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Looking for new ways to get inspired ideas for songs? Want to connect with other creatives, have fun and enjoy the experience of songwriting

About this event


It's not the destination or the journey, it's the company.

Are you trying to write on your own and having a hard time knowing if it's any good? Are you struggling to be good at EVERYTHING? I've been where you are and trying to do it all will only lead to being average at everything! Working with others has been the most important skill I've learnt over the years to make much better songs!

So I've created the songwriting event to help you master the skills you love and find others to collaborate with.

This is for you if you want to improve the quality of your songs, want to learn how to give and receive constructive feedback, learn how to work better with others and discover other collaborators (and hopefully new cool friends) to work with. It's pretty tough on your own, I know I've tried.


Songwriting in teams and collaboration is how the professionals do it. So let's borrow from the experts and build on the skills of each other to get instant feedback, work quickly and get more (and better) songs finished. Bring your songwriting ideas and collaborate with other songwriters.

40 sessions per year (4 x 10 week blocks)


Weekly 2 hours

Introductions + meet and greet - 20mins

Each session will have a meet and greet to learn and network.

Songwriting & skill development - 20 mins

Each session we’ll have a group activity to get the creative juices flowing and learn more about songwriting, lyrics, arrangements and other exciting tools to improve your skills!

Songwriting and collaborations - 1 hour

Break into groups of 2-3 people to write a song of your groups choosing 1 hour.

Showcase and share - 20 mins

The session will end with sharing what you've created for feedback and support 20 mins


Tuesday 7-9pm AEST


Introductory offer

$30 for three (3) sessions ($90 for 10)

T's & C's

Songwriting royalties will be split evenly (2 people 50% each, 3 people 33% each etc. No make-up sessions for missed events


Please only bring ideas to this group if you're ready to have it worked on by others, our goal is to have fun and enjoy the experience of writing music. If it's a really personal song / idea or you're really attached to it being a certain way, this may not be the most productive way to move forward with your group! There's always another awesome idea! :) You are a creative genius! :) So please bring ideas you’re ready to collaborate on! This event is not about writing a hit song. It's about people, growth and learning! If we write some hit tunes that's bonus!

If you have a great time working with the other people in your group and you'd like to continue to work together please respectfully ask if they would like to continue working on the song outside the group. And respect their decision either way.

You will at times be paired with people you may or may not resonate with but life ALWAYS happens for a reason to help you learn and evolve as a human being! We are all in the people business so learning to work with different personality types is a must! I have some great tools in my other coaching and online courses tiers that can help with this.



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