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North Epping Public School

Boundary Road

North Epping, NSW 2121


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September School Holiday – Apple’s Swift Playgrounds Coding Camp – 28 Sept, Thursday, 130pm – 330pm

What is Swift?

Swift is a powerful and intuitive programming language created by Apple that makes programming easier and more flexible.

What is Swift Playgrounds?

Swift Playgrounds is an iPad app from Apple that helps anyone learn coding fundamentals by writing in Swift.

In Learn to Code 1 and 2, interactive puzzles teach key programming concepts in a way that’s both fun and challenging, building confidence and skill.

Students write code to create programs that guide a character through a series of puzzles in an interactive graphical world.

What is the ideal age group?

The coding lessons are aimed at Year 4 and up, appropriate for 10 year +.

What will be covered in the School Holiday Coding Camp?

We will cover Lesson 0 and Lesson 1 of Learn to Code 1. The aim is to introduce students to the Swift Playgrounds Learn to Code 1 program. (Please see below on what is Learn to Code 1).

Lesson 0 – Getting Started Objectives

  • Get an introduction to computer science

  • Understand the goals of this class

  • Learn how to use the portfolio app Seesaw

  • Vocabulary: Coding, Developer

Lesson 1 – Think Like a Computer

  • Describe what commands and sequences are

  • Demonstrate the use of commands and sequences in an everyday situation

  • Code using commands and sequences

  • Vocabulary: Command, Sequence

More Information

Please read the following points regarding the coding camp:

  • Limited to maximum of 12

  • Each attendee will NEED TO BRING an iPad preferably with the most recent iOS update

  • Prior to attending the camp, attendees will need to download FREE apps to be used on the day. Registered attendees will be sent an email with a list of apps to have downloaded on to the iPads they bring to the workshop.

  • Attendees should come to the camp with an enthusiasm to learn Swift Playgrounds.

  • A short 10 – 15 minute break will be available.

  • Each attendee should bring a bottle of water and a nutritious snack.

What is Learn to Code 1?

In Learn to Code 1, students will explore the fundamentals of Swift, the programming language used to create apps for Apple products.

By solving puzzles in a dynamic 3D puzzle world, students will develop a set of coding skills to build up their basic programming vocabulary. The coding journey begins with simple commands, functions and loops. From the start, students write real code, the same code used by programmers.

Students will add conditional code that responds to changes in the environment, then introduce operators and while loops to make their code more precise and easier to use again. As they put these skills together, they’ll develop simple, powerful algorithms that use the same code to solve a range of different puzzles.


  • Lesson 0 – Getting Started

  • Lesson 1 – Think like a computer

  • Lesson 2 – Think like a detective

  • Lesson 3 – Think efficiently

  • Lesson 4 – Think logically

  • Lesson 5 – Think again and again

  • Lesson 6 – Think the same idea

What is Learn to Code 2?

In Learn to Code 2, students will continue their coding journey and build on their fundamental knowledge of Swift.

Students will learn about variables and types, the coding constructs that allow them to store and access information. These new skills, along with initialization and parameters, will give them even more ways to use code to interact with their characters and the puzzle world, allowing them to change the rules of the world itself.


  • Lesson 7: Think like a Newsbot

  • Lesson 8 – Think like an Architect

  • Lesson 9 – Think specifically

  • Lesson 10 – Think organised

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Date and Time


North Epping Public School

Boundary Road

North Epping, NSW 2121


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