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Registering is an expression of interest in attending a talk on Space Practising Tools by Gail Hastings on a date and time not yet set.

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To write non-didactically means Space Practising Tools ends without a punchline replete with an edifying conclusion, a catchphrase for ‘knowing it’. At best, the book’s ending demonstrates a difference between perceiving and not perceiving a process of space in art. How, then, might one judge the book’s worth if its outcome cannot be paraphrased and compared with other publications?

At the launch of Space Practising Tools, I suggested a test. First, look at the work by Donald Judd on the acknowledgement page and note your thoughts. For many, the words ‘reduction’ and ‘minimal’ will steal your vocabulary for being canonically tied to the work. After reading Space Practising Tools, return to these first thoughts to see if they have now moved into a realm of admiration little expected.

In the hope at least one reader finds this to be so, I invite you to email a note of your new-found admiration of just one or a few sentences to the National Gallery of Australia. Overlooked for so long, I invite you to send this frontispiece artwork a love letter. I ask that you also email a copy to me.

You can find the email address on this web page where you can also express interest in attending a planned talk by me on Space Practising Tools. At the event, I look forward to acknowledging your admiration for the pictured artwork by reading aloud your love letter.

Send a letter of admiration



Subject: The artwork by Donald Judd, untitled, 1967, in your collection

Email body: Dear untitled, 1967, by Donald Judd. This is a note of new-found admiration, a love letter. ...[over to you]

What to write?

The artist who made this artwork is one of the most discussed artists in contemporary art. Yet, before he died, he wrote that the main concern in his art, space, has not been seen, that it remains invisible. Your email could note that, after all these years of being overlooked, you are now beginning to see it; and you like what you see.

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