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Sold Out!) How to Be Your Own Guru 6 week Spiritual Activation Education

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The Anchors of Love Studio 18b Brockenshire Street Clifton Hill, Melbourne


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This is a SIX WEEK soul on earth expansion course- taking the airy fairy out of spirituality; developed because we believe:

# you are completely unique
# your higher self is constantly communicating with you
# your body and all you encounter on earth are mediums (translators) for this communication
# your ability to clearly hear and read your own inner guidance system can expand significantly in a short time
# you can learn to be a grounded soul on earth, floating through in the flow of alignment
# you have control over your energetic input and output

△◎ This course is for anyone who ◎△

^ wants control over their energetic space with clear boundries
^ feels lost or unclear about their life's purpose
^ wishes to better understand themselves, their unique gifts, reactions, patterns and responses
^ desires to become self accepting with a delightful intra-personal relationship
^ wants more loving inter-personal relationships
^ is seeking a deeper knowledge of universal laws applied to earth
^ is ready to clear emotional and mental blocks to a flow of joy and creativity
^ wants practical applications for a spiritually aligned life, clarity around spiritual philosophy

Why do this workshop?

This offering is developed to help you live everyday with confidence in your ability to be self governed, to be your OWN SPIRITUAL GUIDE, your own guru.


These methods have been tried and tested by Eliza Kendall Hather and her students. As an empath, a medium, a healer, a clinical and past life regression hypnotherapist, shamanic trance therapist and spiritual coach for 23 years, Eliza will PRESENT them to you in this seven week workshop so you can SET YOURSELF UP FOR LIFE.

Each week we will be move up through the 7 major chakras, using them as a viechle for transformation, connection with self and all over health.

We will use a unique blend (tailored specifically for each group) of spiritual (universal) education and intuitive awakenings, trance therapy, interactive experiments in a safe and contained energetically supported environment and my favourite tried and tested playful practices.

These classes will be strictly limited to 12 people because you will also be receiving spiritual healing, psychic downloads and emotional release, as is Eliza's professional practice, as well as a group past life regression experience and an intuitive sound healing session using crystal and tibetean singing bowls.

The space will be contained in a capsule of white light, with an energetic portal (or vacuum) above the room to remove density and we will be supported in this transmutation by various benevolent spirits Eliza and her support staff work with so we can RELEASE OLD EMOTIONAL/ENERGETIC/ BEHAVIOURAL/MENTAL BLOCKS AND BARRIERS TO YOU EMBODYING THE MAGIC OF YOURSELF!

This allows you to be the observer of your emotions, thoughts and triggers and gifts you with the personal power to choose the most appropriate way to action them, for the highest good of you and those you encounter.


Here's some of what past students have shared about this work

"Eliza's course, came to me at just the right time, and allowed me the space and freedom to consciously walk the path of self trust, tools at the ready.

I now have a library and a head and a heart full of resources! Most importantly, they work: they allow me to find the stillness, peace, joy and beauty within and lead to changes without.

The intention-fuelled container that Eliza created meant I felt safe and healed just by attending. The mix of knowledge and information presented by Eliza complemented the experiential learning she facilitated through meditations, hypno-therapeutic practices, and sound baths.

It was a journey that was a joy to be on!!
Thankyou to Eliza who embodies the wisdom she has with grace, candour, reverence, kindness and most importantly, humour and fun."


Due to the deep healing, cleansing, emotional release and spiritual development work in this workshop it is required that you commit to all seven weeks.

INCLUDES VEGAN DINNER, (contact Eliza with any dietary requests)

* Week 1: 6th March 2017 6.30pm-10.00pm
* Week 2: 13th March 2017 6.30pm- 10.00pm
* Week 3: 20th March 2017 6.30pm-10.00pm
* Week 4: 27th march 2017 6.30pm-10.00pm
* Week 5: 3rd April 2017 6.30pm-10.00pm
* Week 6: 10th April 2017 6.30pm-10.00pm


The investment for the six week course is $555 which includes:

- 6 x 4hr workshops
- a full intuitive sound healing session
- a past life regression experience
- an oppourtunity for weekly emotional/behavioural release
- one on one support throughout course
- private online access to original trance therapy recordings downloaded each week
- access to community connections for life with current and past students
- transforming shamanic trance experience each workshop
- chakra activating high vibrational DINNER every class, raw vegan chocolates and herbal tea every week
- suprise present for each student

To secure your place:
- a deposit of $111 is required before the 20th (or until sold out)
- remaining exchange can be made on a payment plan ( to be paid in full by the 13th March 2017)

Early bird special is $444!!! wow! $100 OFF
- for FULL PAYMENT BEFORthe 13th Feb 2017

Concession price available also- 20% off

If money is your only reason for not attending please private message me to arrange an alternative, I wish for this work to be available to all who seek it.


Who is the facilitator?

I believe in the magic of you!
I believe we are all unique and completely unrepeatable.
No one else on earth has your fingerprint.
Your heart, body and mind are totally original!
I believe this means you have the capacity to be your own guru, your own guide. To be the captain of your earth ship!

I have learned that having a broad understanding of spiritual concepts is great but to live a spiritual life we need to ground them into practical applications.

I learned these methods over many years of professional work as a palliative care nurse, clinical and past life regression hypnotherapist, trance therapist, medium and quantum healer.

A decade ago I studied and mentored with Rhondda Elizabeth Stewart and Matthew Flavaloro from the Australian College of Hypnosis and Paranormal Psychology and more recently with Quantum Healer, Past Life Rregression and Psychic Researcher Dolores Cannon as well as His Holiness the Dali Lama. I am currently futhering my training in the shamanic arts with Tantric Shaman Deva Daricha.

I've consulted with the medium John of God and had the benefit of receiving healing and wisdom from him in Brazil as well as working as a medium during his visit to Sydney in 2015.

I facilitate alongside many different benevolent spirits from all over the cosmos but most importantly I am guided by the higher mind of my students.

I've completed courses with Insight Seminars and The School of Remembering to Awaken the Illuminated Heart as well as various psychotherapeutic workshops over my 11 years of professional development.

My greatest inspirations have been the Mother Earth and all life here, the magic of everyone of my students and clients I've worked with and my own unique fantastic higher mind!!

I am dedicated to the truth coming from our intuitive heart's that sings of peace, autonomy, compassion and connection.


I am a teacher of universal truth translated into earth speed.

Any queries or questions please message me here or email me at theanchorsoflove@gmail.com.
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The Anchors of Love Studio 18b Brockenshire Street Clifton Hill, Melbourne


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