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Slow Coaching is a peer-to-peer 'deep listening' program to help you turn your ideas into action, develop yourself as a listener and connect deeply with others across Slow School. All from the comfort of your own little corner of the world (wherever that may be!)

"Slow Coaching was a very new style of communication for me but it really worked. As the Speaker I got a practical outcome in just a short session with my Listening partner. When you hold the silence just that moment longer without interrupting, the next thought emerges and that's where you get the real gold!" - Beth Jennings, Beth Jennings Photography.

Since late 2015, members of the Slow School Collective have been using the structured Slow Coaching process, to ‘coach’ each other, not by providing advice from their own experiences, but rather by ‘holding the space’ for their partner do their own work.

Now you can too, in this LIVE webinar (choose from a daytime or evening session). The session begins with a briefing from our facilitator Matt Perfect, who will take you through the process and answer your questions, as well as provide you with the opportunity to hear from some of our experienced Slow Coachers. You will then be partnered up for your own Slow Coaching session, supported by our Slow Coaching script and with facilitators online to help with any questions.

By the end of the one-hour session you will have participated as both a SPEAKER and a LISTENER. Not only will you have gained new insights about your own ideas and practical steps to put them into action, you will have also developed a trusting and meaningful connection with another Slow Schooler. Who knows, perhaps they will be your next co-creator or become a raving advocate for what you do?

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