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Small Business Masterclass - Pre-retirement Workshop

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ROCG Perth

Level 1

1109 Hay Street

West Perth, WA 6005


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We want you to achieve the lifestyle you deserve but how much do you need and how do you get it?

This combined 1/2 day masterclass workshop has been formulated to educate and guide those business owners that are committed to the idea that their business will form the platform for a fruitful and enjoyable retirement.

In an uncertain economy, why not take back control of your financial future?

1/2-day Pre-Retirement Workshop: “Thinking about retirement? Who isn’t! But how do you achieve the retirement lifestyle you deserve?”

Why is this called a Small Business Masterclass if it’s actually a Pre-Retirement workshop?

It is alarming how many small business owners think they can live off the proceeds of their business without actually having any kind of exit strategy or succession plan in place! For the really lucky ones, they come out the other side with a positive outcome but the more common alternative is they don’t retire at all. Having no specific retirement plan can damage your business and your future livelihood, and not just for you, but your spouse as well.

As a small business owner, your business is more than likely, your biggest asset, in addition to your home, that you can utilise towards retiring the way you want to, not the way you have to. This Small Business Masterclass will help you plan, not just your retirement, but how to understand what you need to do within your business to make your dreams a reality.


If you’ve previously attended a retirement course, you would probably have been subjected to experts who presented a range of retirement-related topics that were really just an attempt to sell their own products or services.

Let’s try something different. What if you had access to the experts directly for a half-day? What if, instead of having to listen to them relentlessly, you got to work through your concerns, issues, and hopes for the future? Yes, you’ll learn about retirement but, more importantly, you’ll learn how to make retirement work FOR YOU. Insight today, your dream lifestyle tomorrow.

To start, you’ll learn about the different stages of retirement – there are stages? Absolutely, and you need to be prepared for all of them to achieve your desired outcomes. You’ll get to work through the potential pitfalls of each stage and make plans to steer well clear of them – after all, forewarned is forearmed!

In the following session, we will help you explore the options and opportunities available to you in this next stage of your life and select those that are right for you, not the person next to you, right FOR YOU.

Here’s how it will work:

  1. Determine the style of retirement that YOU’RE ATTRACTED TO by discovering your ‘retirement type’ and identifying some good role models for your particular type

  2. Work out what a comfortable retirement would look and feel like FOR YOU

  3. Examine the strategies required to increase the likelihood of you achieving the retirement you want and DESERVE TO HAVE

  4. Work out the component of YOUR IDEAL RETIREMENT, and then compare your version of your ideal retirement with that of your partner to see how you can blend the two together

  5. Identify and document the goals that will help you attain your ideal retirement (or, if your chances of getting your ideal retirement seem constrained by your current reality, help you to identify the elements of your ideal retirement that you CAN incorporate into your life.)

  6. Review the expectations those around you (such as your grown-up children and your elderly parents) hold about your retirement and make sure that there is no mismatch of expectations that could lead to conflict later

  7. Consider ways to help you disengage from work and replace the positives that we all receive from our work into YOUR RETIREMENT

  8. Determine if you're the sort of person who should continue to work, in some capacity, after retirement and, if you are, work out what your perfect post-retirement regime would look like

  9. Investigate how you can plan to meet YOUR FUTURE NEEDS, and build a support system that will underpin your life as you get older

  10. Have you considered your financial legacy? What would you like it to be?

  11. Draw up your all-important ‘bucket list’ of things you still want to do, be and have in YOUR LIFE!

  12. Identify the current value of your business so you have the confidence to move forward. This then ensures you can achieve your end goal, to retire to the life you had planned. Isn’t that why you decided to be a business owner to begin with? Work the way you want to and retire the way you want to.

Are you ready for an interactive workshop with lots of discussion and opportunities to ask YOUR questions? We hope so because you certainly won’t be just sitting and listening the whole time! And, we promise, no embarrassing questions or awkward ice breakers that just make everyone feel uncomfortable from the start.

And last, but not least, we are not interested in filling a room with 50 bodies in an attempt to make money and provide zero value to you, the attendees.

We will not accept more than 12 people into each workshop.

This allows for plenty of conversation and interaction within the group without losing site of YOUR GOALS for the day.

Presented by:

Matthew Wood, Director – Insight Financial Partners (2.5hrs)

  • How much do you need to deliver the lifestyle you've always dreamed of?

Mathieu Paul, Director – Insight Consulting Partners (1.5hr)

  • How do you add value now to achieve the lifestyle you deserve in the future?

Registration and breakfast from 7.30am.




What are my transport/parking options getting to the event?

Paid street parking is available on Hay Street (1hr), Havelock Street (3hrs), Parliament Place (3hrs) and Harvest Terrace (3hrs). If you prefer, you can park in the city and catch the Red CAT bus to the Parliament named stop. Our office is less than 50m from this stop.

Where can I contact the organiser with any questions?

If you have any queries at all, please feel free to contact our office via 6315 2700 or email perth.ap@rocg.com.

Is my registration/ticket transferrable?

We are happy for you to pass your ticket on to someone else if you can't make it at the last minute, we just ask that you email us the new attendee name(s) so we can update our registration list.

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

There is no need to bring your printed along, there will be registration list upon entry and all you need to do is find your name and place a tick next to it so we know that you have arrived.

  • Mathieu Paul

    Mathieu Paul

    Insight Consulting Partners


  • Matthew Wood

    Matthew Wood

    Insight Financial Partners


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Date and Time


ROCG Perth

Level 1

1109 Hay Street

West Perth, WA 6005


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