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Silence Within

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67 Centennial Circuit


Byron Bay, NSW 2481


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Silence Within is for people wanting to reach higher levels of communion by balancing their heart and mind. If you are seeking a deeper connection to evolve and grow through your meditation practices, and to connect with like minded people exploring their personal conscious evolution this program is for you. This is a 2 day program

 Starts FRIDAY evening 6:00pm May 19th to Sunday 21st..


> For people looking to silence their mind and deepen their connection with their true nature

> For people who are awakening to their higher consciousness and are looking for deeper understanding through receiving wisdom teachings and activations from the enlightened ones

> For people who are ready to Grow & Evolve themselves, to Expand their awareness by having shedding their belief systems & limitations of what and who they are..

> For people who are willing to Transcend the Old Limiting “transformation tools” and navigate through the “spiritual tourism” so they can discern the real truth of who they are.

> For people who are wanting to learn how to tap into the divine assistance from the higher realms of consciousness to open their intuition and connect to their innate wisdom so they can create Clear contact to their higher consciousness to create more clarity & higher alignment in their lives & business

> For people who are ready to grow spiritually and have a transformative experience!!!

> If you are curious you can join us at The Violet Flame Experience Friday 12th MAY 6:00pm - Free Event (find it on FB@rashiym or at


Meet your host Ra’shiym Christos

Ra’shiym is an International Coach, Speaker, & Thought Leader in the areas of Spiritual Development & Transformation. He is the co-founder with his partner Lara Yakimishyn of Yummy Studios in Byron Bay.

He is a mentor and teacher of The Divine University, an International organisation that facilitates retreats, training, programs, events & 12 month long Mystery Schools.

His vision is to empower Individuals to awaken the connection to their eternal Essence and Higher Nature of Consciousness and to live and lead in true alignment with their purpose so they can create greater success & impact in their life.

Ra’shiym has an extensive background in the field of conscious evolution having began his spiritual path at the age of 11 through meditation, studying sub cellular trauma healing and devotion to yoga practices in his 20’s.

Beyond the spiritual realm Ra’shiym has also studied Peak Performance as a result of having had a professional sports career and working in the film industry. 

He has also birthed many creative projects and businesses in the past 20 years such as Sine Furnishings, Katman Hat Apparel, Ohso Nevermind Childrens Wear, Circles Triangles Squares media production and Barking Frog Kombucha.

He bridges the spiritual and business realms in a very grounded and tangible way and infuses his expertise in spirituality/transformation for evolving consciousness personally and for business, sales and marketing & branding. 

Ra’shiym is a leader in a powerful "new way" for the spiritually awakening to create more success and impact with greater ease and flow.


This program will be channeled teachings from the the enlightened ones taught in 9 sections. You will receive from St germain, El Moyra, Lady Portia, Buddha, Sananda, Mother Mary, Quan Yin, Babaji and Lenduce..

Class 1 ~ Going Within
Class 2 ~ Completion of Old Energies
Class 3 ~ Uniting the Heart and Mind
Class 4 ~ Opening to the Light
Class 5 ~ Opening to Love
Class 6 ~ Restoration of Purity
Class 7 ~ Opening to Clarity
Class 8 ~ Opening the Bridge to Holy Communion
Class 9 ~ The silence of God Within

We are evolving as a collective and I feel it's time to step into our higher connection so we can ground and embody our awakened consciousness and be the living example to others of what is possible.

When we align ourselves in this way we can live and create from a stream of clarity form our higher purpose.

Contrary to beliefs of many this program will be counter intuitive. Rather than entering into busyness and action to create in life, you will learn how to go into the stillness and silence of your heart to receive the divine energy and open up to the guidance from your super consciousness. Your higher purpose will then flow from there.

As we awaken we need a space and the support to receive the divine assistance rather than, I can do it by my self thing.. and yes we are going within and this is a personal experience but to do this in group is very powerful due to the collective heart resonance we create together. 

I created Silence Within through my own need to still the mind and enter into higher states of Silence to manifest the communion and clarity I needed for my own work. This began to happen many years ago and now through the connection with the masters they have guided me to bring this program through for others to do the same.

So I invite you to join us in the Silence Within program to receive the divine assistance to create the quantum shifts in your life to open your heart more deeply and to align to your higher purpose..


What can you expect?

> Connections with other like-minded Conscious peers

> Divine assistance and dispensations from the enlightened ones that will support the teachings

> Tools to empower you to evolve as a men and women to deepen connection to self


Ra’shiym has access to a very high frequency and connection to the libraries of light.

What will be shared will be direct transmission from the enlightened realms where you will receive the divine assistance to shift your energy and consciousness in a profound way.


We will be pushing the fold on some of the mainstream thinking, challenging our belief systems by holding a space for Divine Energy & Quantum Shifts. This is for us to really stretch our perceptions on what is possible.

What do you need to bring?

> Bring a soft cushion and or yoga mat to lie on

> Dress comfortably & warm in case in the venue is too cold for you.

> Bring a bottle of water


The first class is free on Friday 19th May 6:00pm to 8:30pm please register for this by contacting Ra’shiym..

This event $297 to attend, you will need to register and pay in full on commencement of the program.

Lunch is included on both Saturday and Sunday by Yummy Lara. A delicious Organic Vegetarian Ayurvedically Inspired Meal, along with chai and treats.

Spaces are limited so please ensure you register in advance to secure your place to avoid disappointment.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

What time does the event start?

The event starts at 6.00pm on Friday the 19th May

What happens if I turn up late?

You will miss the beginning if you turn up late… the doors will however shut 15 minutes after 6pm

(It’d be better to turn up on time)

For Enquiries contact Ra’shiym

Please send an email to

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Date and Time



67 Centennial Circuit


Byron Bay, NSW 2481


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