Self Mastery Seminar 4 - Masterclass on Leadership

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A Personal Leadership Masterclass - Doing the Right Thing with The Right Story

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How long has it been since you and others experienced your best version of you? Those times when everything felt amazing… you were amazing? The healthy, happy and “in control” version that woke each day with a sense of anticipation and went to bed with a genuine sense of satisfaction?

Life is demanding. We are expected to do ‘more with less’. Our enthusiasm can quickly turn to cynicism (and as a result poor physical / mental health and poor relationships) as we endure the day after day of constant change and the ever increasing expectations from ALL areas of work and life. These constant pressures can take their toll even on the most positive and resilient of individuals.

So how do we effectively manage all of the demands on our time and our energy… particularly when so much is demanded from us every day? How do we in the most practical of ways reclaim and focus our energy to ensure that we get what we truly want out of our profession and our life? How do we overcome the obstacles to genuine effectiveness that we might unintendedly create through using the wrong story? How do we instead improve our physical and mental health and focus our own individual input into our teams and our life to ensure an effective outcome?

Introduction to the Life Styles Inventory (LSI) Examining and understating the 12 styles as described in the LSI will be critical to understanding each person’s individual feedback. A genuine study and subsequent understanding of the 12 styles coupled with a desire to improve will always increase individual and collective effectiveness. We believe that “The Map Is Not The Territory” … “You Are Not Your LSI”… you are you and are currently managing and leading in a way that is the best you can be with the information and awareness that you have right now. We also believe that every individual who genuinely becomes aware and understands that the impact of their behaviour is not congruent with their intention (and their intentions are genuine and useful!) will willingly modify their behaviour to ensure congruence between Intention… Behaviour and Impact! (yes you have to read this sentence more than once! 😊😊)

Again and for clarity… the LSI is the vehicle for a far greater conversation on personal and collective effectiveness NOT some “test” to be achieved or compared to others in their team or department!

Your Story Matters Too…Personal Interpretation of the LSI 1

Each person will review their own opinion of themselves using the LSI 1 and then decide on three key areas for understanding and improvement. Your story matters. Your view of you and the stories you tell matters. Are they serving you and others… or not!

The STAR System!How do you make a change in behaviour and keep the change? We explore what it really means to grow self-awareness and permanently change behaviour for themselves and in their roles as leader of others.

Thanks For The Feedback…Learning to give and receive feedback is one of the most critical skills required to advance individual and collective effectiveness. The risk of conflict means that avoidance of this key management skill results in very few individuals with the absolutely necessary skills in this area. This session will also set the scene for the reviewing of their LSI 2 feedback and the relevant feedback and create a safe, fun space for this to occur.

360 Degree Feedback…Review of the LSI 2 and the importance of remembering that they are NOT their LSI… the Map Is Not The Territory! This feedback will be another way to discuss individual and collective effectiveness. It provides a structured way forward and builds on the common language already established in this team on day 1 through the LSI1. Each individual will then review their 360degree feedback and then continue goal setting through the identification of three high leveraged behaviours they will address, detailed planning and creation of KPI’s.

A Deep Dive into The BLUE!“It’s not so much the Red or Green that will be an issue BUT the absence of BLUE!”The key outcome for learning the 80 behaviours as described in the four Constructive Styles is quite simply that if you want to be more “Blue” then it would serve you to actually know what specific behaviours make up those “Blue” styles. This session begins a process that will deepen each person’s knowledge of the Constructive Styles and allow for discussion and decision about how you continue to practically apply this knowledge not just in your own teams but also across all functions within

How To Stay BLUE When Everyone Else Wants To Be Red or GreenIt’s easy when it’s easy! When cooperation is offered, when everyone is focused on the best possible outcome for all stakeholders, when there are no hidden agendas or game players, when satisfaction NOT security is driving the conversations, the planning and the execution of strategy then that’s awesome! BUT… what if its not? How do you “force co-operation” and keep you and everyone else focused on the best possible outcome for the individual and for the school with its myriad of stakeholders!

Managing Agreements NOT People! Every individual has truckloads of “baggage” they bring to work every day. Some of it great and sometimes NOT so great! That’s what makes it so hard to manage people because we are all so very different. Agreements help people manage behaviours NOT people and if used well, can help people particularly in uncertain times. So how do you establish agreements around task, relationships, culture, excellence (not just tasks) in an adult -adult way (Blue) and move away from the traditional parent -child way (Red – Green) instruction, expectation and hoping it will be ok and then “freaking out” when it isn’t!

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