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Shamanic Breathwork with Sharnee - February Dates 2018

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Burleigh Heads, qld 4220


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Please note different address for each session:

Wednesday Address - Mo's Desert Clubhouse. 6/36 Central Dr, Burleigh Heads.

Saturday Address - Burleigh Masonic Hall. 6, First Ave, Burleigh Heads.

Shamanic Breathwork is a transformative conscious connected breathing technique.

We use the breath, sound and movement to release old traumas, conditioning and negative patterns out of the cellular body which creates a sense of expansion and harmony.

This tool works on all the layers of the body. Physically, we alkalise and oxygenate the body allowing for detoxification to occur, emotionally we clear stuck energy and repressed feelings creating the space for joy and harmony into our lives, mentally we let go of negative habitual patterns and addictions that are no longer serving us and spiritually we open our awareness and consciousness to connect us to the deepest parts of ourselves and the universe as a whole.

Each person's shamanic journey is a highly individualized process and no two are ever the same. Some of the states of consciousness range from otherworldly bliss states to powerful energetic releases, clearing negative forces in the psyche. Rebirthing is a common occurrence, as is the life review where one relives or observes their lifetime experiences. Old patterns of dysfunction may be brought to the surface. Addictions are sometimes healed during this process, as feelings such as grief, fear, rage and anxiety are released.


Release old negative behaviour, patterns and subconscious belief systems

Create deep inner peace and compassion

Access altered states of consciousness for healing and expansion

Access powerful inner guidance and spiritual awakening

Boost confidence, awareness and trust in yourself

Eliminate toxins and stress and boost the immune system

Clear and energise the entire body

Gain Powerful insights during the session that bring about rapid change in your life

Reawaken intuition, innocence and passion


Please wear comfortable clothing that allows for movement, active wear is ideal.

Please do not wear any jewellery and please no perfumes/strong fragrances as many people are sensitive.

Please bring a yoga mat, pillow and blanket as you will create your own comfortable sacred space to journey within.

Be sure to bring a water bottle. There will be filtered water available for refills.


Wednesday evening - Please arrive at 6.15pm for a 6.30pm start. Doors will be locked at 6.30pm.

Saturday morning - Please arrive at 9.45am for a 10am start. Doors will be locked at 10am.

We will go into an Introduction to Shamanic Breathwork then Sharnee will take you on a guided meditation to prepare you for your journey.

The breathwork journey will begin with you laying down on your mat and breathing in a circular connected pattern, meaning no pause at the bottom or top of the breath. The breath, aided by Chakra-attuned music provides a route to the discovery of your inner landscape. From there, simply trust that whatever emerges is what’s meant to be present.

The contribution for this event is $35 and bookings are essential as places are limited. Please use the eventbrite link provided. Due to limited tickets, No refunds will be provided.


Sharnee Horwood

Sharnee is passionate about detoxing the physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic bodies. She is a qualified Shamanic Breathworksfacilitator, certified massage therapist, accredited Nutritionist and certified Ashtanga Yoga teacher.

After her own struggles with anxiety, depression and addictions, Sharnee has spent much of her adult life delving deep into her own soul journey of self-discovery, reprogramming and reconnecting to lost parts of herself. With the use of Shamanic Breathwork and other embodiment practices Sharnee has cultivated personal power, deep self-love and compassion and seeks to inspire others to shift their consciousness and rid themselves of stuck energy that is holding them back from experiencing pure joy, peace and connection.

Sharnee’s mentors Linda Star Wolf, the creator of Shamanic BreathworkTM and Nikolaus Wolf have been powerful guides in her transformational journey into shamanic consciousness. With lineage back to Grandmother Twyla of the Seneca Wolf Clan the integrity of this work is impeccable.


“The Shamanic Breathwork journey I had with Sharnee was profound!! Since then I have been more in tune and aligned with my own inner wisdom and intuition. I feel it has been the catalyst, which has helped open doorways for me that I may have never imagined stepping through previously. Sharnee was an attentive facilitator, and I felt safe journeying under her guidance. She was very responsive in attending to the emotions and reactions of my body that arose during the session. I am grateful for the incredible journey I experienced, and look forward to the next!”

Belle, Gold Coast


Pregnancy, Cardiovascular problems, epilepsy, anyone on heavy medication, recent surgery.

Please don’t drink alcohol or take any other substances on the day of this workshop.


Date and Time


Burleigh Heads, qld 4220


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