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This 4 part webinar series is for those people in business who have no time.

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This four-part webinar series is for those people in business who have no time. If you are serious about getting your life back or growing your business, this is the information you need. Your future self will thank you!

Simplifying your business information systems is a journey. One that aims to align your software platforms and your people with the purpose of your business.

Done right you will save time, money, headache AND increase your revenue.

  • There are thousands of business software products available on the market and choosing which one is best for your specific business is confusing and overwhelming.
  • When business information systems are poorly implemented you can end up spending more time managing spreadsheets than serving customers.
  • Without a clear pathway, systems quickly become outdated and get in the way of staff performance and new customer engagement.

So how do you achieve the benefits of going digital, without falling trap by its problems?

In this four-part series, you will learn how to walk the journey of change in business without getting lost or burnt. You will be given the map to simplify your customer and finance management systems without losing control over your service. Your will learn how to avoid the pitfalls and instead, unlock the potential of their business data and information technology for empowering employees and engaging with customers.


This webinar series is designed to assist the owners and operational managers in small to mid-sized businesses who are responsible for customer and/or finance information systems, processes, and reporting. This includes:

  • Business Owners and Proprietors.
  • General and Operations Managers.
  • Financial and Human Resource Directors.
  • Sales Executives.


Carl Sudholz is an independent business analysts who helps small to medium business use internet software to save time, reach new customers and increase their sustainability. He has over 15 years' experience in helping organisations to go digital. Carl has led and supported digital transformation projects for a wide range of organisations including: Professional Associations, Allied Health Providers, Agribusiness and Federal Government. Carl is also the Secretary of the International Institute of Business Analysis - Australia Chapter. Through his international professional network Carl brings global best practice in business information management into Australian business.


The webinar series is four one-hour sessions, comprising of a 40 minute presentation, with 20 minutes of question and answer time.

SESSION 1 – Define Your Journey

In this webinar attendees will learn about the journey of streamlining business systems and processes in small to medium business. You will learn about the four stages and the mindset that is needed to simplify your business information systems and unlock the benefits while avoiding the problems.

In this first session we will explore how the DEFINE stage delivers upon the key concepts of the journey:

  1. Start with Why;
  2. Begin with the end in mind; and
  3. The long road is just one step at a time.

Attendees will learn how to develop their own roadmap that will lay out the clear and controlled pathway that is needed to avoid the rivers, chasms and boulders of the journey of digital transformation and change in small to medium business.

SESSION 2 – Design Your Future

There are two ways in which going digital will save time in your business:

  1. Be more effective with the tools you have now.
  2. Adopt new tools that are aligned with your business requirement.

In either case, success comes from designing how your business should work and then building information systems that deliver on that outcome. Using business models and requirements analysis, you can unlock the potential of your existing information systems. These same methods can be used to create the shopping list you need to make sense of the software marketplace that contains thousands of products all promising to be the answer you need to solve your business management problems.

In this session, attendees will learn the techniques and tips they need to redesign how they leverage the data and information technology that drives their business.

SESSION 3 – Deploy Your Software

The Deploy stage of the journey is where the rubber hits the road. However, it is a fine line between completing the race in record time and crashing into the ravine. The reality is that no software product will do everything you need or want for your perfect simple process. There are always trade-offs to be made. In this third webinar of the series, attendees will learn about the key principles of implementing your customer and finance management systems in a way that streamlines your business process now and into the future.

In this session we also explore the importance of training your people in the use of the business tools you provide. We go through some of the simple principles and tips that help staff from all levels of computer literacy do their job in a way that helps the entire team perform with flexibility and quality.

SESSION 4 – Drive Your Business

The Journey of Going Digital is a never-ending pathway of improvement. In this fourth and final session, attendees will learn how they can keep ahead of the curve when it comes to data and information in their industry. We explore how the lessons of continuous improvement can be applied to the modern world of information technology and the continuous release of upgrades and new features that can drive your business performance and growth. Lean how to make the management of technology change a natural outcome of your newly aligned business mindset and process.

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