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Session 1: Collaboration as a Practical Business Model. Not Just a Behaviou...

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CBD Sydney Chamber of Commerce

Level 23

45 Clarence Street

Sydney, NSW 2000


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Why Collaboration Will Drive Value for Your Business and Clients

In today's hectic business world there are demands within your business, or from clients that you might solve differently with the help of professional input. Maybe you've tried working with other businesses previously and not got the result you had hoped for. Alternatively, you may be keen to try collaborating but are not sure where to start.

This 4 part series has been created to show businesses how collaboration with their internal staff, with other businesses and with their clients is a fast way to build value for clients and increase the value of a company.

Each monthly event will be moderated with time to network, learn, ask questions and workshop what you have learned. You are sure to take away ideas and systems to implement right away after each session.

It's not all going to be 'serious stuff'. There will be things to learn, share and be entertained by in each session.

So, if you are thinking about the shape and value of your business, then this Business Improvement Series will provide some immediate direction.

What will you learn?

  • Business Owners have a range of differing business goals. This series will help you understand how many and what type of advisors/business partners are available to help achieve your goals and manage the business on an ongoing basis

  • Business Advisors face an array of client needs. This series will show you your business can continue to add value that is outside your core areas of expertise, ensure the best outcome for your client and increase the value of your business


Each of these events builds upon each other, so ideally you will get the greatest value attending all 6 events.

Session 1 - 13 April: Collaboration as a practical business model not just a behaviour. Michael Perkins, Practice Leader, NEXUS LAW Group

Session 2 - 10 May: Practical tools and strategies to ensure collaboration is successful. Behavioural aspects of collaborating. Hosted by Noel Corley, noelcorley.com.au

Session 3 - 7 June: Using Diversity to Facilitate Collaboration Deb Field, Director Business and Process Improvement, Sydney Trains and Founder of Facilitation Works

Session 4 - 28 June: Practicing Collaboration
Chris Murray - Autoguidance
, Michael Perkins and Guy Thornycroft, Your Business GP

Our facilitator - Tulsi van de Graaff

Tulsi is a former lawyer with a psychology, mediation, counselling and investigation background. She is a facilitator, coach, presenter, mediator and management consultant. Her expertise includes leadership development, conflict resolution, coaching and mentoring, team building, communication skills, building relationships, dealing with difficult behaviour, having crucial conversations and child protection. Tulsi previously worked at the Australian Human Rights Commission investigating and mediating race and sex discrimination complaints, as a child protection investigator for the Department of Education and Communities, as CEO of Capacity Australia, and General Manager of a child protection consultancy.

What You Can Expect To Learn

Session 1 - 13 April: Collaboration as a practical business model not just a behaviour
Hosted by Michael Perkins, Practice Leader, NEXUS LAW Group. An efficient way to build business and client value.

Questions answered

  • Why collaboration works - efficient ways to build value around your business

  • How collaboration works - the Five Capability Model as a starting point for understanding the context of your client and having a broader conversation about their needs

  • Collaborate for what purpose - generating value around the client and greater efficiency

  • Collaborate with whom - complementary services, skills and values

  • The million dollar question - what can go wrong?


How to safely add value to a client, whose expectations are outside your core expertise.
Identify a business model that facilitates collaboration as a source of value for your clients and that adds to the value of your company.

Understand difference between inspiration, motivation and insight and how they facilitate collaboration with staff, professionals and clients.

Identify collaboration in the context of professional services vs commercial operations (compulsory vs optional).

Who Should Attend?

SME Business owners who are:

  • actively involved in managing the business and want to get more value from it

  • managing a 1st or 2nd generation business

  • believers in what could be

  • anxious about the future and want to be better equipped to ensure business success

  • think progressively

Professional Consultants:

  • involved in finance, business, the law or any form of advisory services

  • interested to both learn and contribute to the discussion at the same time

  • consider their own skill sets and Clients requirements and see a current or potential deficit

  • may be a lean businesses and see collaboration as a way to maintain and grow the business ? but are yet to explore it which may have tried collaborating with other businesses in the past ? but not satisfied with the outcome

Event Supporters

This Business Improvement Series has been developed in partnership with Your Business GP and will feature presenters from a range of businesses, and in association with the Institute of Management Consultants.

About the CBD Sydney Chamber

The CBD Sydney Chamber is an engine-room for positive business opportunity and a supporter of business. In-synch with business trends and actively fostering Membership that is informed and forward thinking, eager to connect with others to expand their business, interested in education and embrace new ways of thinking. Our Members also value access to effective advocacy resources on issues of business importance and know that, if needed, their membership provides access to business planning tools like Business Propel, marketing, IR and HR services from highly skilled professionals through associated Chamber partners. It costs $300 +gst per year to become Business Member

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Date and Time


CBD Sydney Chamber of Commerce

Level 23

45 Clarence Street

Sydney, NSW 2000


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