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Academy Xi

66-68 Devonshire Street

Surry Hills, NSW 2010


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*This is a 2 day workshop*

We live in exciting but challenging times. Global trends are pushing many poignant issues to the fore. Now, more than ever, we need empathetic individuals and organisations, equipped with the right tools to effect positive change.

Are you passionate about social and environmental innovation and social justice? Turn your idea for positive change into a reality. In our 2 day workshop Learn how to create a social enterprise: an organisation that uses socially and environmentally responsible business strategies to maximise positive impact. If you’re new to the space, don’t worry, we’ll take you through the entire process: from social enterprise theory and business models to measuring your impact and staying sustainable.

This workshop provides a high-level overview of essential skills required to launch a successful social enterprise, advocacy campaign or organisation. We teach best-practice approaches, with current issues and emerging trends in mind. This 2-day workshop is designed to suit all experience levels. Whether you’re a passionate individual with an idea, a business beginning their social impact journey, or an existing not-for-profit or social enterprise aiming to swiftly reach your unique goals.

We’ve condensed key learning outcomes, helping you grow and develop your concept into an effective, sustainable solution. You’ll leave with practical tools and frameworks ready to be applied to your unique project.

Together, let’s create a better world. See you in the future!

This course is for

  • Anyone with an interest in the social enterprise and not-for-profit sector
  • Existing charities, social enterprises and public sector organisations wishing to develop effective solutions that reach their goals
  • Individuals with a passion for social justice, who want to take action
  • Startups aiming to expand into social enterprise
  • Businesses, not-for-profits or social enterprises wishing to grow and develop their existing approach, becoming innovative leaders within the space.
  • Leaders of Corporate Social Responsibility programs

What you will learn

Introduction to Social Impact

We kick things off with a round of introductions, to better understand each other’s projects and motivations in attending the workshop. We introduce social and environmental impact; what is it, why we need it, and the changes we can expect in the future. We explore global megatrends, problems that are emerging in the social impact space and how they’re being solved.

Theories of Change

How can we create positive social and environmental impact? We look at the history of social enterprises and social movements, and critically explore existing social enterprise models.

Planning your Impact

You’ll choose a problem space you’re passionate about, and then plan your own campaign, social enterprise or project. Drawing on ux and service design tools, you’ll gain techniques that help you identify, analyse and plan your approach.

Design Thinking

We add a layer of complexity to the Design School mindset, looking at social enterprise challenges through a creative problem-solving lense. During this intensive unit, we’ll overhaul existing frameworks to nut out the the problem.

Ideation and Creating a Minimum Viable Product

During this ‘feature-frenzy’ ideation session, we’ll rapidly produce countless ideas, and then strip them back using methods employed by Product Managers. Gain invaluable tools and insights to help determine the ideas that will work, solving real problems for real people. Creating your Minimum Viable Product (MVP), ideas are limitless but focus is essential.

Prototyping and Usability Testing

Bring your ideas to life; using your sketches you’ll create an interactive prototype. Your idea is only valuable to your target market if they can actually use it. You’ll learn usability techniques to create a testing approach, enabling you to validate concepts early and often.

Developing your voice through content

Learn how to develop an individual voice, ensuring your social enterprise is heard. Exploring various content channels and content hacks, we’ll help you garner attention and target your audience.

Emerging Tech: VR for Social Impact

Learn how leading brands are innovating in the space and how VR’s ability to evoke empathy and emotion can be applied to your social impact project. Learning how to leverage VR for your strategy equips you with a valuable mindset to approach future emerging technologies.

Growth Hacking

Gain practical skills to test, validate and grow your concept into a company. We’ll start with the fundamentals, moving through to creative tricks to hack your way to a viable social enterprise business model.

Raising Funds

Raising funds for social enterprises are an entirely different kettle of fish. Here we explore the different avenues available to you: fundraising, impact investing and grants and beyond, so you can launch and grow your concept.

Measuring Impact & Awareness

We look beyond vanity metrics to properly assess and measure social impact. The ability to gain accurate insights will help you asses, develop, iterate and improve. We’ll give you the tools to measure social impact, ensuring your project is effective and sustainable. We will also look at how to brief and manage campaigns whether it be through the expertise of leading media and communications agency or on a small budget in house.


By the end of our 2-day workshop intensive, you’ll learn:

  • The current problems and global megatrends within the social impact space
  • Social enterprise theory, and best-practice approaches and models
  • How to effectively break down problems, and create effective, unique, useful solutions
  • How to rapidly ideate, and create an MVP
  • How to prototype ideas and create a usability testing approach
  • How to raise funds for a social enterprise
  • How to market and drive growth for your social enterprise

Prerequisites and Preparation

There are no prerequisites, our course is designed to accommodate all experience levels. Come prepared for an intensive day of learning, with your preferred note-taking equipment (laptop or pen and paper).


Reece Proudfoot

Innovation Strategist - WWF Australia

Reece Proudfoot is currently Innovation Strategist at WWF Australia. He works with communities across Australia– from farmers, to foodies, entrepreneurs and tech experts – to build their capacity to solve some of the big problems they care about, like Climate Change, Social Inequity and Food Security. Reece began his career in advertising at News Limited in Sydney before making his own significant pivot, to go and work for two years in the Kingdom of Tonga on capacity building and climate change adaptation with the Tongan business sector. He now has over ten years experience in social and environmental advocacy, communications, campaigning and strategy. Reece joined WWF in 2012 working on climate change campaigns, including Earth Hour which engages hundreds of millions of ordinary people in conversations around sustainability, climate and energy every year. In 2015 Reece led the Sydney Organising Committee for the People’s Climate March. The team applied Human-Centred Design principles to all aspects of the march’s development, public engagement and mobilisation approach, resulting in the largest march of its kind ever held in Sydney, with over 45,000 participants. Reece holds a Masters Degree in International Social Development from UNSW, and is focused on building participation in solution-design and, more broadly, democracy.

Tom Dawkins

CEO of StartSomeGood

Tom Dawkins is Co-Founder and CEO of StartSomeGood.com, a crowdfunding platform for social enterprises, non-profits and changemakers initiatives globally. He was previously the founder and CEO of Australian youth non-profit Vibewire, the first Social Media Director at Ashoka, a global NGO fostering social entrepreneurship based in Washington DC, and the founding Director of the Australian Changemakers Festival. As a consultant has supported numerous non-profits, governments and arts organisations to better engage communities using technology and been recognised with awards and Fellowships from the World Summit Youth Awards, International Youth Foundation, Nexus Summit, Future Summit and the Australian and New Zealand Internet Awards.

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Date and Time


Academy Xi

66-68 Devonshire Street

Surry Hills, NSW 2010


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