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Golden Pebble Hotel

500 Boronia Road


Melbourne, VIC 3152


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Discover :

- How to transform your sleep

- The missing link to your success

- How to lose weight without going on a diet

- How to cope with every day stresses of life

- Secrets on how to put yourself to sleep and stay asleep all night long

- And much more

Dear reader,

If you think sleeping is just a matter of laying down and closing your eyes, you are in for a treat, as global Sleepologist Sveti Williams ( Author of “Fix My Sleep” ) reveals her biggest sleep hacks in this once in a life time evening.

What should be a natural function of the body and mind ( sleep ), why is it that sleep can be so elusive?

Why is it that from 1 night to the next your depth of sleep can vary so much leaving your body aching and your mind in a fog of sleepiness and grumpiness?

Why is it that stressful events of life can hinder the amount of sleep you have leaving you in an exhausted mess?

If any of the above is you, you would agree that lack of sleep can make or break you as a person.

Are you actually aware of the impact lack of sleep has on the mind body and soul? Not to mention the countless afflictions, diseases and medical complications a poor night sleep can create.

If you are not convinced yet of the power of the perfect night sleep, let Sveti Williams reveal to you the very serious nature of bad sleep. Come along and join Sveti as she reveals how you can transform the way you sleep to drastically improve your health, emotional well-being, life and even your career in this 'can not miss' event.

You will learn Sveti's own researched and created methods to re-train your mind and body to sleep like soundly every night.

It has been said that a great night sleep is just as satisfying as winning the lottery. But the best part is, sleeping is easier than winning the lottery, and Sveti will teach you how to feel like this every night with her exclusive sleep hacks that she has dedicated her career to mastering.

Who is Sveti Williams

Born in a small village in the poorest country of Europe Sveti spent most of her childhood being around her grandmother and great grandmother, gathering the produce of Nature – medicinal herbs and stick, nuts, berries, fruit, and vegetables. She observed her great grandmother preparing herbal tinctures, remedies, and teas to cure ailments. These experiences instilled in her the understanding that the most effective treatments available to us come from natural, traditional sources. Sveti became a health care practitioner and developed a deep interest in Sleep. Being troubled by years of poor sleep herself and suffering in her health as a result, “Fixing” her own sleep became the central focus of Sveti’s career and she began to see the bigger picture of society’s sleep problem. She has made it her mission to educate people globally about the importance of sleep, the risks involved in poor sleeping patterns and supporting people with sleep problems. Her expertise is to help people to enjoy a good night’s sleep, which is so fundamental to health, wellbeing, and longevity. Sveti continues to draw inspiration from her childhood introduction to natural medicines and bases her unique sleep-enhancing method on complimentary and holistic practices.

You will learn

The importance of sleep
The dangers of not sleeping well
How to improve your ability to learn faster
What gets in your way of loosing weight
Sleep disrupters
Sleep enhancers
Remedies for sleeping
Methods to help you fall asleep easier
Just to name a few

FREE Tickets to A full day Sleep Transformation Workshop with Sveti Williams - The Sleepologist.

Don't wait, RSVP now to get your FREE ticket. Bring a friend, help your loved one to sleep better.

This is how much these seminars are priced for the general public HERE

This is what people LOVE about Sveti's workshops:

“Sveti and her content” – Rohan Bacon

“Gentle and intoxicating” - Karen Bettinotti

“Practical points” - Nasrin Parsian

“It linked many areas of sleep, the body, processes” - Christian Belcher

“It was fun and insightful.” - Kristy Humphreys

“Great way to change sleep positively.” - Brook Cameron

What makes Sveti’s approach different?

“She is fun” - Kristy Humphreys

“Her approach is fun, tangible way to learning.” - Christian Belcher

“Science background & knowledge mixed with the unconscious mindful of possibilities” - Karen Bettinotti

“Engaging, witty, pleasant, she puts you at ease.” – Rohan Bacon

What I love about Sveti”s personality?

“Sweet and caring.” – Brook Cameron

“Happy, cheerful and positive. Sveti mixes humour into learning” – Kristy Humphreys

“Friendly, funny and engaging. Sveti is fun, knowledgeable and friendly.” - Christian Belcher

“She is intelligent, authentic. Practical steps genuinely provided. I can strongly recommend” – Nasrin Parsian

“Warm and engaging. A warm passionate therapist who leaves you wanting to know more…and more” – Karen Bettinotti

“Brilliant and engaging. Learning with Sveti is truly rewarding and enjoyable” – Rohan Bacon

Limited seats available.

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Date and Time


Golden Pebble Hotel

500 Boronia Road


Melbourne, VIC 3152


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