SoSAFE! Training for teachers & educators
SoSAFE! Training for teachers & educators

SoSAFE! Training for teachers & educators

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28 University Ave

28 University Avenue

Canberra, ACT 2601


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SoSAFE! TQI Accredited Course

SoSAFE! is a set of visual and conceptual tools designed to promote social safety for people with an Intellectual Disability (moderate to severe range) and Autism Spectrum Disorder.

SoSAFE! tools encourage social safety through the provision of a simplified and rule-governed model of social reality that teaches the type and degree of verbal and physical intimacy appropriate with different categories of people.


This course is run on 31 October 2016 - 9.30am - 5.30pm

  • This course has been approved for TQI accreditation for 5 hours.
  • Groups of 10 or more may be eligible for discount rates – email or call 02 6247 3077 for more details.

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SoSAFE! Training receivables:

  • Full day course (includes morning & afternoon tea)
  • One copy of the SoSAFE! Manual
  • SoSAFE! CD-ROM Resource Kit
  • Licence to produce SoSAFE! materials for up to 50 clients at a time
  • SoSAFE! Certificate

The SoSAFE! Tools (together with SoSAFE! Certified Training) provide teachers, trainers and counsellors with skills and simple visual tools to enhance the social, social-sexual and social safety training of people with moderate to severe intellectual disability.

SoSAFE! uses a standardised framework of symbols, visual teaching tools and concepts to teach strategies for moving into intimate relationships in a safe and measured manner, and provides visual communication tools for reporting physical or sexual abuse.

SoSAFE! training includes:

  • Overview of SoSAFE! Tools
  • Lesson Sequence of SoSAFE! concepts and teaching strategies
  • Myths and misconceptions and the importance of social safety education
  • Typical learning characteristics of people with MSID
  • Cognitive development of people with MSID
  • Validation of social safety programs (Freda Briggs framework, how SoSAFE! aligns)
  • Lots of opportunities for questions & clarification

The one day SoSAFE! User Training is an essential part of the SoSAFE! Program and introduces teachers, counsellors and disability workers with the framework and rationale behind SoSAFE! and equips them with the visual tools, lesson plans and skills to implement this integrated framework for teaching relationships, sexuality and sexual health to people with a moderate to severe intellectual disability.

More about SoSAFE!

SoSAFE!'s framework of symbols and concepts facilitate the consistency of instructional strategies and materials which is essential for the acquisition and maintenance of skills and concepts by people with moderate to severe intellectual disability and/or autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

SoSAFE! is unique as a social skills, sexuality education and social safety program because it is not just a set of published materials accessible to a few clients at a time. The 2nd Edition CD-ROM included in the SoSAFE! kit acts as your own production facility that provides materials and teaching tools for up to 50 clients. 

SoSAFE! tools are designed on the basis of best special education practice to reduce vulnerability to sexual abuse, and improve the quality of social life of people with a moderate to severe intellectual disability. 

The authors of SoSAFE! recognise and affirm that individuals with intellectual disability are people with sexual feelings, needs and identities, and believe that sexuality should always be seen in the total context of human relationships. They believe that people with intellectual disability have the fundamental right as individuals to have privacy; love and be loved; develop friendships and emotional relationships; learn about sex, sexual exploitation, sexual abuse, safe sex and other issues regarding sexuality; exercise their rights and responsibilities in regard to privacy and sexual expression and the rights of others; marry and make informed decisions concerning having children; and develop expressions of sexuality reflective of age, social development, cultural values and social responsibility.

The Rationale Behind SoSAFE!

SoSAFE! sets out to create visual and conceptual tools which provide maximum simplification of concepts and cognitive challenge whilst still providing a social-sexual model of adequate complexity to reflect, in general, the main aspects of social reality and in particular, provide social skills and concepts necessary to avoid sexual abuse and exploitation. SoSAFE! is designed to meet the learning, social and communication needs of people with Moderate to Severe Intellectual Disability.

SoSAFE! Concepts & Tools

The Talk Touch Triangle
Teaches the type and degree of verbal and physical intimacy appropriate with different categories of people.  Levels of verbal and physical intimacy are specified and taught for each person type.

Steps to Relationship
Teaches ways of moving into intimate relationship in a safe and measured manner. STR is based on the concepts taught in the Talk Touch Triangle.  Its main purpose is to encourage students and clients to move into intimate relationships in a gradual and safe manner starting with ‘meeting people’ and followed by four additional stages, all involving the concept of ‘consent’.

The People & Relationship Book
Incorporates information from the TTT and STR and OK Helpers (see below), and constantly accompanies the student or client in all domains of their lives (residential, educational/vocational and recreational).

OK Helpers
A network of trusted people to be contacted if in need of help, including their contact details, and the Help Page (a visual communication tool for reporting abuse). Plus Templates, Social Scripts, Lotto Files and more resources.

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Date and Time

28 University Ave

28 University Avenue

Canberra, ACT 2601


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