understand simple conversation

* feel relatively comfortable with participating in short dialogues with Spanish speakers

* be able to provide fundamental information about yourself

* be familiar with basic grammar properties of the language.

* be able to read and understand simple texts

* be able to talk about current events in your daily life

* be able to express uncomplicated ideas in the present, the past and the future

* be familiar with basic grammar properties of the written language.

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Lennox Head, NSW 2478


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