Sound Healing with Didgeridoo,Gong and Crystal Bowls

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Raising Vibrations Yoga Studio

53 Union Road

Carmel, WA 6076


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Sound Healing for

• Stress Reduction

• Stimulation of the Glandular System

• Nervous System Regeneration

• Release of physical and emotional pain.

Come and Join us on Wednesday, 21st November

.A time to

• Self Nurture

• Rebalance

• Experience Radiant Body Awareness

• Attract into your world that which your heart desires.

‘Our ancestors believed that music had the power to harmonize one’s soul in ways that traditional medicine could not. In ancient China, one of the earliest uses of music was for healing. The Chinese character for medicine actually comes from the character for music.’

The beautiful crystal bowls emit an expansive sound that is healing for the body’s deeper tissues. Evocative of ancient temples, the delightful sounds of the crystal and Tibetan bowls exude a profound healing matrix. They are grounding and help promote a stable, peaceful energy. A gong is an ideal tool for stress reduction, stimulation of the glandular system and to clear emotional blockages. The gong resonates all cells of the body simultaneously helping to bring into balance the energy centres (chakras) of the body in a most powerful and effective way.

Benefits of Gong and Crystal Bowl Healing are:

- Stress Relief

- Mental Clarity

- Improved Sleep

- Pain Relief

- Heightened awareness of self

- Increased Creativity

- Rejuvenation

The didgeridoo produces a primal sound that originates from the dawn of time. It promotes an extremely relaxed calm feeling that allows listeners to enter a deep meditative state that enhances the body's natural healing abilities. Along with this primeval sound, the didgeridoo also produces low-frequency vibrations that provide a no-touch massage when played over the recipient, delivering a wide range of healing benefits.

Event Details:

Wednesday, 21st November

7:30pm - 8:30pm

Raising Vibrations Yoga Studio

53 Union Road, Carmel WA 6076

Price: $30.00/ per person

Student/Pension $25

Members of RVYS $10

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Date and Time


Raising Vibrations Yoga Studio

53 Union Road

Carmel, WA 6076


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