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Song Of Tantra Retreat

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Peel Manor

164 Fletcher Road

Karnup, WA 6176


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ELIYAH'S life-changing ebook 'The Song of Tantra' is now a luxurious week long Retreat!

A lot of relationships either do not last, are fraught with drama, conflict and disillusionment or are long lasting but passionless and lacking in any real depth, meaning and sexual + emotional fulfilment.

Is it possible to have a long lasting committed relationship which is at the same time, passionate, healing, expansive and fulfilling? Yes! This means that the fear of commitment and intimacy no longer run the show, nor does the fear of rejection and abandonment.

We welcome singles and couples to 7 days and 6 nights of sensual indulgence at our elegant residential retreat 40km south of Perth. Consider this week the Relationship Training you never received; an embodied bible for the area of life that creates the most conflict and struggle and yet brings us the most joy and beauty.



It is:

The sounds of love-making

The sounds of child-birth

The sounds of emotion

The sounds of laughter

The sounds of animals dying

… however these sounds cannot be written in words.

So we write of the relationship between the Singer and the Listener.

Trust in Love.

Since writing the book, Simon and I have been challenged by every single concept in the book! It wasn't easy to meet these challenges but it was definately worth it! I can safely say we are now walking this relational path with the upmost authenticity and experiencing the joy, ease and juiciness that comes with it. And we want to share it with you! Chantelle Raven


  • Conscious Clear Communication; not talking in circles of blame

  • Meaningful Transformative Lovemaking; not just empty unfulfilling sex

  • Deep intimacy of the Heart; not fear driven emotional disconnection or neediness

  • Inter-dependence; not co-dependence or complete independence

  • Freedom to be truly who you are; whilst still being willing to evolve and meet each others needs

  • Wholeness in yourself; your partner complementing you, not completing you


This Retreat is for the complete beginner and experienced Tantrica alike. We will attune to the living energy present in each moment and create a space for that energy to evolve. We welcome Men and Women, individuals and partners in any form of relationship.

If you are in a relationship that is not 100% perfect or you are single but wanting to attract the partner of your dreams, come along! It doesn’t matter your age, if you are ready to open your heart to new possibilities, this retreat is for you! To anyone who has not yet entered a beautiful, loving, blissful, intimate relationship with yourself, this retreat is also for you! You and your current or future partner can experience true bliss and real intimacy, supporting each other into your own inner greatness and life purpose.



We will create a beautiful balance of learning, play, movement and dynamic exercises and rituals. The topics, exercises and rituals include:

  • Re-defining Tantra and Sacred Union

  • What to do when the honeymoon period is over!

  • Boundaries, shadow work and core wounds

  • Sensual, loving massage (Part 1, 2 and 3)

  • Tools for managing inner and outer conflict

  • Awakening and extending orgasmic pleasure

  • Learning how to sublimate sexual energy

  • How to stop moving away from love to experience freedom

  • How to move away from freedom to experience love

  • Overcoming social norms about sex, emotion & relating

  • Replacing addictions & avoidance with self practice

  • Kundalini in Sacred Sexuality (introducing KISS)

  • Alpha & Beta Complexes

  • Lovers in Archetypes - Healthy body + heart + mind communication

  • Inner Marriage and the importance of being your own Beloved

  • Masculine Feminine Reversal & Polarity

  • Masculine-Feminine Initiations

  • Dancing between independence and sovereignty to inter-dependence

  • E-Mergence Protocol (Energetic Merging)

  • Finding the Frequency of Trust and True Commitment


  • Shamanic Agni Fire Ceremony

  • Ecstatic Dance

  • Sound healing Alchemy

  • Magic Garden Walk

  • Sacred Singing Circle


  • Dance

  • Movement

  • Meditation

  • Discourse

  • Embodiment

  • Self-practice

  • Ceremony

  • Ritual

  • Partner Exercises

  • Group Exercises



Peel Manor House, located 40km south of Perth, is an exquisite and impressive Georgian Mansion nestled on 10.5 acres of manicured grounds away from the hustle and bustle of the city and suburbs.

We will have exclusive use of this luxurious Manor set amongst magnificent landscaped gardens and secret little coves of ancient stones!


The bedrooms at Peel Manor House are elegant, quaint and spacious with a regal 60s decor, some even feature a spa! Included in the Retreat price is shared accomodation in a bedroom either with a King size bed (for couples) or combination of doubles and single beds.


An on-site caterer will be preparing delicious, fresh & healthy meals for us all each day for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Tea & coffee will be available throughout the day. For any specific dietary requirements, please let the Event Organiser know. Please bring with you any additional snacks or personal food items you would like to consume outside of our catering.


Our All Inclusive Retreat includes top of the range accomodation and meals, all teachings from Chantelle Raven & Dr Simon Martin

Early Bird Price: $2,300 Per Person by 6 March 2017

Full Price: $2,800 Per Person from until sold out


Via Event Organiser, Erin, on erin@erinconnors.com.au

For credit card payments, please register via eventbrite

For cash and bank deposit payment, please contact Erin.

Payments plans available.



Between Dr. Simon Martin and Chantelle Raven, these two Facilitators have over 30 years of experience in the Healing Arts, Personal Development, Tantra, Kundalini and Energy Transformation fields. Together, they have written three books and formed their own Kundalini-Tantra school, Eliyah.

Focusing on advanced Private Session work, Weeklong Retreats and Practitioner Trainings, Chantelle and Simon work together as powerful channels for the teachings of Tantra based Spirituality and the non-dual dance of the Divine Masculine and Feminine, the Shakti and the Shiva.

Chantelle and Simon aim to empower you as an individual to reclaim your freedom and love, and experience daily transformation in your life. They create a safe, supportive, expansive and transformative environment where people can tap into their core and find their inner tantrica. During their retreats, they teach with profound insight, yet humour and love, and give practical tools to go away with. So whether you are single or in a relationship, Chantelle and Simon have many gems to teach you to transform your life.


The Song of Tantra ebook downloadable here.

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Date and Time


Peel Manor

164 Fletcher Road

Karnup, WA 6176


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